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The Ecological Group of Puerto Vallarta believes that residents of Bahia de Banderas have the legal right and moral responsibility to participate in the conservation of the natural beauty and wildlife of the area as essential elements of our community, and that public education and community involvement are necessary to obtain high, enduring levels of interest in conservation of local ecosystems.

To achieve these objectives, we have established the following:

• A permanent campaign of cleanliness downtown, on beaches and rivers and recycling programs.

• Reforestation, flowers and plants for public and private areas.

• Conservation of land, surface and subsurface water.

• Recommend improvements in aspects of sight, sound and smell.

• Protection of historical sites, buildings and Mexican culture.

• Protection of Fauna: iguanas, turtles, fishlife, whales, birds and crocodiles.

The program's reforestation work has been ongoing for over 8 years and stems from the concept that the more trees that are planted is in direct proportion to the number that survive through the drought seasons and achieve the size to offer us the maximum environmental benefit. This is a low-cost self-sufficient program that works with one or many volunteers.

To achieve our purpose in working with nature's calendar, it is important to perform each of the activities on a timely schedule beginning with the collection of seeds in the months of April, May and June (this is the raw material for our program). These seeds are sown from May to September, where we create a nursery utilizing low-cost reusable plastic containers and compost created with organic waste.

When the rainy season arrives, the seedlings are transplanted in the months of July until September, always selecting the appropriate area to do so, considering the size and maximum height of each tree. The trees are ready for transplanting when they reach about three feet in height and the stem is the thickness of a finger.

With the rains, the trees grow rapidly and we have to clean up around our trees from September through November to avoid weed cover. In the dry season, we are responsible for watering, especially during the months of December through, especially important in the first two years.

We invite you to join our reforestation program!

Since we do not have income, all our costs are covered by donations. In the past, the International Friendship Club has covered most of our costs with a great annual donation. Unfortunately this year, that will be different and we will not receive the donation.

YOU can help us!

How You Can Help Grupo Ecologico de Puerto Vallarta

Monetary Donations:

Because Grupo Ecologico de Puerto Vallarta A.C. has no fix income, it depends entirely on donations from people that wants to support us, normally the international friendship club, donates money every year, which covers most of our expenses, (transportation, info flyers, website hosting, etc.) but this year was different, and we are not getting any income from the IFC.

RFC and account info:

Grupo Ecologico de Puerto Vallarta, A. C.
Hidalgo No. 529 - C
Centro, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. 48300

Item Donations:

Items donations are also extremely important. Any donations are appreciated and will contribute to the proper functioning of the different programs we have. They do not need to be new, everything is welcome.

What do we need?

Scholarships Vivero
Waterproof boots
Botanical material
Pruning Scissors


Would you like to add a drop to our efforts?
Would you like to contribute where necessary?
Do you have free time even a couple of hours on Sundays?
Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and skills?
Would you like to spend some of your time on something that will fill your soul?
Do you have experience in ecology?

Share your desire to help!

PLEASE... if you think you can find the time to join our wonderful volunteers, CONTACT US!

Last updated: February 22, 2020 · Charity ID: 201

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