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Project Pasitos de Luz & Casa Connor - Two Dreams Come Together

The mission of Pasitos de Luz (“Little Steps of Lights”) is to support low-income families across Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay with free daycare for their disabled children.

From Monday to Friday, Pasitos offers these children a caring and loving environment - a home away from home - with nutritional food and snacks, physical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, special education, complementary therapies, medical services, orthopedic equipment, and occupational and speech therapy. All of these services are offered at NO COST to the families.

Pasitos also provides moral and psychological support for the family, and maintains a high standard of hygiene and quality for each of these services in an environment where the children will be healthy and happy.

These services are proof that any and all contributions are being correctly used for an honorable cause, which allows a full life, with dignity and value.

To date, Pasitos has received limited financial assistance from the state or government. Pasitos invites donors to join its monthly giving program, called Love Pasitos Monthly, and holds social events, in order to raise funds for their charity. However, Pasitos still does not have enough funds to cover all of its needs. The treatment for the rehabilitation of a child with disability is very costly and they cannot always count on a continual funding stream in order to cover their operational costs.

Pasitos would therefore like to extend a personal invitation to you to meet them and the children in person, to understand more about their work, and their mission and vision for Pasitos de Luz. To visit, you can send an email to or speak to them directly using the phone numbers on this page.

With patient support from the staff, César has learned to walk and feed himself; Vania responds with a smile when spoken to; Brenda is learning to trace letters and numbers; Matthias enjoys his music classes; and Mia is now eating better and putting on some much-needed weight. Every day there are small steps to major changes for each of these children and many others at this amazing center.

In 2016, Pasitos realized one of its dreams and moved into a new home, Casa Connor. Casa Connor is in the State of Nayarit, on donated land close to San Vicente, which is located just north of Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks to the generosity of a Mexican family who donated land and many, many generous donors and volunteers, after 5 years of construction a new 20,000 square foot (1,800 square meters) facility, Casa Connor, was completed in late 2016. Pasitos can now offer more therapies and support more children! However, this also means more fundraising and ongoing financial support.

Parents with a disabled child live through one emergency or crisis after another, and need someone that they can lean on for support. Pasitos is that lifeline for these families and invites you to be part of this very special project.

How You Can Help Pasitos de Luz Day Care Center


Every donation, even the smallest, makes a huge difference. Please join us in supporting Pasitos de Luz and send your donation today.

“Imagine a single mother who lives on the breadline trying to take care of little girl with cerebral palsy while also supporting three other children. Then imagine that this whole family lives in a single room constructed from corrugated iron and cardboard. Pasitos enables this family to survive.”

One of the best ways to help Pasitos de Luz and our facility, Casa Connor, is to donate funds. You can donate as a one-off or on a monthly basis. Because Pasitos de Luz does not receive any ongoing funding, monthly donations are essential to help ensure sustainable funding.

For all the different methods you can help with your donations, please visit our Pasitos de Luz Donations Page.

Operational Needs:


• Sugar
• Honey
• Oatmeal
• Rice
• Beans
• Vegetable oil
• Whole wheat flour
• Tinned tuna
• Spaghetti
• Pasta (any shape)
• Ketchup
• Cinnamon


• Shampoo for children
• Talcum powder
• Toothpaste
• Toothbrushes
• Wet wipes
• Diapers (large sizes, 5-7)


• Powdered washing detergent
• Fabric conditioner
• Bleach

Cleaning Products:

• Floor cleaner concentrate
• Liquid glass cleaner
• Mops


• Copier machine
• 2 Laptops
• 2 Desktop computers
• 2 Continuous ink printers
• 5 A/C Units (2 Tons)
• AA & AAA batteries
• 1 Food processor (Kitchen Aid)

Locations for Pasitos de Luz and Casa Connor

We have two locations. Our main center is at Casa Connor, which is where we deliver all our support services and therapies. We also have a Bazaar, which is found at the previous home of Pasitos de Luz in Puerto Vallarta. If you have any unneeded items (clothes, shoes, furniture, household items etc.) that you would like to donate, you can do so at our Bazaar. All profits from the Bazaar go to helping the kids.

1. Casa Connor is located near San Vincente, Nayarit, north of Puerto Vallarta.

2. Our Puerto Vallarta location is at C. Exiquio Corona 545, La Floresta, Puerto Vallarta.

If you have any questions about Pasitos de Luz and Casa Connor, if would like to work with us or if you would like to visit us, please email us at Thank you for your kindness..

Last updated: November 14, 2023 · Charity ID: 406

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