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PEACEAnimals Free Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

The PEACEAnimals program responds to the challenges of the unwanted and unhealthy pet population in Mexico through education and free mobile spay/neuter clinics.

The PEACE mobile clinic goes into the heart of local communities to spay and neuter an average of 80 animals each and every week for free.

The professional vets and support staff perform surgeries in donated space from local town leaders.

Town members deliver their pets and pick them up at the end of the day. Some animals are healthy, while others are sick and starving. When the week is done, the clinic packs up and heads to a new location. The Ayuda a Los Animales programs sterilizes over 4,000 animals a year.



PEACEAnimals Dog & Cat FAQs

Although PEACE's "Ayuda a los Animales" found homes for approximately 200 cats and dogs in 2009, it is not a rescue organization. Our mission and focus is sterilization of dogs and cats.

PEACE sterilized more than 3,000 dogs and cats in 2009. A mass sterilization program will drastically reduce the number of dogs and cats on the streets being hit by cars, poisoned, starving, taken to the Acopio (pound) and reproducing. There aren't enough homes for all the animals being born.

If you see an animal that is sick or injured and are willing to pay the vet bill, please contact Dr. Juan Tamyo at 224-0249 – 350 Viena in Colonia Versalles. Or - Sabueso’ s - 1198 Columbia; Phone - 222-5775; Emergencies 044-322-292-7510 There may be other vets who can make location visits.

If you have found a cat or kitten and cannot adopt it, please consider taking on some of the rescue costs, i.e., tests, vaccinations and/or sterilizations, if there is not a free clinic near you. Contact us for free clinic schedules.

There are vets who give discounts for people who rescue cats and dogs. The Acopio (pound) charges 104 pesos per surgery. Appointment is necessary. 293-3690.

No animal-related charity in Puerto Vallarta has the manpower, money or means to rescue, attend to and find homes for all the street cats and dogs animals in Puerto Vallarta.

Following is some information that will hopefully help you achieve a happy ending for the animal you've rescued and cannot keep:

• Ask friends and neighbors if they would like to adopt it.
• Place a free ad in Mano a Mano –
• Send your contact information, pet description and photo, if possible, to blogspots and newspaper editors.
• Place posters around town with photo, description and your contact information.
• Sit in front of places that have heavy foot traffic with rescued and sterilized animal.
• Contact SPCA de PV coordinator for cat foster homes, Marjorie Stevenson ( Sometimes a foster home will be available.
• Take cat or kitten to a free PEACE spay/neuter clinic and release it where found. Clinic schedule listed on our website: All animals must be 8 weeks old. If it is a nursing animal, 8 weeks after birth of litter. Mama and babies can all be sterilized at the same time.
• Take cat or kitten to a PEACE adoption day in front of MEGA in Bucerias. Felines must be sterilized and in good health. You will need to take it home with you if not adopted. Contact to confirm dates and times.
• If you want to assist in trapping feral cats, please contact Janice Chatterton – for instructions and traps. Cats and kittens will be sterilized courtesy SPCA de PV. You will need to release them where found and return traps. ANIMALS TO BE ADOPTED SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE STERILIZED FIRST - OTHERWISE, WE ARE RECYCLING HOMELESS ANIMALS.

If you have found a dog or puppy, most of the above information applies, plus:
• If there is space available and if the dog meets requirements for admission, refuge may be possible at the SPCA de PV's "Casita de Guadalupe." This is a half-way home between rescue and adoption. Adoptions take place at the library (Biblioteca los Mangos) on Saturdays between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Please contact Janice Chatterton, manager of La Casita de Guadalupe. Janice is a co-founder of the SPCA de PV and is its treasurer.
• Gretchen has a list of a few people who will foster canines. Please contact her directly at

For other animal-related questions, including vet recommendations, information on transporting animals to the U.S. and Canada, many answers can be found at on our website on the "FAQ" tab.

Thank you for taking the time for wanting to help an animal. The responsibility of rescuing it begins with you.





How You Can Help PEACE Animals

US Donations:
Donations or checks mailed to the PEACE United States bank account will now be handled by U.S. Board Member, Amy Welch. Our account has changed from Wells Fargo to US Bank.

For any questions regarding wire transfers or bank information, contact Amy Welch. Please see mailing address and contact information below:

c/o Amy Welch
505 N Tomahawk Is Dr.
Portland, OR 97217

Amy Welch

(503) 285-4007 Home
(503) 283-1074 Fax
(503) 516-4757 Cellular

Canada Donations:
We are able to provide tax deductible receipts for Canadian donors through our partnership with Tides Canada.

Mexico Donations:
In Mexico you can donate directly into our Mexican bank account, via check, wire transfer or in cash.

Mexico Bank Information:
Banamex Carretera a Tepic-Puerto Vallarta Km 144, No. 1297 Sur
Fraccionamiento Flamingos Club CP 63732, Bucerias, Nayarit
Account Name: Protección y Educación de Animales, Cultura y Ecología, A.C.
Account Number: 9191 07047

Please do let us know when and where you donate so that we can effectively track the donation. It is important to us that we know where our donations come from. For more information regarding PEACE's financial history, please refer to our annual report.

Again, thank you for your generous contribution and for helping us finance change!

Last updated: August 10, 2017 · Charity ID: 308

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Frida the Rescue Dog Honored With Statue for Earthquake Rescues


When Mexico was hit with back-to-back earthquakes in September, Frida the rescue dog became a symbol of hope. The 7-year-old Marina labrador saved 12 people from the rubble last year. Now, the heroic canine has a statue in her likeness in Puebla.

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At Boca Negra Beach close to the airport, there is a large lagoon filled with crocodiles. All one had to do to see them in the past was go to the tree-lined edge of the lagoon and move a tree branch back and forth in the water for a couple of minutes.

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The donation project was led by the students, who voted on what types of organizations they wanted to help, and then selected their own methods of raising funds.

On Any Sunday: Swimming with Banderas Bay Mantas


On Sunday morning, which has become a Boca de Tomatlan panga day for a small group of friends, we stopped for a swim close to the rocky shore. Dolphins appeared, mantas swam close, sea birds flew above in the bluest of skies... and surrounded by life and beauty, we ate fresh ceviche and were glad for this day.

Call Them Ugly, But Xolos Rule as Mexico’s Top Dog

The Los Angeles Times

At up to $5,000 a puppy in a country where the average daily wage is less than $20, the breed is most likely to be spotted in wealthy enclaves such as La Condesa, in Mexico City, or Sayulita, on the Pacific Coast.

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Free Sterilization and Adoption Day for Dogs at the Puerto Vallarta Stadium


A special day has been planned with a combined Dog Adoption Day sponsored by Capital Pirata FM 105.9 and a free PEACEAnimals Spay and Neuter Clinic on Sunday, April 30 from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon.

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This month meet our Featured Feline "Ruthie" and get a shelter update about the 150+ Felines living at the PuRR Project No-Kill Shelter in Puerto Vallarta.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Charity Bingo, Dinner Theater, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

'All in Time' Screening Fundraisers to Benefit the PV Animals


If you're a furry friend lover, now's your chance to support two local animal non-profits in two unique charity events.

Don't Shop! Adopt! Companion Animal Adoptions in Puerto Vallarta

Timothy Real Estate Group

The problem of stray dogs in Puerto Vallarta has gotten better over the years; this in thanks to expat groups working with locals to set up spay and neuter clinics, promoting adoption of puppies and kittens and aging pets.

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First Online Auction Fundraiser for PEACEAnimals Puerto Vallarta


Peruse through the list of items including art, dining, golf, hotels, adventures, tequila, vacation rentals and more. Bid today on your personal treasure.

Volunteers from the U.S. Arrive to Support Three Local Non-Profits

Denver Real Estate Connection

Thanks to all the generous efforts by Kayla Okafor from Denver, Colorado, a group of 9 volunteers will arrive in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow and this is the 4th group that will visit for a "working vacation."

Dinner and Movie Night Fundraiser for PEACEAnimals


We hope you'll join PEACEAnimals at the beautiful Villa Balboa on Wednesday, February 8 for a delicious buffet dinner and a movie classic.

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Bring Your Furry Friends to the 11th Annual Pet Picnic for PEACEAnimals


Daiquiri Dick's and PEACEAnimals invite you to bring your furry friends for the annual Pet Picnic to take place this year on Saturday, December 3 at 11:00 am until around 2:00 pm.

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Las Animas Dog Rescue Offers Volunteers Free Stay in Puerta Vallarta

Regal Courier

Most people go to Puerto Vallarta to soak up some sun, swim in the surf and experience Mexican culture. But another option has come up for animal lovers who want to vacation there.

News and Meows from PuRR Project Feline Shelter and Adoptions

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Meet some of the new Virtual Adoption candidates plus get the final results of the campaign to build Simona's Senior Center!

Dog Adoption Walks on the Malecon Every Friday


These rescue dogs will be all ages, all sizes and various breeds and mixed breeds. They will all be sterilized and be wearing neon green "Adopt Me" jackets.

August News and Meows from PuRR Project Vallarta Shelter and Adoptions

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Meet Featured Feline "Kiki" and get the latest shelter news.....including the generous grant from the Richard Reed Foundation!

25th Annual International Homeless Animals' Day

International Society for Animal Rights

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) will unite with animal protection organizations, humane societies and animal rescues, veterinary professionals, and concerned individuals worldwide for the 25th annual International Homeless Animals' Day.

News and Meows from PuRR Project Feline Shelter and Adoptions

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Meet some of the 30 kittens in the PuRR Nursery in our Shelter Update! It’s been a crazy Springtime at the shelter with 45 rescue animals received in the last two months.

Update on Dolphinarium and PEACEAnimals News


At hot, high noon on Saturday, an estimated two to three hundred exuberant citizens of Mexico, Canada and the United States, dressed in blue, gathered in front of the construction site of La Isla, a development project of GICSA.

A Dolphinarium for Puerto Vallarta? Empty the Tanks?


Mexico recently outlawed animals with circuses. To open up new dolphinariums is on the wrong side of history. It is against nature and it is crass commercialism.

April News and Meows from PuRR Project Feline Shelter Puerto Vallarta

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This month you can read about Bowie's Journey to Montreal and meet "Taco" the results of our Spay/Neuter Clinic on the Isla Cuale.

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This month the focus is on our adoptable adult cats. Meet some of them and read about how Alice finally found a home after five years!

New Angel in Puerto Vallarta: The Richard R. Reed Foundation


Since founding his private charity in 2015, the Richard R. Reed Foundation, Reed has been diligently researching charitable organizations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and his home state of Arizona.

PEACEAnimals Dinner and a Movie Fundraiser


Join PEACEAnimals for this fun fundraiser on Monday, January 4. Drinks and dinner will be served from 6:00 until 8:00 pm followed by the screening of "Ella es Ramona."

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Kitty Bingo, International Friendship Club Home Tours, Live Concerts, Fundraisers, Voice of Vallarta, Farmers Markets, Saturday Wake-Up Radio Show in English, and so much more.

October News and Meows from PuRR Project Vallarta

PuRR Project

This month you can read about how Charlie finally made it to Vancouver Island and how Tasha made it to Sweden! Plus meet Carmelita and get the details on how to book a shelter tour for yourself and friends.

10th Annual Pet Picnic for PEACEAnimals


Daiquiri Dick's and PEACEAnimals invite you to bring your furry friends for the annual Pet Picnic to take place this year on Saturday, December 5 at 11:00 am until around 2:00 pm.

New Vallarta Police Unit Is Dedicated to Protecting Animals from Abuse & Neglect

Vallarta Daily

Puerto Vallarta has trained eight police officers in animal protection and abuse to organize a new unit dedicated to protecting animals in the city.

September News and Meows from PuRR Project

PuRR Project

Meet our Featured Feline, Pepper! Plus read about Stevie Nicks, her rescue and journey to Washington....and plans for upcoming events this season.

PEACEAnimals: 'Are All Calico Cats Female?'


The only calico cats I´ve spotted as calicos have been black, orange and white, so I didn´t recognize the grey, beige and white kitten I was fostering as a calico.

La Cruz Needs Volunteers for Spay and Neuter Clinic

Amigos de La Cruz

Throughout the year in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, PEACEAnimals visits different communities with their free Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic. They will be visiting La Cruz on August 26-29, 2015.

August News and Meows from PuRR Project Cat Shelter Puerto Vallarta

PuRR Project

Meet Featured Feline, Bowie, read about how Caliope got "Virtually" adopted, volunteers needed for Marina Market, adoptions, shelter news and a lot more.

Former Director of PEACEAnimals PV Launches First National Spay/Neuter Campaign in Mexico


Calle Cero is receiving support from pharmaceutical companies and from the government. A work agreement has been signed with the health departments of the state of Jalisco and the Federal District.

July News and Meows from PuRR Project

PuRR Project

Read about the latest news from PuRR Project No Kill Feline Shelter in Puerto Vallarta including the featured feline, the 2016 calendar, adoption news, meow meatballs and more.

Visit Beautiful Boca de Tomatlan


Boca is a charming spot to sit under an umbrella and eat fresh ceviche or shrimp tostadas before and after a swim. The prices are very reasonable at the restaurants on the beach.

June News and Meows from PuRR Project Feline Shelter Puerto Vallarta

PuRR Project

Read all the June News from PuRR Project, Puerto Vallarta's No Kill Feline Shelter, the improvements, adoptions, featured feline, donations and more.

Spay and Neuter Fundraiser for PEACEAnimals at El Barracuda Penthouse


Funds will be donated to PEACEAnimals for the Mobile Spay and Neuter program, which responds to the challenges of the unwanted and unhealthy pet population in Mexico through education and free mobile spay/neuter clinics.

Where are the Elephants? Not at the Puerto Vallarta Circus!


A federal law in Mexico prohibits the use of wild animals in circuses. Training these animals has almost always meant deprivation of food, isolation, beatings, electrical shocks, and sometimes has resulted in death.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Fundraisers, Open House at American School, Vallarta-Nayarit Classic Rock Festival, Sailors Splash, Children of the Dump and Chamber Orchestra Concerts, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

Picnic and a Movie at PEACEAnimals Fundraiser


Join us for a great evening at the beautiful Villa Balboa while supporting the PEACEAnimals free mobile spay & neuter clinics on Tuesday, December 9. Enjoy a beautiful sunset, a picnic dinner and a movie for a great cause.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Kitty Bingo, Mark Alan Smith, Movie Screening, Men's Chorus Winter Concert, Toys for Tots Golf & Dinner Dance, Vallarta Open Tennis, Chili Cook-off & Taste of Nuevo Vallarta, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

Ninth Annual Pet Picnic at Daiquiri Dick's to Benefit PEACEAnimals


Daiquiri Dick's and PEACEAnimals invite you to bring your furry friends for the annual Pet Picnic to take place this year on Saturday, December 6 at 11:00 am until around 2:00 pm.

September News and Meows from PuRR Project

PuRR Project

We are happy to announce that our event planner has been very busy this summer and we look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces when the high season begins this Fall.

All About the Cats & Dogs at PEACEAnimals Free Spay and Neuter Clinic


By 10:00, there were only eleven registered pets in el Progreso, probably due to the ayutamiento not having distributed flyers. So I did what I love to do most at the clinics - went out to look for pets.

Dedicated Dog Catchers at FluviDOGS Project in Puerto Vallarta


FluviDOGS is committed to the capture, sterilization and release of feral dogs. Thank you to the many dedicated individuals and organizations that are helping to end the suffering of animals.

July News and Meows from PuRR Project Vallarta

PuRR Project

This month you can meet our latest Virtual Adoption candidates plus read about Cupcake's trip to Calgary and more PuRR Project shelter news!

PEACEAnimals Shares Video About Their Free Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic


If you haven't seen the excellent five-minute video of a PEACEAnimals clinic, please take a look. Gretchen DeWitt also shares news about adoptions, donations, needs and more.

PEACEAnimals News and 'Who are the Huichols?'


Known to themselves as the Wixarica people and 'the healers,' they were named Huichols by the Spaniards in the 16th century. With a long tradition of rejecting Catholicism, many of the Huichols have maintained their Shamanistic customs.

Bella the Weimaraner Finds Forever Home at Rancho Primavera in El Tuito


I wasn´t prepared for so much beauty... two hundred acres of meadows, streams, orchards, papaya, mango and banana trees, blooming plants and vines, riding and walking trails in all directions, and a small lake with a boat.

PEACEAnimals Says 'Thank You, Brigitte Bardot'


Last week's Clinic was funded by the Brigitte Bardot Fondation as part of its 7,000 euro grant to PEACEAnimals Free Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics and was held in the parking lot of Plaza Caracol, Puerto Vallarta.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week including the Lady of Guadalupe Festival, PuRR Project Kitty Bingo, Funny Bones Fundraiser, Chili Cook-Off & Taste of Nuevo Vallarta and lots more.

Funny Bones Fundraiser at YaYa's in La Cruz

Amigos de La Cruz

Join the Funny Bones Committee on December 3rd to raise funds for the Peace Animals free spay and neuter clinic in La Cruz. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat Mexican Posada style buffet, music and live auction while supporting this great cause.

Do You Know What a 'Xolo-Pit-Pei' Looks Like?


PEACEAnimals of Puerto Vallarta found this unique puppy wandering the streets. 'Pickles' was rescued, treated, and is now disease free and looking for a loving home. Read more about what is happening at PEACEAnimals.

Good Meows: Purr Project Updates for Gringo Bingo, Adoptions and More

Purr Project

The Purr Project's latest newsletter announces the upcoming Gringo Bingo season and recaps their recent successes in feline adoptions.

TVC's Coverage of Adopta Campaign in Puerto Vallarta to Reach Millions


The goal of finding forever homes for at least 20 dogs and cats was met as well as raising awareness about the importance of families to care for and respect their companion animals in being responsible owners.

Adopt-a-Pet Campaign Broadcasts on TVC Networks

TVC Networks Press Conference

The first televised event of the Adopta project in Puerto Vallarta will take place at the Agustin Flores Contreras Sports Stadium on Saturday, September 7. Future events will be broadcast on the various TVC Networks' channels.

It's All About The Dogs & Cats at PEACEAnimals


When Paulina and I arrived at the clinic a bit before 9:00 am on Wednesday, normally our quietest day, at least a dozen people were already waiting for us. One family had taken buses all the way from Las Palmas.

PEACEAnimals Needs Volunteers and Donations


Gretchen of PEACEAnimals in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay reports on the ongoing activities of the free Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic and how they can use your help in continuing to help the animals.

A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Because of the overwhelming response from our local charities in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay about their needs for help and volunteers, we have put together a summary of how you can help.

PEACEAnimals Newsletter: New Name - Same Great Services to Our Community


More than 20,000 animals have been spayed and neutered since the PEACE Ayuda a los Animales program, now known as PEACEAnimals, was founded in 2001.

News About PEACEAnimals, Formerly Known as Ayuda a Los Animales


Thanks to Gretchen DeWitt and all the support, donations and volunteers, the "help the animals" program will continue in the Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit areas with the mobile spay & neuter clinics, adoptions and more.

News from Banderas Bay Help the Animals Program

Ayuda a Los Animales

There are enough funds for one more Spay/Neuter Clinic. Please help support our clinics - they cannot continue without your donations. We very much appreciate all the generous donations we are receiving to continue this needed program.

The New PEACE!Mexico is Peace Punta de Mita

Amigos de La Cruz

PEACE!Mexico is being liquidated due to lack of funds to support both its current programs and the geographic spread of its operations. There is a significant change in strategic direction and operating philosophy.

Urgent Need for Help in Continuing the Spay/Neuter Program in Banderas Bay

PEACE Ayuda a Los Animales

The current PEACE Mexico is in the process of being liquidated. The "Ayuda a los Animales" free mobile spay/neuter program is one of the programs that will not be continued in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area.

PEACE Help the Animals Program Update on Adoptions, Clinics and Volunteers

PEACE Ayuda a Los Animales

Gretchen reports on happenings in and around the Ayuda a Los Animales Program by PEACE in Puerto Vallarta. Read about the difference being made by all the workers, volunteers and generous supporters.

PEACE Needs a Replacement Truck For Mobile Animal Clinic

PEACE Ayuda de Los Animales

Six months ago our PEACE Mobile Clinic truck was demolished by a drunk driver. None of our staff were injured, but the truck was a great loss, as it was used to load up crates, collect animals and return them at our PEACE Mobile Clinic.

Exciting New Art and Antique Gallery Supports Local Charities & Non-Profits

PVM City Paper

Galeria200 in Conchas Chinas, just south of Puerto Vallarta, is unique in that it will be open only during its evening charity events. Upcoming events will benefit four of our local non-profit organizations.

'Pop-Up for PEACE' Sunday Fiesta Brunch to Benefit PEACE Mexico

PEACE Mexico

Noah's Cafe in Puerto Vallarta is proud to host this fundraiser brunch on Sunday, January 13, 2013, beginning at 10:00 am, to benefit all the programs of PEACE Mexico. Join us in improving the lives of children and animals where we live and vacation.

Christmas Greetings from PEACE Help the Animals

PEACE Ayuda a los Animales

Wishing you a blessed, blissful and peaceful Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2013. Thank you to those who have contributed to PEACE this year and our wish for the new year is to continue helping our Banderas Bay animals.

Sea Monkey Christmas Tree Auction for Charity

PEACE Ayuda a los Animales

This beautiful tree has 75 handmade glass ornaments and pendants made by local Puerto Vallarta artist, Ron Thomas of RST Glass Designs. 100% of the sale will go to PEACE Mexico's Help the Animals Program.

7th Annual PEACE Pet Picnic at Daiquiri Dick's in Old Town Vallarta

PEACE Ayuda a los Animales

Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant is proud to host this fun event to raise much needed funds for the PEACE free mobile spay/neuter clinics. Events include costume contest, best trained contest, raffle and other surprises.

Pets Flying Into Mexico Update

PV Guide

With all the commotion this summer about travelling with pets to Mexico, PV Guide took the opportunity to meet with airport authorities to get the latest scoop.

Puerto Vallarta #1 Dog Loving City in Mexico! And the Safest!


Puerto Vallarta is filling up with more and more baby boomers every year. And with over 55,000 people turning 55 everyday in the US and Canada, people want to know if Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a dog loving town. So here's your answer... Watch the video!

Fall Cleaning: Our Local Banderas Bay Charities Count On It


Now that the weather is getting cooler, go through your closets, empty the storage building and clean out the garage. Everyone knows there are things you have stashed that you are never going to use. Pull it out and pass it on to someone that can do good with it.

PEACE Mexico Welcomes Cecilia Paredes as Director of Operations

PEACE Mexico

Cecilia's dedication to international community development stems from her direct experience in a variety of cultures. She spent her childhood in Eastern Europe, Romania, former Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic and has lived in Mexico, Honduras and India.

International Homeless Animals' Day

On International Homeless Animals' Day, individuals and organizations around the world organize awareness-raising activities like candlelight vigils, adopt-a-thons, microchip clinics, slideshows, rallies, dog walks, open houses, award ceremonies, live music, raffles, and games. Learn how you can help in Vallarta.

Jalisco Approves New Animal Protection Law

PV Pulse

There is a wave of awareness about the living conditions of animals in the Mexican society, and this new law is a sign of it.

Help Reverse "No Pets in Cabin" Airline Policy

Paraiso Felino AC

Last minute update. It seems the efforts have had some results and they are considering reversing this law. Keep the pressure on by making the phone call and sending the emails.

Update on Airlines


Many foreigners bring their beloved pets with them to Mexico each winter. Unfortunately, the new No Pets in Cabin policy recently put into place by several airlines could drastically change the way we all travel to and from Mexico.

PEACE Mexico Seeks Vehicle Donation

PEACE Mexico

PEACE is looking for donations of two trucks for the mobile clinic and recycling programs. The preference is to find local donations but PEACE would also consider bringing a vehicle down from the United States or Canada.

PEACE Boutique End of Season Sale

PEACE Mexico

Please help promote PEACE! Our boutique has the BEST souvenirs and gifts in all of Vallarta, locally made by artisans, and proceeds go to help all of our PEACE projects.

PEACE Mexico Brings ArteVida to PV

PEACE Mexico

The evening will be a cocktail buffet with music by the popular singer and guitarist, Armando Silva, plus dancing under the stars. The live auction will include art with the artists in attendance. ArteVida creates PEACE through Art.

The International Helping Hand Tour

Hand Me Ups

Hand Me Ups and Quality Peoples have been raising funds for the upcoming International Helping Hands Tour. Hand Me Ups is coming to Puerto Vallarta from March 14-24, to rehabilitate the PEACE Mexico Community Center.

Destination:PEACE Volunteer Vacations

Lifes a Beach

Consider a volunteer vacation to enjoy the charm of Old Puerto Vallarta and experience another culture while making a difference in the lives of others: children, women, families, animals and the environment.

PEACE Release - January


The entire PEACE team and thousands of beneficiaries would like to extend a huge thank you to all who financially supported us in 2011 and well as our volunteers who clocked over 10,500 hours.

ArteVida Third Annual Art Gala


PEACE is proud to announce their third annual art gala fundraiser, ArteVida, on January 20. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers served all evening, a silent auction, a live auction and special performances.

PEACE in PV News


Please help support PEACE and one of our programs that you feel passionate about including free animal spay and neuter clinics, animal adoptions, beach clean-ups and fundraisers.

Paddle For PEACE in SUP Race Series

Pacific Paddle Surf

This event is open to the public. There are Stand Up Paddle events for all ages and ability levels, Paddle Board demos, and certified instructors on hand to introduce you to SUP!

PEACE Release - December


Sometimes people assume that because we do so much, we do not need additional donations. The reality is that we have to fundraise continuously to be able to run all of our programs each month.

PEACE Community Update


We cannot express our gratitude this holiday season for the incredible support we experience from wonderful donors and volunteers. We would like to encourage everyone to take control of this beautiful time of year and focus on what is truly important.

This Week at PEACE


Every single week, PEACE is making an impact in towns throughout Nayarit and Jalisco. Read about PEACE progress this week and sign up for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities!

PEACE Prepares for the Holidays


It has been a festive week with preparations for our Race for PEACE fundraiser, our education programs celebrating Dia de los Muertos, our animal clinic spaying like mad, and our Work for Food teams getting their hands dirty beautifying our communities.

Unwanted Street Dogs in Mexico Welcome in Canada

Al Jazeera

Mexico has a serious overpopulation of street dogs, a problem that repeated sterilization campaigns have not been able to fix. But now comes a radical new idea - an international refugee program for pets.

Rescue Dog Hailed as Hero After Joining Search for Mexico Earthquake Survivors


A Labrador has become the poster child of rescue efforts in the central Mexico earthquake, after it joined the search for survivors of the natural disaster.

Gnarly Parasite in Cat Poop Is Killing Marine Mammals


Toxoplasma gondii, or toxo, is a nasty parasite that’s been killing sea otters, sea lions and dolphins for years. And we have cats to blame for spreading it.

Unleashed! Cyclist Saves Runaway Dog from Busy Road in High Drama Chase


A runaway dog took a cyclist on a wild adventure down a crowded road as the latter had to chase it for over half a kilometer. Ironically, it wasn’t even her dog.

Bill to Ban Dog Fights Countrywide Is Approved By Mexican Senate

El Pais

A raft of legislative proposals could put end to inhumane activity most Mexicans disapprove of.

Guide Dogs Help Serve as Their Owners' Eyes, But a Video Shows It's Much More Than That


“Dark to Light” tells the true story of Liz Oleksa, a single mother struggling to raise her son while her eyesight deteriorates. When she does go blind, she thinks her life is over. Until a dog changes everything.

Forsaken Dogs Adopted and Trained in Central Mexico for Canine Tournament

New China TV

These abandoned dogs are lucky to see a decisive turn for a better life. In Mexico's central state of Aguascalientes, they are being trained by professionals who eye a chance for them to become champion canines.

Humane Society International Mounting an Attack on Dogfighting in Mexico

It’s time to ban dogfighting in Mexico – everywhere in the country. It’s already banned in several states there, but the law is silent in others, and there’s no national law against what is perhaps the most widely reviled animal crime in the world.

Two Brothers' Baja Dog Rescue Finds Loving Homes for Street Dogs

Times of San Diego

Life for the numerous street dogs in in Baja California is not very good, except for the lucky ones who eventually get a responsible owner. And because these homeless animals are not neutered, the problem grows. Brothers Adam and Josh Prater were inspired to try to make a difference.

This New App Connects You with 'Dog Friendly' Establishments in Mexico

The Yucatan Times

There are many places in Mexico that allow access to pets, but until now, nobody had taken the time and effort to unite them under one website.

Mexico City Protest Demands Ban on Bullfighting

Agence France-Presse

AnimaNaturalis activists protested Sunday against bullfighting, demanding that it be banned, at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City.

Dog in Mexico Receives 3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

Romina, a six-year-old Whippet is set to become the first dog in Mexico to receive a jointed 3D printed prosthetic leg thanks to specialists from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico.

Animals Head to Church in Mexico City to be Blessed


Beloved pets enjoyed the limelight in Mexico City at a blessing ceremony to mark the feast day of Saint Anthony, known as the protector of animals.

When Holiday Travel Is 'Ruff', United Paws Can Help


The joyous Christmas season can be stressful. United Airlines understands – and is enlisting help from some of its furry, four-legged friends on a mission to reduce stress and deliver smiles to anyone who needs one.

Pet Blood Donations Welcomed in Mexico

New China TV

At Mexico’s first veterinary blood bank in sight-seeing city Merida on southern peninsula Yucatan, Director Martinez collects blood from kind-hearted pets in preparation to save their ailing peers.

Mataperros de la Condesa: Is a Serial Dog Killer on the Loose in Mexico City?

Agence France-Presse

The sudden deaths of several dogs after walks in a popular Mexico City park has raised fears that a serial canine killer is on the loose, poisoning unsuspecting pets.

Animals Rescued from Cruelty in Mexico City

The Humane Society of the United States

Over 30 dogs and 18 cats were reported as abandoned in a house in Mexico City. Humane Society International, along with local groups and concerned people, achieved to enter the house to help the animals.

Canada Animal Rescue Group Aims to Aid Peers in Hurricane-Hit Cabo San Lucas


Organizers with a Calgary animal rescue group say they’re doing everything they can to help a group of Mexican peers who are caught up in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane.

Ask Walmart Mexico What Constitutes a Cockfight; You'll Be Surprised


What constitutes a cockfight? Well if you ask officials at Walmart Mexico, it all depends on the fine nuances of the word.

Woman Rescues Injured Dog on Busy Mexico Highway


A brave Mexican woman rescues a dog that had been run over on a Highway in Mexico City. The dog is now on the mend - and our Faith in humanity restored.

Colima Joins Growing List of States Prohibiting Animals Performing in Circuses

The Mazatlan Messenger

Colima legislators approved an amendment to the State Law for the Protection of Animals, which states that wildlife may only be exhibited publicly in cages.

New Pet Food Tax in Mexico Could Lead to Increase in Animal Abandonments


As 2014 gets underway, Mexicans are discovering that they have a lot more more taxes to pay. But there is one particular tax that has angered thousands of people here and could do some serious damage to the country’s dogs and cats: A 16% sales tax on pet food.

Animals Given Annual Blessings of Protection in Mexico City

ITN News

Pet-owners in Mexico City have attended an annual blessing ceremony for their animals, to protect them from danger and misfortune.

15Dec2013 Raises $1M to Bring US-Style E-Commerce to Mexico's Pet Lovers


Launched in June 2013 with the aim of bringing “US-style” customer service to the Mexican e-commerce market, sells a wide variety of pet care products, including premium dog and cat food brands.

All Good Dogs May Go to Heaven, But Now, Some Go to Hospice

The New York Times

More and more, cats and dogs get the human treatment. There are pet spas, pet therapists, pet clothes. And as it goes in life, so it now goes in the twilight. The latest phenomenon: pet hospice.

Animal Advocates: Mexico's Dog-Food Price Hike May Yield More Euthanizations

San Diego Reader

The skyrocketing cost of dog food along with new rules on its importation into Mexico have led animal advocates to warn of a new wave of canines abandoned in the streets, adding to the numbers already put to death each week at municipal dog pounds.

IN LOVING MEMORY: On Day of the Dead, Mexicans Visit Man's Best Friend

Agence France-Presse

The Narvaez family congregated around the tiny dirt grave of their loved one on Mexico's Day of the Dead, laid a handful of marigolds and recalled the joy he brought to their home - their beloved Siamese cat Facundo.

Tell Mexico: Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

Defenders of Wildlife

For more than 65 years, Defenders of Wildlife has led the fight to save threatened and endangered species with innovative approaches that help wolves, polar bears, big cats, and other imperiled wildlife survive in an ever-changing world.

Lawmakers Enact Tougher Penalties for Animal Abuse in Mexico

Al Jazeera

In the past people who abused animals were only fined, but the new law says anyone convicted of intentionally abusing animals can face up to two years in prison.

Pet Dogs, Cats and Birds Get Church Blessing on Feast Day of Saint Anthony


Pet owners flocked to a Church in Mexico to have their animals blessed in a special ceremony. The event marks the feast day of Saint Anthony, known as the protector of animals.

A Heart-Warming Story of Mexico's Dog Lady and the Abused Animals She Lovingly Cares For

Daily Mail UK

Mexico City has a serious stray dog problem, with an estimated five million wild and unwanted animals roaming the streets. A lucky few get a second chance at happy life if they are fortunate enough to find their way to Milagros Caninos, a sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs.

Animal Neutering Campaign Ramps Up in Mexico City After Killings

Agence France-Presse

Hundreds of Mexico City residents brought poodles, labradors and chihuahuas to mobile sterilization units as the city stepped up a campaign to reduce the number of street dogs after a string of deadly attacks.

Thank Mexico City Lawmakers for Establishing Anti-Animal Cruelty Laws


Now that Mexico’s largest city has anti-cruelty legislation, other communities will most likely follow suit. Thank lawmakers for instituting punishments for those who commit crimes against animals.

Mexico City Steps Up Fight Against Animal Cruelty with New Prison Term Rules


For years Mexico City considered animal cruelty a civil offense and citizens were punished with fines. All that has changed now that the Mexican capital has approved prison terms for people convicted of hurting animals.

Here Are Some Tips to Help Make Traveling With Pets Safe and Fun

My two pooches generally travel well and accompany us when we go on vacation, but not all of our past dogs have been as easy. Here are some tips I’ve gathered to help make traveling with pets safe and fun.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to the Rescue at Merida's Dogs and Donuts Fair

In the second annual Dogs and Donuts Fair, the beloved rescue group Sanctuary Evolucion had doughnuts flown in all the way from Mexico City.

Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering


Trouble deciding to spay or neuter your dog? We separate fact from fiction to help you make an informed decision about this important procedure.

Canine Miracles: Dog Receives Prosthetic Legs

Sky News

A dog in Mexico City has received new prosthetic legs after allegedly having his two front legs cut off by members of a criminal gang.

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