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Casa Hogar Childrens Shelter

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

Children’s Shelter Maximo Cornejo Quiroz was founded on February 1993 by Mr. & Mrs Cornejo.

At that time, Mr. & Mrs. Cornejo recognized that there was a desperate need for the underprivileged kids living in poverty or abandoned in the streets. They both had a dream to create a childrens home in a living environment with a family-like atmosphere, where the children would be given an opportunity to grow and become educated, to gain self-confidence and self-respect.

Inspiration for the name "Maximo Cornejo" was derived in the beloved memory of Mr. Maximo Cornejo, a successful hotel businessman who was the founder and President of the Association of Hotels and Motels in Vallarta. He founded the Tropicana Hotel in 1958 and expanded several properties in the famous Los Muertos Beach area of Puerto Vallarta.

Encouraged by his wife, Mr. Cornejo founded the Casa Hogar, even though he was ailing himself, and finally succumbed to his medical problems. His memory lives on in his generous gift in February of 1993. The commitment was then made to immediately start an orphanage and come to the rescue of these desperate children.

Casa Hogar has continued to grow and now houses 55 well-behaved, responsible, happy children.

We are a local, non-profit organization; a shelter dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned, disadvantaged or vulnerable children.

Actually, the Casa Hogar supports 55 children of all ages (birth through life) operated under the patronage of donors, private sponsors and volunteers.

"Casa Hogar is not just a home. We prepare the children to be good human beings and set them up to integrate into society – with respect and self-esteem!" ...Rocìo Rodriguez.

The children of Casa Hogar come from diverse backgrounds such as abandonment, violence, abuse, family disintegration or extreme poverty. Some are children of indigent single mothers, others have been abandoned by their parents, and many have been abused. They all have one thing in common: a great need for love and the absence of a father or mother who makes them feel worthy of being loved.

Some of the children have come by way of local safety authorities. Others are channeled through the D.I.F social services arm of Government. Occasionally, they come from the parents themselves looking after the welfare of their children and requesting assistance of Casa Hogar until they can resolve the critical home situations that keep them from properly caring for their children.

The children live in our facility 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To carry out their studies, they attend various external schools, and are distributed accordingly with their age group.

We make an effort to cover expenses and demands associated such as uniforms, books and school supplies as well as tuitions. But the little ones (toddlers) spend their days at the orphanage, in an classroom program developed by Barbara Wilde, Nelly Barquet and a Canadian sponsor where a handful of volunteers work with teachers and wonderful people like Luz Aurora Arredondo, Rocio, and Casa Hogar founder, Sra. Elisa Cornejo, who do their best to make the orphanage feel like home.

Volunteering at Casa Hogar Childrens Shelter

There are many ways that individuals and groups can participate in orphanage activities.

For example:
• Fundraising activities organized by you, your family, friends, company, or church group.
• Keeping in touch with the children at the orphanage through pen pal writing, e-mail, and other regular contact.
• Building personal relationships with the children that help establish long-term fellowship bonds, giving the children a sense of family and belonging.
• Buying tickets to our Fundraising events.

For those that can come to the orphanage, volunteers are always welcome for the following activities:
• Helping the children with homework, multiplication tables, English & computers
• Reading stories to the children
• Yard work duties
• Plumbing and electrical repairs
• Painting
• General maintenance
• Creating a party or lunch for the kids

We have various activities every day. Please e-mail or call us to confirm your visit so we can assure a special attendance.

Guardian Angel: Sponsor-a-Child Program

Help brighten up a child’s life.

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, each year our children receive the food, shelter and education that they desperately need.

We invite you to experience first-hand the difference that sponsorship makes in the life of a child.

Become a Guardian Angel and support with a MONTHLY DONATION for the basic needs and education of a child. The support Angels giving allows us to cover the basic supplies of Casa Hogar and progressively will allow us to offer additional professional tools in the development of our children such as English classes, computer training, art & dance, music & sports.

When supporting a child, you could be in contact with him or her by mail, personal visits and exchanging of photos.

Your friendship will show a child that he or she is loved and your financial support will protect his/her future.

What Sponsors Receive:
• A welcome letter from Casa Hogar
• A photo of the child
• Personal history of the child
• An annual school progress report
• Personal letters from the child in Spanish or translated to English
• The opportunity to visit the child you sponsor at the MCQ home
• The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in a child’s life

How You Can Help Casa Hogar Childrens Shelter

Thank you for all that you do to make this community a better place for our children.

We welcome all levels of donations.

Maximo Cornejo Children’s Home is dependant upon donations from individuals, businesses, and churches of all denominations. Many of the hotels and tourist restaurants donate food and other basic necessities from time to time; we also receive financial assistance from the local governmental DIF, but that amount is very minimal. There is always a need for more.

If you feel led to help us, any donation would be appreciated.

We welcome all levels of donations. Select your type of contribution from the following items that are constantly needed.

Cleaning, Groceries & Kitchen Supplies:
• Washing powder
• Washcloths
• Bleach
• Floor liquid cleaner, such as "Fabuloso" or "Pinol"
• Mops & upright brooms
• Dust pans
• Mop buckets & Trash cans
• Trash bags, XL or L
• Scrub sponges & Pads
• Cleaning Wipes
• Toilet paper
• Paper towels
• Aluminum foil
• Tupperware type containers, L & XL
• Liquid hand soap
• Tomatoes
• Knorr products
• Sugar
• Canned tuna
• Chicken Bouillon Cubes from Knorr
• Tetra Brik Milk Pack
• Nido Whole Powder Milk from Nestle

• Buscapina for kids
• Mejoralito
• Tempra for kids
• Caladril
• Quadriderm  pomade
• Capent pomade

Clothes and kids:
• Tennis shoes & sandals; ages from 4 to 10
• Hair gel
• Baby Diapers, S, M, L, XL
• Baby bottles

School Uniforms:
Many visitors, full of good intentions, donate toys for the children, but unfortunately now there is an excess of toys and not enough food, soap or school uniforms.

At this moment, we have plenty of casual clothes; our storage room is full and it's almost impossible to find new storage space. If you would like to donate casual clothes, we can refer you to another assistance institution than truly needs it.

Instead, we would really appreciate it if you wish to donate school uniforms:
• Marine blue shorts for girls & boys, sizes from 3 to 12
• Polo white t-shirts in sizes from 3 to 12
• White socks
• Underwear
• Black Shoes
• Tennis shoes & sandals

Monetary Donation:
Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo is dependant upon donations from individuals, businesses, and churches of all denominations. If you feel led to help us, any donation would be appreciated whether it's a one time gift or a monthly commitment.

For more information on making a donation, please contact us.

Monetary donations are much appreciated and are tax deductible in Mexico.

Other donations needed:
• Subsidies in the payment of water, gas and electrical services.
• Monthly or partial donation of gasoline and lubricants for the operation of our transportation vehicles.
• Monthly or partial donation of food, vegetables, fruits, chicken, milk, baby formula and diapers.
• Become an Angel today with our Guardian Angel, Sponsor-a-Child Program.

Last updated: September 27, 2019 · Charity ID: 503

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Havana Nights Fundraiser for Casa Hogar Orphanage at Villa Bahia Vallarta

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This year's theme is Havana Nights and the date is Saturday, February 4 beginning at 6:30 pm and will include a 4 Course Gourmet Dinner provided by top chefs in Puerto Vallarta, a Premium Open Bar and Music.

His Will, His Way Ministries Seeks 'Parents' for New Children's Shelter

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We need two sets of parents for the CompasionNet Church home. If you are in your 40 to 60's and would like to love and help kids have a real set of part time parents, we can use your help.

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West Leyden Students Travel to Vallarta as Orphanage Volunteers

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West Leyden High School students and chaperones did service work in two different orphanages and a daycare center for special needs children during a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Children's Day Art Fundraiser for PV Orphanage

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Mexico celebrates our children every 30th of April. Nationwide creative, cultural and entertainment activities are organized to promote the welfare and rights of children.

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FREE Dental Care for La Cruz Elementary Students

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The Academy of LDS (Latter Day Saints) dental team is donating their time, materials and services to provide FREE dental care to the children attending the Primary (Elementary School) in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

Compassion Pipeline Fundraiser for Puerto Vallarta Orphans

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I know there are a lot of demands on your wallet this time of year but if you have ever been to poorer parts of the world, you know how desperate the situation can be.

Integral Hearing Health and Wellness Helping the Less Fortunate in Vallarta-Nayarit

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IHHW is committed to improving hearing health for under-served individuals, youth, families and communities in developing countries. Our current project takes us to Jaltemba Bay, Nayarit, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta and rural areas.

Fall Newsletter from His Will, His Way Ministries

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We were able to collect many clothes, shoes and toys for the kids along the way. The Honda Pilot was full to the brim and we were a little concerned we would have to unload and reload at the border but God was once again shepherding us along the way.

Donating Time and Love at Casa Hogar Orphanage in Puerto Vallarta

Seeker Network

Don't miss out on the chance to make a difference while traveling! Witness the first basecamp volunteering (but not the last!) experience in this touching episode.

UPA Mexico Announces National Dance Championship Finals to be Held in Vallarta


The General Director of the event said that UPA is a space that welcomes talented dancers of all kinds of choreographic dance from the "street" styles of hip hop to more elaborate choreography of contemporary dance competing to win the first place prize nationally.

11th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 20 Local Vallarta-Nayarit Charities


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Latest Charity News from His Will, His Way Ministries in Puerto Vallarta

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We are now providing $400 of milk and $150 to $200 of prescription drugs for the children each month at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz Orphanage. We can't thank you enough for your continued support of these basic needs for the children.

Illinois Students Volunteer Trip to Puerto Vallarta Orphanage

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Students helped the Casa de Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz orphanage, which serves 45 children ranging in age from one to 14, according to school officials.

A Reminder & Where to Get Your Altruism Festival Tickets Early and Save

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There will be door prizes and a raffle. This is always a very festive occasion as the IFC celebrates another successful season. The Casa Fantasia Brunch offers a delightful buffet menu. Join us on April 13.

High School in Illinois Raising Funds for Puerto Vallarta Orphanage

Franklin Park Sun Times

The West Leyden principal, students and staff are fundraising for a humanitarian trip to Mexico and are working to raise at least $3,000 to donate to the 45 children living at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage.

10th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 20 Local Charities

La Biblioteca Rey Nayar

This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 4, 2014, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Christmas Tree and Toys Delivered to Your Suite at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

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'Tatts 4 Food' Marathon for Puerto Vallarta Orphanage


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Charities Announced to Benefit from Vallarta's 2013 Altruism Festival

U.S. Consular Agency Vallarta

Twenty-four of our local charity and non-profit organizations in Banderas Bay have been announced to participate and benefit from Puerto Vallarta's largest fundraising event of the year to take place on Sunday, May 5.

9th International Altruism Festival to Benefit 24 Local Charities


This is the most important altruism event of Puerto Vallarta and will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013, beginning at 6:00 pm, in the beautiful beachfront garden of the CasaMagna Marriott Resort in Marina Vallarta.

Chalk Street-Painting Festival 'Madonnari 2012' in Puerto Vallarta

Santa Barbara/Vallarta Sister City

Puerto Vallarta and sister city Santa Barbara, California, are joining forces for the Madonnari Festival of street-painting on November 12-14, to benefit local charities. The term madonnari comes from the fact that these images originally were mostly madonnas.

DIF Vallarta Throws a Fiesta for 120 Children from Local Shelters


The boys and girls from the different orphanages and shelters in Puerto Vallarta were invited to La Bodeguita del Medio Cuban Restaurant for a fiesta of food, fun, making new friends and being reunited with their friends from other shelters.

Fall Cleaning: Our Local Banderas Bay Charities Count On It


Now that the weather is getting cooler, go through your closets, empty the storage building and clean out the garage. Everyone knows there are things you have stashed that you are never going to use. Pull it out and pass it on to someone that can do good with it.

Eagle Wings Deliver 1.5M Pesos to Local Charities

Puerto Vallarta Convention and Visitors Bureau

Alas de Aguila continues to improve lives of vulnerable Vallarta residents through various civil associations as part of their commitment to work together to lend support to a greater number of people.

8th International Altruism Festival

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa

CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa is once again the proud sponsor of the 8th International Altruism Festival in Puerto Vallarta. This gastronomic and cultural event creates awareness among the population to support those who need it the most.

Vallarta Adventures Takes Disadvantaged Kids Whale Watching

Vallarta Opina

We were proud to hear that Vallarta Adventures organized a fun catamaran trip for more than 300 disadvantaged children in Puerto Vallarta to watch the humpback whales and experience an unforgettable day.

Charity Bingo at Nacho Daddy

The Charity Bingo Staff

For the upcoming season, the Charity Bingo Administrative Staff was determined to broaden the resources to other Charity Organizations so the Charity Bingo selection committee selected six (6) different charities to benefit from the Charity Bingo proceeds.

One Quarter of Mexico’s Minors Living Without Parents

The News

Mexico’s Census of Population and Housing estimates that about a fourth of minors under 15 don’t live with their parents.

Amparo Rius Munoz Tells Story of the Child Refugees of Mexico’s Morelia

Al Jazeera English

The Mexican city of Morelia has marked the 80th anniversary of the arrival of a group of child refugees whose story has become legend. Amparo Rius Munoz is one of the few survivors still alive to tell the tale.

Dia del Nino Is a Big Deal for Orphans in Mexico


Besides Mother’s and Father’s Day, children have a very special day too. Dia del nino, or children’s day, is an annual celebration held on April 30 throughout Mexico.

One Humanity? Millions of Children Tortured, Smuggled, Abused, Enslaved

Inter Press Service

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary general, summarized the world future generation situation just ahead of World Humanitarian Day: “Children continue to be tortured, maimed, imprisoned, starved, sexually abused and killed in armed conflict.”

Lady Gaga Serenades Kids at Mexican Orphanage


Lady Gaga seemingly can’t pull herself away from charitable causes. She performed an emotionally-charged a capella version of her smash song “Born This Way” at a Mexican orphanage over the weekend.

Curbing Early Childhood Stunting Could Save Mexico $18.5 Billion a Year

ZME Science

Developing countries stand to lose $177 billion each year due to delays in the physical development of children. Researchers say every dollar invested in curbing stunting could yield three-dollar return once these children reach a more productive adulthood.

Mission Trip to Chiapas, Mexico Childrens' Choir


Watch 400 kids from the mountains from the Chorros Chiapas, Mexico singing for the Lord.

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete Helping Poor Children in Mexico

Children International

Miss Universe highlights unseen poverty in her hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico and supports Children International and their efforts to help poor children.

Lawsuit to be Filed Against Mexico for Alleged Abuses Against Disabled

ABC News

Disability Rights International has announced that it will move forward in its lawsuit against the government of Mexico for "allowing egregious human rights abuses against children and adults with disabilities to continue unabated."

More Than 21 Million Mexican Children and Adolescents Live in Poverty


About 21.4 million children and adolescents, of a total of 40 million people, are currently living in poverty in Mexico and of them, 4.6 million are in extreme poverty.

Teenage Pregnancies in Mexico Considered Epidemic


Teen pregnancy has reached an epidemic level in Mexico, with about 400,000 cases each year accounting for 20 percent of pregnancies across the country, according to an expert.

'Nobel Prize for Child Advocates': World of Children Award Announces 2015 Honorees

World of Children

Five extraordinary individuals who have dramatically improved the lives of children around the world will be honored in New York City on November 5 by World of Children Award.

Standardized Adoption Law Sought by Green Party to Reduce Number of Children in Orphanages

Mexico News Daily

According to data released by the national statistics institute, Inegi, there are over 30,000 children and teenagers living in state orphanages in Mexico. And the Children’s Rights Network warns there are another 29,000 living without the care of either relatives or institutions.

Meet Sarah, an Amazing Mother from Utah Who Volunteered in Mexico


Sarah Baldwin Brown is an amazing mother from Utah who volunteered on the UBELONG program in Merida, Mexico. She worked at the caregiving project for two weeks and proved to be a proactive and loving volunteer.

Mexico City Bans Cages, Restraints on Neglected, Disabled Children

ABC News

ABC News traveled to Mexico City, Mexico, with Disability Rights International recently as the advocacy group investigated the conditions of state-funded facilities where children, some of them with disabilities, are left to grow up.

From a Broken Family in Mexico, Martin Nunez Creates a Home for Kids He Never Had

CCTV America

Ciudad Juarez is the biggest border town in Mexico. This city of 1.5 million people has been seeing a big growth in industry in recent years, but it also has had a reputation for being a center of violence and crime. Many young people consider criminal activities the only way out of poverty.

World Vision Campaign Seeks Sponsors for Mexican Boys and Girls on Children's Day

The News

This April 30, World Vision wants to offer more children the opportunity for a secure and happy environment for their development. Through the campaign, “Patrocina Una Historia 2015,” the organization is seeking 8,000 new sponsors for Mexican boys and girls.

Random Acts - Shoes and Shirts for Casa de Jesus Orphanage in Juarez, Mexico

In February, Random Acts was able to provide funding for the purchase of new shoes and shirts for the girls and boys at the Casa de Jesus orphanage in Juarez, Mexico.

Voluntourism: Spring Break Can Be a Time to Give

Mother Nature Network

More and more young people are passing up the revelry and choosing a different type of spring break experience. A style of travel known as voluntourism has become an exciting alternative for more young travelers - and for more travelers in general.

Song of Thanks from the Children of Akumal, Mexico


The children of Centro Comunitario Otoch Paal sing a Mayan song of thanks to all of the people that donated diapers, wipes, school supplies and toys.

Cowboy on Charity Ride from Alaska to Mexico

Calgary Herald

Cowboy Len Crow is riding from Alaska to Mexico to raise money for orphans in Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia, India, and the Philippines.

Casa Hogar is a Big Winner at Bisbee's Black & Blue Tourney in Cabo San Lucas

Mexico News Daily

Hurricane Odile left a huge mess after it struck Cabo San Lucas on September 14, but it wasn’t enough to prevent its richest sportsfishing tournaments from going ahead.

Thinking About a Volunteering Trip to Baja, Mexico? Check Out Corazon de Vida Foundation

NBC News

It might be time for you to plan your next vacation, but you want to do more than lie around on a beach sipping drinks. If you have wondered about volunteering abroad, it's a great way to to give back to communities who could use a helping hand.

Operating in Vacuum of Legislation, Many of Mexico's Orphanages Black Holes for Children

Inter Press Service

Homes for orphans or children in vulnerable situations in Mexico lack the necessary state regulation and supervision, which leads to scandalous human rights violations.

Claudio X. Gonzalez Guajardo on Mexico's Little Children: The Invisible Ones


The scientific evidence is conclusive: there is no better investment, in terms of human capital development, than what is done in the first stage of life.

International Day for Street Children: If the Whole World was Listening, What Would You Say?

Consortium for Street Children

This year, the fourth International Day for Street Children will take place on 12th April, providing a platform for millions of street children around the world to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored.

Despite Support Programs, 53.8% of Children Under Age of 18 Live in Poverty

La Jornada

It is estimated that 53.8 percent of Mexican children under the age of 18 years old live in poverty. 12.1 percent of these children face extreme poverty.

Uruguay's President Plans to Adopt Dozens of Kids

The Huffington Post

Childless leader, who donates most of his money to social projects, plans to adopt dozens of 'poor kids' after term expires.

Violins in Baja: Couple's Mission in Mexico Combines Faith and Service

The Los Angeles Times

In 1979, Hans and Nancy Benning began working at a Mexican orphanage built by friends. Thirty-four years later, they're still going back.

Universal Children's Day Is a Global Celebration of Service to Children

The United Nations' Universal Children's Day is an occasion to promote the welfare of children and an understanding between children all over the world. It is held on November 20 each year.

Study: Mexico Has No Legal Framework for Children Whose Rights Have Been Violated

La Jornada

In Mexico, there is no adequate legal framework that exists for the care of children when their rights are violated in Mexico. Also, they are faced with widespread and increasing violence, not only within their families, but also in society.

In Mexico, Some Kids Choose Life on the Street to Escape Abuse


"Dia del Nino" is a big date in the calendar of a professional clown: making people laugh is the order of the day. But for Angel, a clown working at one Mexico City's busiest traffic intersections, it's bittersweet.

UNICEF Report Reveals Shocking Cost of Malnutrition and Outlines Unprecedented Chance to Defeat It

Stunting is low height for age in children. A new report by UNICEF reveals the high prevalence of stunting in children under 5, but also outlines the tremendous opportunities that exist to make it a problem of the past.

United Nations Reports the Majority of Poor in Mexico are Children


More than 20 million children and adolescents in Mexico are estimated to live in poverty, and five million of them in extreme poverty, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported in a joint study with the Mexican Government.

REDIM: Mexico Gov't is Passive in the Face of the Increase in Violent Deaths of Its Youth

La Jornada

The executive director of the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico criticized the federal government for still not taking steps to avoid the "alarming" number of murders, suicides and other violence against minors.

Watch: Mexican Children Abandoned by Families Because of Disabilities

Attitude Pictures Ltd

Abandoned by their families because of their disabilities; Attitude TV goes to Mexico, where they discover why so many children are institutionalized.

Documentary 'When Home is the Street' Chronicles Hardships of Homeless Youth


Reintegrating street children and youth into society requires deep and consistent love and compassion, both to help them escape poverty and to allow them to let go of feelings that they are unloved and unwanted. A new film documents this delicate transformation.

Human Rights Day Spotlight on Women, Youth, Minorities, Disabiled, Indigenous, Poor

Human Rights Day presents an opportunity, every year, to celebrate human rights, highlight a specific issue, and advocate for the full enjoyment of all human rights by everyone everywhere.

Nonprofits: Steal This Film From Tiffany Shlain For Your Own Purposes


Tiffany Shlain is turning into a fairy godmother for nonprofits in need of new ways to get out their messages. Her latest film, Brain Power, could help childhood development-related nonprofits solicit donations, volunteers, and anything else they might need.

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