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Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

The mission of Compassion for the Family (Banderas Bay Women's Shelter) is to provide an immediate, temporary and safe living environment and to provide the basic needs for women and their children who are victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Compassion for the Family is dedicated to working with other agencies and organizations in the Puerto Vallarta area such as Desarrollo Integral de la Familia and CompassioNet Impact International in order to ensure that victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault increase their knowledge of their options around domestic violence and sexual assault, receive ongoing emotional support through counseling services, developing and reaching their goals for safety and self-sufficiency through various programs and services, including referrals, assistance through the court process, assistance obtaining employment, small business loans, transportation, housing, and other basic needs.

Please take a moment to watch first hand accounts of the ministery in Puerto Vallarta.

The above video will help to inform you of the problems facing women and children in the Puerto Vallarta area as well as what Compassion for the Family is doing to minister to them.

Thank you and we hope this will be a helpful tool in raising the awareness and helping to find solutions to the problems facing these women and children.

About Compassion for the Family

Compassion for the Family takes domestic violence and sexual assault against women very seriously. It is imperative that women and their children be offered a safe refuge.

Compassion for the Family is committed to providing this service that is so badly needed in Puerto Vallarta. In order to provide this service, Compassion for the Family will construct and operate a shelter in a discrete location in the greater Puerto Vallarta area. Non-disclosure of location of the facility is imperative if the organization is to be able to provide a safe refuge.

Compassion for the Family does not actively seek out women that are sexually assaulted or physically abused. We do not remove women from an abusive environment nor does it involve itself in domestic disturbances.

We accept women and their children to the shelter exclusively by DIF - Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (the social services organization in Puerto Vallarta).

Building Project:

We just completed the foundation for the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter. Despite the rainy season, we were able to complete the work well under budget. The cost of the excavation and foundation was 336,000 pesos.

This work was financed by 140,000 pesos raised in fund raising events in PV, donations of 10,000 pesos received in Mexico, the equivalent of 150,000 pesos in donations received in the US and 36,000 pesos donated by the board of directors of Vida Reavivida A.C.

We began work on raising walls in November, 2011, and are looking for donations. We need lots of cement blocks, bags of cement mix and bags of mortar mix. Cement blocks run about 50 pesos each. The bags of cement and mortar mix each run about 100 pesos.

We can also use volunteer construction workers. If you are interested and would like to know how you can donate financially or with your time and efforts, please contact David Zude at or 044-322-103-2451.

We will be constructing a building of sufficient size to initially house six families. There will also be living space for a facility manager, two employees and up to four volunteers.

The building will be constructed in such a way that additional living space can be added at minimal cost and minimal disruption of the services being provided. All building costs will be funded by donations and through fund raising events.

Future additions will also be funded by donations and fund raising events. Construction will be done by a paid project supervisor and volunteer groups.

Operating Costs:

After the construction phase of the project, we will require ongoing support to help pay for food, hygienic items, cleaning products, maintenance, clothing, taxes, insurance and salaries.


Initial staffing of the shelter will consist of a facility manager, two staff positions and up to four volunteers.

The facility manager is a volunteer position and therefore receives no compensation beyond room and board. The facilities manager is responsible for the day to day activities at the shelter. The facility manager supervises the actions of the paid employees and volunteers. The facilities manager answers to the board of directors.

To assist in the day-to-day operations of the shelter, we plan to hire two full time women who will be responsible for cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Individuals who wish to volunteer with Compassion for the Family will assist the facility manager and staff with day to day operations and duties at the shelter. Volunteers will be provided room and board while assisting at the shelter.

A Little About Abuse in Mexico

Every 15 minutes a Mexican woman is attacked in her own home, and every year thousands of Mexican women die a violent death, with a daily average of five deceased. According to the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), Mexico is among the 15 nations of the world with more female victims of violent homicides. In Latin America, between 30% and 45% of the women have been victims of violence, either physical, sexual or psychological.

Thousands of Mexican women who survive violence in their homes are being put at risk of further abuse by a justice system that often fails to take their safety seriously, said Amnesty International. Amnesty International's report explores the obstacles Mexican women face when trying to report cases of domestic violence – including the refusal of officials to accept complaints, deficient investigations and poor enforcement of protective measures.

The report is being published 18 months after Mexico passed a law to counter violence against women. Violence against women in the home in Mexico – as in many other parts of the world - is endemic. According to a national survey conducted in 2006, one in four women have suffered abuse at the hands of their partner and 82 per cent of women decided not to report it.

Women who find the courage to report the abuse are often treated with indifference and have to prove they are subject to violence. In many cases, officials even ask them to deliver summons to their aggressor. On August 31, 2005, Marcela's former husband broke into her house in the state of Sonora and stabbed her, leaving her paralyzed for four months. Over the years, Marcela had made over 10 complaints to the public prosecutor's office about the abuse she was suffering but every time she was advised to resolve the issue directly with her partner. One time, she was told "when you come with a bruise, we'll do something." After the stabbing, Marcela's former husband was prosecuted for attempted murder and sentenced to 10 years but is now appealing the length of his sentence. Marcela is scared that when he is released he will find her and kill her.

"What women in Mexico need is to have their complaints of abuse taken seriously and to be able to access justice as well as effective protection mechanisms such as refuges", said Kerrie Howard.

On the second anniversary of the passing of the General Law on Women's Access to a Life Free From Violence, Amnesty International said the law has had no impact in the majority of Mexico's 32 states.

According to information received by Amnesty International, there are a total of 60 shelters for women victims of violence in Mexico – those run by the authorities and those run by voluntary organizations included. This number is still completely inadequate in relation to the demand.

"There is a clear and deplorable lack of state-level commitment to implement the General Law on Women's Access to a Life Free From Violence," said Kerrie Howard, Amnesty International's Deputy Director for the Americas Program. "In practice, this lack of commitment means that the safety and lives of thousands of women are put in jeopardy."

Amnesty International believes it is essential to create and implement criminal investigation protocols for use by staff of the public prosecutor's office, the police and experts when dealing with women filing complaints of abuse. These protocols must include an obligation to provide sufficient protection to guarantee the safety of the woman and her family.

How You Can Help Compassion for the Family

If the Lord has placed on your heart to be a part of the work of Compassion for the Family, there are two ways you can make your donation:

1. Personal Check:

If you would like to support Compassion for the Family, you can send your donation in the form of a personal check to the following address:

Compassion for the Family Inc.
P.O. Box 207
Peyton, CO 80831 USA

2. Donations:

You can also donate using, we have an account set up for donations. Just click here and you will be automatically sent to the site.

Compassion for the Family Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization and a registered not for profit organization in Mexico. All donations to our organization are tax deductible.

Last updated: July 24, 2019 · Charity ID: 505

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Support Charities with International Friendship Club Home Tours

International Friendship Club

Our Home Tours showcase three or four unique homes each week ranging from small, traditional style casas to multi-million dollar beachfront condos and villas.

'What a Drag' Straight Men Stand Up Against Violence to Women


We invite you to mark your calendar for the 2020 edition of What a Drag, Vallarta's most anticipated event of the year, with /"Straight Men Standing Up Against Domestic Violence./"

Call to Action in Saving the Battered Women's Shelters in Mexico

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

50% of the shelters for battered women are at risk of closing due to the suspension of a federal government grant that provides 80% or more of the operating budget for these shelters.

Puerto Vallarta to Open Justice Center for Women

Vallarta Daily News

To encourage a life free of violence, the Attorney General of the State and DIF Jalisco asked the business sector, civil society and personnel of the municipal government to collaborate with the Justice Center for Women.

Great Reasons to Become a Member of Puerto Vallarta's International Friendship Club

International Friendship Club

Members of IFC are proud of the club's long history and the beneficial effect that the club has had on the education, health and social services in the city.

Vallarta Yacht Club's Jim Ketler Memorial Service Award Given to Ricki Williams

Vallarta Yacht Club

This award is given to a member of the Banderas Bay boating community that has displayed positive support and attitudes that are beneficial for the Banderas Bay Area.

A Record Turnout Enjoyed the 5th Annual American Legion Charity Chili Cook-Off

American Legion Post 14

The American Legion and Nacho Daddy won bragging rights by sharing the top prizes at the 5th Annual Charity Chili Cook-Off at beautiful El Rio BBQ.

Receive a Free Beautiful Pendant by Donating to the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Help support the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter and change the lives of women and children, survivors of domestic violence.

Chili Cooks and Musical Groups Tune Up for 5th Annual Charity Chili Cook-Off

American Legion Post 14

Last year's cook-off drew upwards of 500 chili and music lovers. It's expected that this year's event will meet or even exceed that number.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Live Shows and Concerts, Ceviche & Aguachile Market, Fundraisers, Art Walks, Cooking Classes, Kitty Bingo, TED Talks, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

What a Drag 2017! Straight Men Standing Up Against Violence Against Women

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Get ready for a jam packed night full of laughs, garish makeup and straight men parading around in high heels like Bambi on ice!

What's Happening, Success Stories and Needs at the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

21 families have come to the shelter. We are pleased to report that none of the women that have left the shelter have returned to live with their aggressors.

American Legion & Navy League Events for Veterans and Remembrance Day

American Legion Post 14

American Legion Post 14 and the Puerto Vallarta Navy League invite all American, Canadian and Mexican citizens to celebrate these commemorative holidays with events on November 11th and 12th.

Summer Concert Splash and Dance Fundraiser


CK Productions in Puerto Vallarta invites you to spend the afternoon escaping the summer heat as they take over Tacho's Park on Wednesday, August 17 from 4:00 until 8:00 pm.

July News and Needs from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The shelter is in bad need of classroom space, consulting spaces for the psychologists and an outdoor recreation area for the women and children when the yard cannot be used.

Puerto Vallarta June Newsletter from American Legion Post 14

American Legion Post 14

Greetings from sunny and warm Puerto Vallarta. Please enjoy the latest newsletter from American Legion Post 14. Feel free to pass this newsletter along to friends, relatives, and other Vets.

American Legion to Sponsor Free Memorial Day Event for Veterans at Steve's Sports Bar

American Legion Post 14

Steve's Sports Bar will host a Memorial Day event, offering two free drinks and a hot dog to every military veteran who wishes to come. There will also be a 50/50 raffle for prizes.

American Legion Post 14 Vallarta April Newsletter

American Legion Post 14

This is the first of a series of Newsletters I hope to publish on a fairly regular basis over the next few months. The purpose of these Newsletters is to inform, encourage, and entertain. All suggestions are welcome.

Current Needs at the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter


We've had several families come to the shelter in the last couple of weeks and we find ourselves in great need of underwear for women, girls 1-17 years and boys 1-12 years.

March News from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Domestic violence is the leading cause of death in women. Every five years as many women are killed by their intimate partners as men and women killed in the Viet Nam War… 54,000.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Live Concerts, Charity Bingo, Real Estate Festival, Fundraisers, Culinary and Art Fest, Taste of Lo De Marcos, Art Auction, Longboard Fest in Sayulita, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Fourth Annual American Legion Charity Chili Cook-Off Returns to El Rio BBQ

American Legion Post 14

It's an "all you can eat" chili feast, featuring 18 recipes from a broad range of sponsors, including many popular local restaurants. Also included is an order of El Rio's famous smoked riblets and an aguafresca.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Dinner Theater, Live Concerts, Charity Bingo, Tango Lessons, Art Walk, Fundraisers, Mardi Gras Parade, Live Theater Sayulita, Immigration Forum, Farmers Markets every day of the week, and so much more.

Live Theater Sayulita Proceeds Benefit the Community

Sayulita Life

Live Theater Sayulita's upcoming season, called “All in the Timing,” includes four one-act plays on February 12, 13 and 14.

Week of Festivities Leads to CarnavalPV 2016 Parade


CarnavalPV is more than a parade! We have added a jazz and beer festival, movie screenings, pet parade, mask making workshop and more.

News, Needs and Wish List from Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The Banderas Bay Women's Shelter needs your help! Please don't depend on others to help out, we need you! The shelter exists exclusively through private donations, board member donations and fund raising events. No assistance is received from the Mexican or U.S. Government.

'What a Drag' Beauty Pageant Supports Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Get ready for a jam packed night full of laughs, garish makeup and straight men parading around in high heels like Bambi on ice!

November News from Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

There's lots of activity now in the shelter. Daily activities include meal preparations, cleaning, studies for the children and job preparation for the women.

Fall Newsletter from His Will, His Way Ministries

His Will, His Way Ministries

We were able to collect many clothes, shoes and toys for the kids along the way. The Honda Pilot was full to the brim and we were a little concerned we would have to unload and reload at the border but God was once again shepherding us along the way.

Food Needed for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The major grocery stores such as Sam's Club, Walmart, Costco and Mega Commercial have decided not to assist us. Likewise there is no assistance from the Mexican government.

News from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

In Mexico there are no statistics that report the percentage of extreme violence; however a report from the US on August 5th, 2015 reports that 25% of women who suffer domestic violence are threatened with a weapon (one classification of extreme violence).

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Needs 24/7 Security Personnel

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The Puerto Vallarta shelter is equipped with several types of security measures, but we are still lacking 24 hour security personnel. The lives of the women, the children and the workers are worth the cost.

News and Needs from PV Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

We have been blessed with our first baby at the shelter - It's a boy! With the new arrival, we need baby stuff including a car seat, stroller, rocking chair, everything.

Donations Needed to Purchase Van for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter


After many years of work and sacrifice, the Women's Shelter has opened its doors thanks to totally private donations. One need that they have not been able to fund yet is a Van for the shelter.

June News from Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The shelter is in need of children's clothing and shoes. There is also a need for more women's shoes. There is a baby due in less than 2 weeks! Yikes!!!

Latest News from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Plans have begun for an external resource center and a short term emergency shelter in Puerto Vallarta. These are resources that are badly needed, but do not exist in Jalisco or Nayarit except in the capitals of Guadalajara and Tepic.

Banderas Bay American Legion Scores Big Again at the Chili Cook-Off Festival

American Legion Post 14

The American Legion Post 14 scores big again with over 500 hungry people attending their 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off Festival at El Rio BBQ in Paso Ancho.

What a Drag! This is What Puerto Vallarta is Truly All About!

Lymans Journey

Eight wonderful men from our community stood front and center and gave it their ALL!! A sold out packed house with proceeds (and matched funds) going to abused and battered women and children.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Theater Shows, Movie Screenings, Fundraisers, Film Fest, Whodunit Mystery Theater, What a Drag, Children's Circus, Paws for the Cause, Chamber Orchestra, Farmers Markets almost every day, and so much more.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Theater Shows, Movie Screenings, Fundraisers, Soccer Cup, Film Fest, Kirtan Chanting, Harley Davidson Rally, Chili Cook-Off, Chacala Music Festival, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

News & Events from Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

On March 8th there will be a 10k run at 8:00 am starting at the PV sports complex. 50 pesos to enter. Proceeds go to the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter and Grupo Bennu, a not for profit helping women with breast cancer.

American Legion 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off Festival at El Rio BBQ

American Legion Post 14

Doors will open at 1:00 pm on March 14. Mariachis will perform from 12:30 to 2:00 then Mikki Prost, Murphy's Dave Whitty & Matt Cooke and finishing the entertainment with Nacho Daddy's Texas Embassy Blues Band.

What a Drag 2015 - Straight Men Standing Up Against Violence Against Women

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Come to Act II Entertainment on Wednesday March 18th at 7:00 pm for hand passed appetizers followed by the show at 8:00 pm all in support of Banderas Bay Women's Shelter.

News from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter and Current Needs

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

The shelter is now open and offering its services to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Banderas Bay Women's Shelter is one of very few shelters in the country and the only shelter in Nayarit.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


A lot is going on around Banderas Bay this week including Theater Shows, Movie Screenings, Fundraisers, Charity Bingo, Waterside Art Show, Luna Rumba, Magic of Love by PV Men's Chorus, Farmers Markets every day, and so much more.

New Beginnings Benefit in Bucerias for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter


Please help make a difference, join us Feb 6th at Luna Lounge in Bucerias for great food, music, dancing, prizes and more than anything, "giving the opportunity for a woman and her children to breathe easier."

Latest Charity News from His Will, His Way Ministries in Puerto Vallarta

His Will, His Way Ministries

We are now providing $400 of milk and $150 to $200 of prescription drugs for the children each month at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz Orphanage. We can't thank you enough for your continued support of these basic needs for the children.

Domestic Violence Siminars in PV by Highland Park Sister Cities Foundation

Chicago Tribune

Domestic violence was chosen as the topic of discussion as it is of major concern worldwide. The goal of the discussions was to bring this important topic out of the shadows and into the light and to discuss ways in which we can combat the cycle of abuse.

'New Beginnings' Fundraiser for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Needs Raffle Donations

Compassion for the Family

The event is being called New Beginnings. All monies raised will go directly to Compassion for the Family, the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter for abused women and their families.

'Wish List' for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter, the only shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence in Puerto Vallarta, southern Jalisco and the state of Nayarit is asking for donations of items or cash to purchase the items.

Wish List for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

We need to start asking for donations of clothing, bedding and towels for the shelter. If you are so inclined, we also are in need of lots of furniture, most importantly beds and mattresses.

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Construction Update

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter with your time, finances and prayers. We remain optimistic that the shelter will be completed near the end of this year.

His Will, His Way Ministries Makes a Difference in Banderas Bay

His Will His Way Ministries

Read about all the wonderful work Dennis & Faye Janson are doing in our community along with all the incredible volunteers in changing lives around Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

2nd Annual Chili Cook Off Sponsored by American Legion and Navy League

American Legion Post 14

Join us on March 29 at El Rio BBQ in Puerto Vallarta for an all you can eat chili, entertainment and help us judge over 15 recipes from local restaurants and individuals while supporting our local non-profit organizations.

Fast Eddie Hosts a Texas Size Barbecue Benefitting Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Compassion for the Family

The Texas Embassy Blues Band joins karaoke with the BBQ dinner, welcome margarita, jello shots, drink specials and silent auction for an afternoon of great food, fun and laughs on January 26. Proceeds support ongoing construction at the Women's Shelter.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week. The Rainbow Warror is in town, learn about vertical gardens, attend the Open House at IFC, tour PuRR, don't miss the Sayulita Fest or Alberto Mejia at the Palm, and more.

With Your Help, Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Can Be Completed in 2014

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Please help us to finish the Shelter. Together as a community we can complete the shelter and start serving the women and children in our community who suffer domestic violence on a daily basis.

Looking for an End of the Year Tax Deduction? PV Women's Shelter Has the Solution

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Consider buying a window, or a door or finishing off a room in the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter. 100% of the donations that we receive go toward the construction of the Shelter.

Events Not to Miss This Week in Vallarta-Nayarit


Read about some of the many events happening in Vallarta-Nayarit this week including theater presentations, fundraisers, the Gourmet Festival, season opening parties and more.

'Fusion' Fundraiser to Continue Construction of Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Here's the event that you've been waiting for! Join us on November 23 for live music, great food, dancing, drinks and fashions all to benefit the continued construction of our Puerto Vallarta shelter for victims of domestic violence.

The Family Feud - Vallarta Edition at No Way Jose!

No Way Jose!

No Way Jose! Restaurant/Bar, award-winning Vallarta favorite, brings you another hilarious spin on a classic TV game show. Come see the Family Feud - Vallarta Edition on November 2!

Day of the Dead Charity Benefit at No Way Jose! Puerto Vallarta

No Way Jose

Check your social calendars for November 2 from 7:00 until 9:00 pm! It is time for yet another fun-filled charity event taking place at No Way Jose! benefiting Corazon de Nina PV and the Banderas Bay Womens Shelter.

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Announces Charity Golf Classic at Flamingos Golf

Please join us for the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Charity Golf Classic to benefit the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter on January 18, 2014. We will have a great day of golf at the beautiful Flamingos Golf in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

Jalisco Deputies Discuss Plans for Tackling the Problem of Child Abuse

The News

Jalisco Congressional Political Coordination Council President Clemente Castaneda Hoeflich said earlier this week that the state Congress will spend the rest of the year tackling the problem of child abuse.

Deja New Consignment Invites You to Clean Out Your Closets for Charity

Deja New Consignment

Planning your trip to Puerto Vallarta? It's so simple to support our local charities! Did you know you can neuter up to 20 animals with just one suitcase full of clothing donated to the account of the Colima FREE Spay & Neuter Clinic? That's right! It's that easy!

'The Newlywed Game' Fundraiser Takes You Back to the 70's at No Way Jose

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Come down to No Way Jose on July 31 and be a part of this hysterical evening, all for a great cause. All funds raised at this event will benefit Corazon de Nina Shelter for Girls and the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter.

A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit


Because of the overwhelming response from our local charities in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay about their needs for help and volunteers, we have put together a summary of how you can help.

Part 4: Vida Vacations Staff Volunteers at Banderas Bay Women's Shelter


Group four from the Vida Vacations Volunteers knew when they showed up that they would be in for a heavy labor day. They were building the 2nd floor so all of the 2000 blocks of concrete had to be carried up the stairs or on the pully system they had rigged up to get up to the 2nd floor.

Part 3: Vida Vacations Staff Volunteers at PuRR Project


Group three from the Vida Vacations Volunteers showed up with buckets of paint and all the equipment to upgrade the small grey brick buildings to a cheerful pink and blue. Everyone had a great time, and left covered in pink and blue paint.

Part 2: Vida Vacations Staff Volunteers at Senior Center


Group two from the Vida Vacations Volunteers teamed up with Amigos de Bucerias at the Tercera Edad Senior Facility with arms full of supplies, clothing, food, construction materials, new kitchen equipment and so much more.

Volunteers From Vida Vacations Change the World for Four Puerto Vallarta Charities


Wow! The phrase "what a difference a day makes" describes what the Vida Vacations staff accomplished on Monday, June 10, at four of our local charities around Puerto Vallarta. Here's the experience from Pasitos de Luz as the first of our four-part series.

Vida Vacations Staff To Provide Volunteers and Materials for Our Local Charities


The Vida Vacations group, the largest resort company in Mexico, has decided to give back to their community by supplying not only materials but also the manpower to spend a day doing much needed construction work, painting, and general repairs for the charity organizations of Banderas Bay.

Comedy Wedding 'No Ordinary Love' Supports Local Charities in Vallarta

GayPV Magazine

Romeo and Juliet, move aside! You too, Kate and William, Paris and Helena. The wedding event of the century is about to happen in Puerto Vallarta on April 27, best described as "crazier than a bag full of rats in a crystal meth lab."

Cash-In Your Closet for Charity at Deja New

PVM City Paper

One of Kathleen's most ingenuous ideas has been to invite area charities to open consignment accounts at Deja New in Puerto Vallarta. People can then bring in clothes and accessories to consign and the charity of their choice receives the proceeds.

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Spring Fundraiser

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Join us at the Paradise Community Center on Sunday, March 10, for three hours of fun (or more) beginning at 5:30 pm. Show your support for our abused women in Puerto Vallarta at the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Spring Fundraiser.

Donate to Banderas Bay Women's Shelter & Win Luxury Lodging

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Thanks to a generous donation from a friend of Banderas Bay Women's Shelter, we are able to offer a 7 day/6 night vacation in a luxurious 2 bedroom, 2 bath beachfront condo in the Bay View Grand in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Needs Your Help to Continue Building

Compassion for the Family

Our pleas for donated construction materials have fallen on deaf ears and the Mexican government so far has not seen the need to assist us financially. Unless we receive further financing we will have to suspend construction around the first of the month.

Fusion: A Fashion & Music Fundraiser for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Banderas Bay Womens Shelter

Models range in age and will present day and evening wear by Liverpool and the stunning pieces of jewelry of Diamonds International. The music of Jorge Acosta, Chris Kenney and Mariachis will enlighten the evening.

Upcoming Events at Paradise Community Center in Vallarta

Paradise Community Center

There is a full calendar of events just around the corner at our PCC including concerts, Domestic Violence presentation, Day of the Dead festivities, Spanish classes, Thanksgiving dinner, and the not-to-be-missed first annual Black Friday Bazaar.

Fall Cleaning: Our Local Banderas Bay Charities Count On It


Now that the weather is getting cooler, go through your closets, empty the storage building and clean out the garage. Everyone knows there are things you have stashed that you are never going to use. Pull it out and pass it on to someone that can do good with it.

Charity Golf Tournament Returns to Benefit the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Once again Freda Thompson and Robin Spenser will be hosting their annual International Charity Golf Tournament on November 16, 2012. The tournament will take place at the Vista Vallarta Club de Golf, Puerto Vallarta. All proceeds will benefit the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter.

Lobo Lui Kicks Off Winter Season With Charity Days

Lobo Lui's BBQ Shack is introducing Monday Charity Days this season, with 15% of all sales going to community groups supporting the people of Puerto Vallarta and surrounding communities.

Deja New Consignment Supports Local Charities

Deja New

We applaud the efforts of Kathleen, her staff and associates who have set up charity accounts to benefit our worthy causes here in Puerto Vallarta. We invite you to clean out your closet and help those less fortunate.

Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong to Lead Wellness Cruise


Want to spend a week on vacation with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong? Now you can, on a cruise to Mexico in March, 2013, with the seven-night trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

Banderas Bay Women's Shelter Fundraiser Exceeds its Goal

PV Mirror

Through your generous giving, we reached our goal of 50,000 pesos! A big thanks to our wonderful hosts Julie and Jose, owners of No Way Jose in Puerto Vallarta. We love you. God is good!

Fundraiser for Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

Come celebrate our third year anniversary at No Way Jose and help finish the first floor for the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter (Compassion for the Family), to be completed this summer.

Compassion for the Family Fundraisers

Compassion for the Family

You do not want to miss the upcoming Las Vegas Night at La Piazzetta or the Fashion Show from Deja New and Cassandra Shaw Jewelry hosted at Casa Isabel.

Fashion Show to Benefit Shelter for Women

Deja New

Uncommon Grounds Lounge/Restaurant will host the Deja New Fashion show on Saturday, December 10. Proceeds will benefit the Banderas Bay Women Shelter, Compassion for the Family.

Norma Bastidas Overcame a Lifetime of Sexual Abuse to Beat a World Triathlon Record


The awe-inspiring, record-setting athlete opens up about turning nightmares into dreams and her hopes for the future of women.

Mexican Girls Fight Back Against Machismo with Boys’ Own Game: Football


Guadalupe Garcia Alvarez runs a football club for indigenousgirls and young women, using the sport to empower them in a country where machismo runs deep and violence against women is rampant.

’Not One More’: Mexico Women Protest Violence in Skeletal Day of Dead March

Thomson Reuters

Wearing black clothing and skeletal face paint, dozens of women marched in downtown Mexico City to commemorate the growing number of women murdered and pressure the government to put an end to what they say is the rampant impunity fueling it.

It’s Not Just O’Reilly and Weinstein: Sexual Violence Is a ‘Global Pandemic’

The Conversation

Women’s rights are human rights, so sexual violence is everyone’s problem to solve. The fact is, societies with high rates of sexual violence are also more likely to be violent and unstable. Research shows that the best predictor of a state’s peacefulness is how well its women are treated.

Taxi Service Improves Female Safety in Mexico City

Al Jazeera English

In Mexico City, women regularly face threats and assaults when they use taxis. There has also been an increase in the number of murders of women by male drivers working for ride-hailing services. But one new taxi app is trying to improve safety by only hiring female drivers.

’Why So Much Hate?’ Slayings of Young Women Surge in Mexico’s Largest State

The Associated Press

The State of Mexico officially ranks second to the nation’s capital with 346 killings classified as femicides since 2011, according to government statistics.

On This International Day of the Girl, 20,000 Underage Girls Will Marry Illegally

The Guardian

New statistics show that in countries where there are laws restricting the practice, 7.5 million girls every year are married below the minimum age permitted, according to analysis by the World Bank and Save the Children.

Impunity and Machismo Drives the Growing Femicide Epidemic in Mexico

McGill International Review

The word “femicide” entered the Mexican vernacular in the 1990s where there was a wave of misogynistic violence in the border city of Juarez. Despite various governmental efforts and international attention, the femicide issue persists and it is bigger today than ever.

Join Celebrating the Power of Girls for Social Change

Global Fund for Women

For International Day of the Girl on October 11th, Global Fund for Women is celebrating girls as the unstoppable, resilient, and creative changemakers and leaders that they are by sharing girls’ stories, quotes, and images.

Is This Male-Only Feminism Panel in Mexico the Definition of Machismo?


Mexico’s largest university, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, is hosting a feminism conference this month. Yay, women! The two panels, consisting of 11 participants, are made up totally of men. Wait, huh?

#AlertaMujeresMX Campaign Is Raising Awareness Against Gender Violence

El Universal

Under the premise “no place in Mexico is safe if you’re a woman,” actresses and journalists have decided to alert society and promote safety, against what they deem the inaction of authorities.

Thousands Protest Violence Against Women in Mexico Cities After Teen’s Murder


Mexican women have staged a protest rally in the capital Mexico City, demanding justice in the case of a young woman who was kidnapped and murdered.

#MakeSubwaysSafe Campaign Aims to Solve Subway Sexism in Mexico City


The dictionary Larousse have started an ad campaign in an attempt to reduce the horrifying rate of sexual harassment cases on their metro system.

NGOs Urge Mexico’s Ministry of Interior Issue a Gender Alert in Mexico City

El Universal

Non-governmental organizations have demanded the Ministry of the Interior issue a Gender Alert in Mexico City. Boroughs with the highest number of registered femicides are Iztapalapa, Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauhtemoc, Tlalpan, and Coyoacan.

Nobel Laureate Malala Encourages Mexican Students to Use Social Media as Political Weapon


The 20-year-old activist warned of the danger of discrimination on social network and the media in her remarks on Thursday during a press conference at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico City.

’Cyber-Secure’ Women in Mexico Stand Up to Vicious Digital Attacks

PRI’s The World

While state-sponsored hacking grabs headlines, the Ciberseguras collective has found that women face online abuse on many fronts.

Female Activists Demand Stronger Action for Femicides in State of Mexico

The News

Activists want state officials to be held accountable for the increase in violence against women, which numbered at 15 in the first semester of 2017.

Government of Mexico City Makes Changes to Violence Against Women Law


In a decree that will come effect into this week, the Legislative Assembly redefined violence against women as any act of aggression exercised against a woman in the political or public sphere.

App Turns Mexico Women’s Phones Into Panic Buttons

Agence France-Presse

The Mexican city of Juarez has been dubbed “the capital of murdered women.” Hundreds of women have been raped, killed and dumped in the desert, or simply disappeared without a trace. Now the city is fighting back by launching an application that turns women’s cell phones into panic buttons.

Protestors in State of Mexico Demand Justice for Femicide Victims


Dozens of women gathered outside the Mexican attorney general’s office Tuesday to protest the spiraling the numbers of femicides in the State of Mexico.

’If You Touch One of Us, You Touch All of Us’: Creating a Safe Space for Women in Mexico City


In Mexico City, all is not calm. The women of Punto Gozadera, a lesbian feminist restaurant and cultural space, are raging. Six women are murdered in Mexico every day, and lesbian and transgender women say they are targets.

A Former Trafficking Victim Gets Her Life Back in Southern Mexico

PRI’s The World

In the last decade, Mexico has stepped up efforts to address the problem, busting traffickers and providing services for former victims. But post-trafficking, not everyone is able to move on with their lives. Mona is an exception.

WITNESS Supports People Across Latin America Using Video in the Fight for Justice


Latin America program coordinator, Laura Salas, shares examples of WITNESS working alongside communities across Latin America who are using video to fight for justice and accountability.

One Woman Is Behind the Most Up-to-Date Interactive Map of Femicides in Mexico

Global Voices

The interactive Femicides in Mexico Map, the most comprehensive and up-to-date of its kind in the country, is a citizen-led, civic, independent initiative which has been mapping cases of femicide since 2016. So far, it has recorded 2,355 cases.

Growing Number of Women Are Crossing Mexico’s Southern Borders to Escape Violence

The Guardian

More Central American women are fleeing their homes, crossing borders to escape domestic violence in the region with the most female murders in the world.

Feminist Group Is Using Social Media to Push Back Against Gender Bias

CGTN America

A feminist group in Mexico City is using social media to push against gender bias online. Known as the Luchadoras or “the fighters,” the group looks for gender equality and fair treatment on the internet and streets for women.

These Luchadoras Are Creating an Army to Take on Misogyny in Mexico

The Debrief

The name Luchadoras means ‘female fighters’ and they’re taking on sexual harassment and violence in a country where it’s thought six women are killed every day.

Students at Mexico’s Largest University Use a Virtual Campaign to Fight Real-World Sexism

Americas Quarterly

While Mexico has the second-longest sentence for femicides in Latin America, very few crimes are prosecuted as such. Social media can help change this by bringing broader public pressure to bear on local officials to enforce existing laws.

Sex Trafficking, Child Marriages Linked, Researchers in Mexico Find

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Girls being trafficked for sex in northern Mexico often have been forced into exploitation as under-age child brides by their husbands, a new study shows.

Overwhelming Majority of Women Experience Some Form of Harassment in Their Daily Journeys

UN News Centre

Studies show that a large majority of women worldwide have been victims of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence in public spaces; in Mexico City, a recent national survey found that nearly 90 per cent of women feel unsafe on buses and on the subway.

A Lost Generation of Young Mexican Girls Robbed of Innocence and Education

The Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of young girls across Mexico are being driven into relationships and marriages with older men, denying them a childhood and an education, new research reveals.

Where Widespread Machismo Is Entrenched, Mexico's Focus Moves to the Trenches

The New York Times

Machismo has long been widespread in Mexican society. Male entitlement - reflected in telenovelas, movies, work settings, families and romantic relationships- has been tolerated, even celebrated. But times are changing for the Mexican macho man.

CDMX Tackles Sexual Harassment By Letting Men Experience It First Hand


UN Women and the Mexican government are trying to fight the problem with a campaign called #NoEsDeHombres that seeks to make men feel objectified, ostensibly so that they suddenly understand what it’s like to be harassed and never to do it to another woman again.

In Mexico State Femicide Crisis, 4 Women Shot Dead for Refusing Photo

teleSUR English

In Mexico, the largest number of victims of femicide comes from Mexico state, where President Pena Nieto previously served as governor.

#NoEsDeHombres: Mexico City Campaign Against Sexual Harrassment Goes Viral


Mexico City’s video campaign against sexual harassment has gone viral, getting over 20 million plays online in less than two weeks, UN Women Mexico announced on Wednesday.

Mexican Judge Clears Man of Schoolgirl Sexual Assault Because He Didn't Enjoy It


One of the wealthy young men accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old-girl in Mexico’s high-profile "Los Porkys" case has been acquitted by a judge because the assault was not done with "lascivious intent."

Street Harassment Is a Public Health Problem: The Case of Mexico City

The Conversation

According to a multi-country poll by YouGov, Mexico City ranks first among 16 international cities surveyed for physical and verbal harassment on public transportation.

How I Hunted My Sex-Assault Suspect Online and on the Streets of Mexico

The Daily Beast

The author was looking for justice after being sexually assaulted. What she found was a poisonous combination of machismo and the madness of social media.

Thousands of Women Rally for Safety, Rights Across Latin America

Agence France-Presse

Thousands of women in Latin America took to the streets Wednesday to demand an end to sexual harassment and violence, in a region where crime against women is rife and often steeped in traditional culture.

Rockers Cafe Tacvba Refuse to Play Hit Song to Protest Gender Violence


Given the recent spotlight on femicide in Latin America, the band has decided to stop playing "La Ingrata," a song that ends with the murder of a woman.

Cooperation Is the Only Way to One Day Vanquish the Repulsive Reality of Human Trafficking

Orlando Sentinel

Human trafficking is a transnational crime - one that requires neighboring countries to work together to combat this scourge. Cooperation among police, the courts and citizens at large is the only way to one day vanquish the repulsive reality of human trafficking.

Femicide Sparks Radical Art Protests in Mexico City

teleSUR English

Six women are killed each day in Mexico but only a quarter of the cases are investigated. And authorities and the media labeling femicide as 'an act of passion' doesn't really help.

United Nations: 'World Must Implement Pledges on Women's Human Rights'

IPS World Desk

“Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work” will provide concrete, practical and action-oriented recommendations that will cover significant new ground, on overcoming structural barriers to gender equality, a senior United Nations official stressed.

After Success of Women's March, One Question Remains: What's Next?

The New York Times

More than a million people who turned out on Saturday for women’s marches in what was an extraordinary display of dissent against the Trump presidency. A critical question remains: What happens now?

From Athens to Zihuatanejo, a Global Show of Unity for Women's Rights

More than one million people are expected to attend women's marches around the world on Saturday to demonstrate against sexism and sexual violence and call for women's rights following the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Mexican Sex Nightmare Traps More Women Fleeing Central America for U.S. Dream

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Rights groups estimate 30,000 migrants, mostly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, are working in bars in shopping streets and red light districts in the bustling city near the Guatemala border that has become a trafficking hotspot.

Women Fall Victim to Violence in Mexico's Decade-Old War on Drugs

Thomson Reuters Foundation

The death toll for women has been particularly high in the key battlegrounds of Jalisco, Guerrero and Mexico states.

CNDH, UNAM Sign Accord to Eradicate Violence Against Women in Mexico

Prensa Latina

The National Human Rights Commission and the Gender Studies Program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico have signed an agreement to contribute to the eradication of all violence against women.

Immigrant Women Fleeing Domestic Violence Find Help, Hope at Borderland Shelter

Cronkite News

Ana Leon is building a new life with her five children, far from the violence she experienced at the hands of their father. Leon found a safe place at De Colores, a shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by Chicanos por La Causa, a non-profit group that helps Latino families.

Breaking Mexico's Human Rights Bubble for Everyone to Understand


Olga Guzman believes that furthering cooperation between groups, creating more coalitions, sharing ideas and innovating, the human rights movement will also speed up the democratization of the human rights challenges affecting us all.

Fighting Horrors of Human Trafficking with Technology


Technology, like most things, is never wholly bad or wholly good. Though it takes a lot of criticism for helping to facilitate human trafficking, it is also leading a variety ways to help fight the practice.

Human Trafficking Survivor on Mission to Help Other Victims Fight Modern-Day Slavery


Karla Jacinto, a former victim of sexual abuse and human trafficking in Mexico is not just surviving, she's thriving - as a human rights activist who speaks against modern-day slavery.

Why We Should No Longer Consider Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris 'a Classic'

The Conversation

According to numerous acquaintances, the experience of shooting Last Tango in Paris haunted Maria Schneider for life. While it advanced both Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci’s careers, earning them Oscar nominations, it left Schneider’s in shambles.

Activism Against Gender-Based Violence: Femicide in Mexico and Guatemala


Legal reforms in Mexico and Guatemala have recognized femicide but this has, so far, made little if any difference. Both countries still need to ensure that the perpetrators are detected and prosecuted.

UN Women Program Promotes Safe Public Spaces for Women and Girls in Mexico City

UN Women

In Mexico City, nine in ten women have experienced violence in public transport. Through the “Mexico City Safe City and Safe Public Spaces for women and girls” program, UN Women is promoting women’s safety, including through women-only buses.

Viva Graffiti: Women in Mexico Are Protesting Violence and Discrimination - Creatively

The Progressive

Scores of images are appearing on the walls of Chiapas' San Cristobal as women push back against endemic violence - not with their fists but with graffiti.

Refugees Are in Urgent Need of Protection from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Amnesty International

There is an urgent need for governments around the world to provide better protection for women and girls, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex refugees, who face appalling levels of sexual and gender based violence at every stage of their journeys.

'Las Morras': Mexican Women Lay Bare the Country's Violent Macho Culture


Armed with skirts, social media and a hidden camera, a group of women have taken to the streets of Mexico City to expose the misogyny inherent in Mexican society.

Julia Muriel Dominzain: How Is Gender-Based Violence in Latin America Measured?

CIP Americas

In this article, the Americas Program analyzes the data that only partially shed light on the true dimensions of the problem on the continent.

25,000 Children Suffer from Sex Abuse Annually in Mexico: NGO Guardianes

The Yucatan Times

The “National Day against Sexual Child Abuse” forum took place this weekend in the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, in Mexico City, with the aim of bringing social awareness to this type of child abuse.

Three Women Victims of Sexual Torture Freed After Five Years in Prison

The Fulano Forum

The First District Federal Penal Judge in Veracruz ordered the release of three residents of Veracruz who survived sexual torture during five years in prison under an unjust criminal process based on false evidence.

Joint Investigation Leads to Arrest of 6 in US, Mexico in Sex Trafficking Scheme

American Security Today

Special agents in New York and the Mexican Federal Police in Mexico arrested six people in late October, for sex trafficking-related charges.

Ni Una Menos: Latin American Women Stand Together Against Sexual Violence

Liberation News

#Niunamenos continues to spread like wildfire throughout Latin America. Women in Mexico organized protests against the many forms of gender violence: street harassment, domestic abuse, rape and femicides. Women in Brazil and Argentina marched at rallies held simultaneously.

A21 Supporters March Against Human Trafficking in Mexico City

El Universal

With mouths covered with black tape in the form of a cross, the participants demanded the abolition of human trafficking and sexual slavery around the world.

Trump's Latest Comments About Women Are Rape Culture in a Nutshell

The Huffington Post

In Trump’s world, women are objects - objects that only hold a value based on how physically attractive he personally finds them to be. And if women are objects, rather than whole human beings, it follows that Trump must deserve them. Women are things. This is what rape culture looks like.

Man Ordered to Buy Beer for Dad of Indigenous Girl He Allegedly Raped


A 55-year-old former pastor in Mexico was accused of sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. His punishment? He had to buy her father two crates of beer.

Mexico to be Judged by Rights Commission Over Rape of Women in Atenco


As the Mexican state failed to follow the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission, the bloc's court has confirmed it will now examine the sexual assault of 11 women by police officers which occurred in the State of Mexico a decade ago.

Sex Traffickers Sold Women in Mexico City Bar for a Three-Drink Minimum, Police Say

Agencia EFE

Mexican authorities rescued 51 women from traffickers and arrested seven people, the capital district attorney's office said Monday.

This Newspaper Turned Its Front and Back Pages Into an Anti-Violence Protest Sign


To show its support ahead of an upcoming protest in Peru, Grupo el Comercio-owned newspaper Peru 21, one of the most popular papers in the country, tossed its cover pages into the ring.

Sex Trafficking Victims Forced to Work in Illicit Cantinas, Claims Polaris Study

Thomson Reuters Foundation

More than 1,000 women and girls have been apparent victims of sex trafficking in illicit bars in the US that operate largely beyond the reach of law enforcement, according to the anti-slavery group Polaris.

Free from Chains: Mexico's Slavery Survivors Defy Stigma on Road to Recovery

Reuters Foundation

Nearly 380,000 people are trapped in modern slavery in Mexico, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index by rights group Walk Free Foundation.

Gender-Based Violence, Misogyny and a Global Hypocrisy That Fuels It


An estimated 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual partner violence or sexual violence by a non-partner at some point in their lives.

Bullying a Problem for a Majority of Young People: U.N.


On International Youth Day, a new poll highlights prevalence of bullying and its devastating impact on young people.

Not a Suicide: Mexico Murder Case Challenges Views of Gender Violence

The Christian Science Monitor

Six years after Mariana Lima’s brutal death, the case was reinvestigated, one of several small but significant shifts in a country roiled by gender-based violence.

60 Percent of Women Migrating Through Mexico Are Raped Somewhere Along the Way

Drug Wars

Central Americans migrating through Mexico face a harrowing gauntlet from cartels including mistreatment and trafficking for profit.

Teenage Rape Victim Denied Abortion in Sonora After Judge Rules Attack Was 'Consensual'

The Telegraph

A 13-year-old rape victim from northern Mexico has been denied her legal right to an abortion after a judge ruled that the sex was consensual.

The Fight Club: A Boom in Mexican Women Learning Self-Defense

France 24 English

In this edition, France 24 reports on how self-defense classes are becoming necessary in Mexico as the rate of femicide continues to rise.

New Smart Jewelry Under Development in Mexico Improves Women's Safety


Pepper spray and stun guns are not the only tools women can use to protect themselves from violence. Another more sparkling option, a panic button designed as jewelry, is under development in Mexico.

Emergency Measures Haven't Slowed Rising Violence Against Women in Mexico State


Years of pressure from activists and victims over rampant gender-related violence in Mexico State eventually led the government to declare an official "gender alert" in July 2015. One year on, things look even worse.

Mexico Attends International Training Against Human Trafficking in Costa Rica

International Organization for Migration

IOM has trained a group of 35 Mesoamerican counter trafficking specialists as trainers for its Virtual Course on Trafficking in Persons developed for the region.

Mexican Singer Accused of Praising Crime Apologizes to Women for Music Video

Agencia EFE

Mexican recording artist Gerardo Ortiz apologized to "all women" who may have been offended by the controversial music video for his song "Fuiste mia", in which a drug lord played by the singer is seen killing his girlfriend and her lover after finding out she had been unfaithful.

Mexico Faces a Tough Test to End Torture of Women by Police and Military

Amnesty International

Amnesty International visited the only federal prison for women in Mexico to conduct interviews for this report; and the appalling stories of abuse just kept coming.

Tattoo Helps Sex Trafficking Victim Begin to Find Herself, Freedom Again


A Salt Lake City woman who was allegedly kidnapped, beaten, sexually assaulted, had her head shaved and was forced to get a tattoo said she finally feels somewhat whole again. That's because her tattoo which read, "Property of Matt D. Lyon" is finally covered up.

World Population Day - LatAm Development Depends on Investing in Teenage Girls

Inter Press Service

Investing in education for teenage girls in Latin America is regarded as the way forward for them to become future drivers of sustainable develpment in their societies.

Study Finds Un-Reported Human Trafficking Wide-Spread in Mexico

The News

The most common methods that human traffickers use to ensnare their victims are promising jobs in Mexico or foreign countries and engaging their victims in romantic relationships

Whistles Distributed in Mexico City's Metro in Hopes of Curbing Sexual Harassment

Agencia EFE

The Mexico City government on Tuesday began distributing at local metro stations whistles aimed at halting the harassment of women on public transportation.

To Date, Authorities Have Declared a Gender Alert in 41 Municipalities

Mexico News Daily

Of Mexico’s 57.48 million women, 8.23 million live in one of the 41 municipalities where a gender alert, a mechanism intended to combat violence against women through several protocols, remains active.

More Women Taking to the Streets to Fight Back Against Mexican Machismo

BBC News

It's a very undesirable distinction, but Mexico ranks among the worst 20 countries in the world for violence against women. On average six women die a violent death in the country every day. But there has been a growing backlash against that treatment.

How One Data Team Uncovered the Story of Over 4,000 Missing Mexican Women

Online Journalism Blog

Mexican newspaper El Universal has put a face to the 4,534 women who have gone missing in Mexico City and the State of Mexico over the last decade.

Migrant Women Confront and Resist Sexual Assault on Journey Through Mexico

Global Voices

To reach the United States, many Central American women migrants cross Mexico, where feminicide and the disappearance of women have reached alarmingly high levels.

Tecate Mexican Beer Brand Launches Ad Campaign Against Violence

The Associated Press

Their campaign, “A Mexico without violence against women,” comes at a time when Mexico has seen a rise in reports of violent crimes against women, giving birth to a wave of activism.

She Escaped Sexual Exploitation in Mexico and Is Now Working to Help Other Victims

Rome Reports

It has been four years since Madai Morales was taken from her home in Veracruz, Mexico. Today, she is attending the Summit of judges on human trafficking and organized crime that takes place at the Vatican.

Young Mexican Woman Endures Five Years of Slavery, Chains, and Starvation


She’s 23 years old, but her petite frame makes her look like a teenager. Her bright eyes and friendly smile can easily hide the horrors she has lived, unimaginable physical and mental abuse that almost took her life.

#ElPitoDeMancera: Mexico City Mayor Offers Whistles to Sexual Assault Victims


With Mexico's murder rate soaring and women in Mexico City increasingly complaining about sexual violence, a suggestion from a local head of government that women use whistles to stay safe is being pointed to as the latest sign that Mexican officials are not taking the nation's crime problem seriously.

Man on Fire: A Former Federal Agent Puts the Breaks on Global Child Trafficking

Human trafficking generates $32 billion a year off the backs of more than 27 million people - and nearly two million of them are children. Former CIA and Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard is on a global crusade to save each and every child, and bankrupt the entire trafficking system.

Campaign Says 'We Won't Shut Up' About Mexico's Sexual Violence Against Women

teleSUR English

Three Mexican women have organized a campaign against sexual violence in Mexico called "Don't Shut Up."

A Human Trafficking Survivor Runs from Mexico City Poverty to World Triathlon Record

Badar TV360

The fact that Norma Bastidas broke the record for the worlds longest triathlon is impressive on its own. However, her success becomes all the more awe-inspiring when you learn about the unlikely path the 49-year-old traveled to accomplish the feat.

Las Morras: Mexican Women Behind Viral Video on Sexual Harassment Get Threats

Agencia EFE

Four young Mexican women who reignited debate about women’s rights with a video cataloguing instances of flagrant sexual harassment on the streets of this capital say they have received death threats.

Women in Mexico City Are Fighting Back Against Rampant Public Sexual Harassment


A new special anti-groping force on the subway was announced after thousands of women took to the streets in April to demand an end to gendered violence of all kinds.

United Nations Advisor Adriana Quinones on Violence Against Women in Mexico

CCTV America

CCTV America's Mike Walter spoke to Adriana Quinones. She's an advisor to U.N. Women, with a particular focus on the Americas and Caribbean.

Sexual Abuse in Mexico: 'If You Touch One, We Organize Thousands'

Animal Político

Thousands of women took to the streets this past Sunday to speak out against sexual abuse they have endured for years. These are some of their stories.

Thousands of Mexican Women Are Talking About Sexual Harassment for the First Time


A Twitter campaign is offering an unprecedented view of sexual harassment of women in Mexico. It’s systematic, indiscriminate, and sickening.

In Some Mexican States, Property Damage Punished More Harshly Than Crimes Against Women

Mexico News Daily

Gender equality has become the buzzword du jour in political discourse, but it is still a distant goal when the mishmash of Mexico’s federal and state laws is taken into consideration.

Do Mexico's Gender Alerts Do Anything to Reduce Violence Against Women?

El Daily Post

Mexican states can declare so-called gender alerts to implement enhanced protection and investigation efforts when violence against women and girls, especially femicide, reaches crisis proportions. Sounds like a good idea, but there are questions.

'Don't Stay Silent!' Says Mexican Media Campaign Against Sexual Abuse


A group of women in Mexico have launched a new online campaign that has taken off on social media, urging women who have been victim of any kind of sexual assault to not stay silent and report the crime.

Mexico's Crisis of Enforced Disappearances Hits Jalisco Women Hard


A gender crisis that sees four women forcibly disappeared every month in the western Mexican state of Jalisco has prompted authorities to launch a new initiative to immediately begin searching for missing women and girls in the state.

Facing Violence, Mexican Women Learn to Fight Back

Agence France-Presse

A growing number of women and teenage girls are taking self-defense classes at several training centers in Ecatepec, a crime-ridden city of 1.6 million where killings of women have surged in recent years.

Mexico Hopes to Counter Violence Against Women with Gender Alerts

Global Voices

Violence against women is rampant in Mexico, with experts and activists pointing to antiquated gender norms and insufficient government solutions as some of the reasons why the problem persists.

How a Visit to a Hair Salon Changed a Prostitute's Life in Mexico City


Esperanza Escobar, 53, had been a sex worker in Mexico City for over two decades and finally found help, by visiting a hair salon.

Mexico's Federal Heath Ministry Eases Abortion Rules for Rape Survivors


Survivors of rape will no longer be required to obtain a judge's consent before terminating a pregnancy.

'The Other Invisible Victims': Study Reveals Sexual Violence Up in Mexico

Latin Correspondent

A study completed by the Executive Victims Attention Commission has revealed that around 600,000 sexual violence cases were reported between 2010 and 2015. That’s around 1,345 cases per day.

Mexican Journalist Targeted by Trolls After Posting Footage of 'Sexual Assault'


The internet is terrible to women. Intellectually, we all know this to be true. Yet sometimes, it's still tough to fathom - particularly if the woman in question is a sexual assault survivor who posted surveillance footage of her assault on Twitter.

Mexico Women Fight Harassment with Song & Confetti

Media with Conscience

Group takes novel approach in country where distrust of police makes it difficult to get victims to report harassment.

Lady Gaga Inspires Abuse Survivors to Come Forward


Lady Gaga invited dozens of survivors of sexual abuse to stand in solidarity onstage with her at the Oscars on Sunday night, in an emotional performance of "Til It Happens to You."

Rape in Mexico: Only 2 Out of 10 Aggressors Legally Punished, Statistics Show

Latin Times

According to reports published by the United Nations, statistics show that women between the ages of 15 and 44 have more probabilities of being raped in the privacy of their own home, than suffering from cancer or malaria, and even being in a car accident.

Police Arrest 6, Rescue 22 Women Being Sexually Exploited in Mexico City

Agencia EFE

Federal District Attorney's Office agents arrested six suspects and rescued 22 women who were being sexually exploited in the Mexico City borough of Xochimilco.

These Women Are Going Topless for the Super Bowl to Tackle Domestic Violence


Creators of this 30-second clip hope its cheeky concept will draw viewers to an issue they say the National Football League has long overlooked: domestic violence.

Domestic Abuse Towards Men on Rise in Mexico City


From January 2014 to November 2015, 6,503 complaints were filed from men who claimed to have suffered psychological and physical abuse at the hands of a wife, partner or other female relative.

Activist Lydia Cacho Is Standing Up for Mexico's Victims of Sexual Abuse


In Mexico, investigative journalists are often murdered, and the level of femicide has been described as a pandemic. In this dangerous environment, Lydia Cacho, stands out for her clarity, and her sureness of purpose in exposing sexual abuse against women and children.

How Exposure to Acts of Violence Affects the Mental Health of Children in Mexico

Tech Times

A new study in the United States explained that exposure to acts of violence and terror negatively affects the mental health of children, making them more likely to have greater levels of emotional and behavioral problems.

The '#DecimosNoMas' (We Say No More) Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Al Dia News

Domestic violence in Latin America and the Caribbean affects millions of women, and in many countries its hard to police the problem. Research suggests it's also a problem among Latino families in North America as well.

Rape Survivor Completes Hike from Mexico to Canada

Inside Edition

A rape survivor has hiked from Mexico to Canada to reclaim her body. Aspen Matis, 25, completed the 2,600 mile trek along the Pacific Crest Trail - becoming one of less than 3,000 people to have ever done so.

Mexico Steps Up #ViolenceAgainstWomen Awareness During #16Days of Activism

CIP Americas Program

The defensoras, or women human rights defenders, embody courage every moment as systematic violence has broadened its target toward them as a way to disempower women activists, weaken movements for social change, and maintain the patriarchal, militarized Mexican State.

Fighting Human Trafficking in a Mexican Town Built on Sexual Exploitation


Combating violence against women, promoting gender equity alongside safe migration, and access to economic opportunity are all important elements of fighting the root causes of human trafficking in Mexico.

#16Days: Honoring Women on International Human Rights Defenders Day


November 29th is a day of recognition for women human rights defenders, and it is a day to commemorate activism, advocacy and courageous acts of resistance.

The Elders: International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Elders

Jimmy Carter: “It’s the worst and most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on Earth”. How much do you know about violence against women? Test yourself.

Mexico Seeks to Prevent Rising Teenage Pregnancy

CCTV America

WHO has found that among 15 to 19-year-olds, pregnancy and complications from childbirth are the second leading cause of death. In Mexico, the government is tackling how to prevent teenage pregnancy where it ranks among the world's highest.

In a Mexican Town That 'Raises Pimps,' Human Trafficking Activists Vow to Fight


A young girl, subjected to the horrors of sex trafficking at just 12 years old, shared her harrowing account of struggle and survival.

Amnesty International Mexico Launches Campaign to Combat Violence Against Women

La Jornada

Amnesty International called on the Mexican government to adopt effective measures to prevent violence against women and ensure that cases of femicide are investigated as such, with due diligence and without giving way to impunity.

Why Are So Many Women Being Killed on the Outskirts of Mexico City?


In the outskirts of Mexico City, the problem today is worse than what happened two decades ago in Ciudad Juarez, but somehow the attacks aren’t attracting much attention or becoming an important part of the international debate about Mexico’s current state of affairs.

Inside the 'Pure Hell' of Honduras's Rising Tide of Domestic Violence

PBS NewsHour

In Honduras, poverty, gang violence and corruption are fueling a domestic-violence epidemic in the Central American country where on average, a woman is murdered every 13 hours.

Hope Amid the Horror for the Underage Girls of Mexico's Burgeoning Sex Trade

A study in Mexico found that one in four sex workers in Tijuana and Juarez say they were forced into the sex trade as minors - under age 18 - and one in eight say they were 15 or younger.

Murders in Mexico City Put Defenders of Women's Rights on High Alert

The Guardian

Nadia Vera’s murder highlights the danger facing female activists in Mexico and the extent to which those guilty of crimes against them are acting with impunity.

Mexico's High Rate of Violence Against Women Prompts Gender Alerts

CCTV America

The State of Mexico and the central state of Morelos have declared gender alerts because of the high rate of violent acts against women.

Human Trafficking Is a Privilege That the US and Mexico Can No Longer Afford

The Huffington Post

The reality of hundreds of thousands of men and women - victims of human trafficking - has become the ugly story that no one likes to hear, not when this activity promises to rise alarmingly in the following years as drug cartels continue to gain power and impunity in Mexico.

First Emergency Alert Declared in State of Mexico in Response to Gender-Based Violence


For the first time ever, the Interior Ministry has declared a "gender alert" for 11 municipalities in the central State of Mexico in response to more than 1,500 femicides.

Mexican State Gives Historic Sentence to Five Men Over Femicide Charges


Five men in northern Mexico were sentenced to an unprecedented 697 years in prison for the gender-driven killing of 11 women, in a state where hundreds of young women have been murdered since 1990.

Women in Mexico Are Starting a Movement and Protesting Domestic Violence


On Monday, dozens of mexicanas lay still, appearing lifeless, in front of Mexico's Interior Ministry. The women's poignant display was done in an effort to draw attention to violence against women in the Mexican state.

Women in Mexico State Continue to Press Demands to End Gender Based Violence

teleSUR English

Women in Mexico State continue to demand the implementation of a widespread gender alert due to the staggering level of gender based violence recorded in the region.

Human Trafficking Survivor from Tenancingo Finds Hope in Mexico City

Deseret News

Activists estimate hundreds of thousands of women in Mexico, including young girls, are coerced or forced into sex work, though the secretive nature of the trade makes it impossible to know the exact numbers.

Gender Alert: Violence Against Women Prompts Rising Concern in Mexico

CCTV America

Over the past few years, hundreds of women have disappeared and been murdered in the state of Mexico. It's raised questions about how police and the Mexican government are dealing with the crisis.

Governor Requests 'Gender Alert' in Mexican State Suffering Wave of Women Killings


The governor of the state in Mexico suffering a wave of women killings has requested a "gender alert" for 11 municipalities where unknown figures of women and girls have been killed or kidnapped in recent years.

Heart of Darkness: The Growing Danger to Women and Girls in Central Mexico

Agence France-Presse

Many women live in fear in central Mexico, due to a high number of female murders and disappearances. It's a situation that gets worse because of the high levels of impunity.

Jimmy Carter: Why I Believe the Mistreatment of Women Is the Number One Human Rights Abuse

TEDWomen 2015

With his signature resolve, former US president Jimmy Carter dives into three unexpected reasons why the mistreatment of women and girls continues in so many manifestations in so many parts of the world, both developed and developing.

Women Fight Back Against Sexual Harassment on Latin American Streets


On the bus, in the subway, on the street - sexual harassment, both verbal and physical, is an inescapable fact of life for many Latin American women.

Part 3 of VICE Series: 'The Murdered Women of the State of Mexico'


In the final episode, VICE News follows the Buendia family to the Supreme Court, where they hope to gain new answers from Mexican authorities after years of denial about their daughter's fate.

Not One Less: Battle Cry of #NiUnaMenos Echoes Through Latin America

The Huffington Post

There's a prominent movement happening right now based out of Argentina, where radio journalist Marcela Ojeda, fed up with the number of femicide stories landing on her desk, organized a call to arms. She tweeted "They're killing us," with a hashtag: #NiUnaMenos - not one less.

Part 2 of VICE Series: 'The Murdered Women of the State of Mexico'


In episode two of the three-part series, VICE News met with journalists and forensic experts to learn why the Mexican government continues to ignore the wave of gender-specific murders.

Part 1 of VICE Series: 'The Murdered Women of the State of Mexico'


In the first of three parts, a mother explains why she and her husband believe their daughter was murdered by her own husband - a police investigator for the State of Mexico - despite authorities having ruled her death a suicide.

Patricia Leidl on Latin America's Uneven Response to Growing Violence Against Women

World Politics Review

Patricia Leidl, a Vancouver-based international communications adviser, discusses government responses to crime against women across Latin America.

Global Journalist: There's an 'Epidemic of Violence' Against Women in Mexico

Global Journalist

According to Mexico's National Citizen Femicide Observatory, six women are killed every day in the country. On this episode of Global Journalist, we look at what's being called an "epidemic of violence."

She Killed Her Rapist, and Now She's Running for Political Office in Mexico City


Yakiri Rubio says she hopes to make an impact on women's rights in Mexico, and to push a clear self-defense law so that women under attack from male aggressors can be protected from persecution - so that what happened to her does not happen to others.

12 States Approve the General Law for the Rights of Children and Adolescents

The News

The project seeks to broaden cooperation and coordination between federal authorities, the Family Development Agency and states for the protection and restoration of children’s and adolescent’s rights.

#NiUnaMenos: Campaign Against Femicides Picks Up Steam in Latin America

Argentinians are gearing up for a march to draw attention to violence against women following the murder of a pregnant 14-year-old girl that galvanized widespread outrage.

Murdering Mexican Women with Impunity: Domestic Violence in the Patriarchal Society Rages on

Al Jazeera

Life can be tough and bitterly unfair for women in Mexico with one killed every four hours and only a small proportion of those responsible ever being convicted.

A Painful Reality: Many Mexican Females Suffer Discrimination and Violence

The News

Since the National Action Party (PAN) government declared war on organized crime in 2006, violence has changed into a characteristic of various states. Woman and girls are most affected in states where violence is considered part of everyday life.

A Heartbreaking Story of a Woman Enslaved in Mexico

Global Voices

She calls herself Zunduri, “beautiful girl”, in Japanese. She's a 22-year-old woman, but looks like a girl not older than 15. Her case has shocked Mexico and every person who comes across her story.

#ParedesVsCensura: Painting Mexico City's Walls About Violence Against Women


Muralist Alejandra Rodriguez tells AJ+ how her work in Mexico City is drawing attention to women's rights. It's part of Amnesty International's #WallsVsCensorship campaign.

One of Mexico's Most Wanted Human Traffickers Is Captured in Tenancingo

El Universal

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Mexican Federal Police announced the capture of one of the top 10 most wanted sex traffickers. He was arrested on March 31 in Tenancingo, Mexico.

World Vision Campaign Seeks Sponsors for Mexican Boys and Girls on Children's Day

The News

This April 30, World Vision wants to offer more children the opportunity for a secure and happy environment for their development. Through the campaign, “Patrocina Una Historia 2015,” the organization is seeking 8,000 new sponsors for Mexican boys and girls.

'Corredores con Valor' Are Running for Pesos in Fight Against Human Slavery

CCTV America

Human trafficking is known as the slavery of the 21st century, especially with women and children forced into prostitution and labor. In Mexico, an amateur runner found a very special way to address this issue.

The 'Invisible' Victims of Edomex, Mexico's Most Dangerous Place to be Female

The Guardian

A staggering 1,258 girls and women were reported disappeared in Edomex in 2011 and 2012 – of whom 53% were aged between 10 and 17, according to figures obtained by the National Citizens Observatory on Femicides.

Government Agrees Violence Against Women One of Mexico's Biggest Challenges

Mexico News Daily

Following reports highlighting widespread insecurity and violence against low-income and indigenous women, the federal government’s response was sobering: violence against women, it said, is one of the biggest challenges faced by the current administration.

Voluntourism: Spring Break Can Be a Time to Give

Mother Nature Network

More and more young people are passing up the revelry and choosing a different type of spring break experience. A style of travel known as voluntourism has become an exciting alternative for more young travelers - and for more travelers in general.

Media, Poverty, Lack of Policies Blamed for Mexico's Rise in Teen Pregnancies

El Universal

Experts in the field say that there are countless reasons for which people under 18 decide to exercise their sexuality without prior knowledge, leading to a high number of pregnancies in specific areas of Mexico City.

Federal Auditor Says Mexico's Violence Against Women Commission Produces No Results

La Jornada

In its most recent performance evaluation of government agencies, the ASF concluded that the National Commission for Preventing and Eradicating Violence Against Women did not meet the purposes set out by law.

Child Abuse Victims Urge Pope Francis to Take Action Against Pedophile Priests

Agence France-Presse

Victims of sexually abusive priests from across the Americas joined forces Monday to urge Pope Francis to allow civilian justice to punish pedophiles and those who covered up their crimes.

Stop Telling Women to Smile: What Street Harassment Looks Like in Mexico City

A new Fusion feature Tatyana Fazlalizadeh on a six-day trip to Mexico City, where she speaks with local women about their experiences with street harassment, sketches their portraits, and wheat-pastes hand-drawn posters depicting the women responding to their harassers across the city.

Obama Interrupted the Grammys to Make a Statement More Remarkable Than Any Award


President Obama had a pre-filmed message to share during this year's Grammys, and he won the hearts and respect of viewers everywhere when he put the plight of rape and abuse victims front and center.

Doctors Go Door-to-Door to Reach More of Mexico's Teenage Mothers

Al Jazeera

Doctors in Mexico are going to new lengths to make sure pregnant teenagers get the attention they need. More and more Mexican teenagers are having babies, and many of them are foregoing pre-natal care.

I Watched Traumatized Mexican Women Fight Back - and Transform My Country

One Billion Rising

This is the story of how a group of women who were shunned and abused and regarded as worthless came together - to transform the laws of their country, and save the lives of many more women like them.

Six Women Murdered Each Day as Femicide in Mexico Nears a Pandemic

Al Jazeera

According to the National Citizen Femicide Observatory, a coalition of 43 groups that document the crime, six women are assassinated every day. Yet only 24 percent in 2012 and 2013 were investigated by authorities. And only 1.6 percent led to sentencing.

More Women Agents at the Border Could Mitigate Sexual Assault Crisis

Ms. Magazine

Following rampant accusations of sexual assault and harassment of female migrants, Customs and Border Protection is looking to boost the number of female agents on staff.

Victims of Sex-Trafficking Find Sanctuary in Tijuana's Garden House

The Globe and Mail

La Casa del Jardin is one of three group homes for victims of child sex-trafficking in the country, and the only one that exists along the border between Mexico and the United States, where the need is high and growing.

Rights Group: Tolerance of Child Sex Crimes in Latin America Thwarts Convictions

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Latin America must tackle a social tolerance of children being sold for sex work and the growing online sex trade to boost low conviction rates for child sex trafficking, a rights group said.

Luz Estrada Mendoza on Mexico's Epidemic of Violence Against Women

CIP Americas

The incidence of violence against women in Mexico has become an epidemic - one that cuts across class and regions. The official numbers hide the real scope of the problem.

Government Enacts General Law for Boys, Girls and Teenagers Rights in Mexico

The News

With the implementation of this law the federal government reaffirms its commitment to human rights that are indispensable for a society to live in harmony and its commitment to development through equality, said Pena Nieto.

Women Crossing the Line: Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala

Nobel Women's Initiative

In 'Women Crossing the Line: Defensoras in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala' we meet women activists from the region who have stood bravely to demand an end to violence, and promote women's rights.

President Pena Nieto Says Mexico Cannot Permit Violence Against Women

Latin American Herald Tribune

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said this week that his country cannot in the 21st century permit violence against women and noted the efforts his government is making to eradicate this evil.

UN: 1 in 3 Human Trafficking Victims a Child, Crime Goes Mostly Unpunished

The number of children among human trafficking victims has increased from one in five to one in three over the last decade, according to a newly-released UN report. It also says the number of convictions for the crime is “extremely low.”

#OrangeUrHood: UN Observes International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

To raise awareness and trigger action to end the global scourge of violence against women and girls, the UN observes International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November.

Femicides in Mexico: In So-Called War on Drugs, Women Are the Main Victims

Television del Sur

In a rally outside the Bellas Artes palace in Mexico City, feminist and women’s rights organizations denounced the fact that femicides, or feminicides, are constant in the country as a whole, and not only in Ciudad Juarez.

A Simple Checklist Is Effective Weapon Against Domestic Violence

CBS This Morning

More than 400 US law enforcement agencies now have a simple but effective tool to save lives in domestic violence cases. It's a checklist of questions to ask victims.

For Thousands of Migrant Children, Hell Is Between Guatemala and the U.S.

Latin American Herald Tribune

68,541 minors were detained between October 2013 and September 2014 by U.S. authorities while trying to cross the border illegally. Authorities have no statistics about how many minors making that trek fell into the hands of people traffickers, sexual exploiters and drug rings in Mexico.

Nearly Half of Mexican Women Are Victims of Gender Violence, Most Don't Report Abuse

Animal Politico

Almost half of Mexican women over the age of 15 have been victims of violence at the hands of their partners, according to official figures. The main reason that they are not reported is because they consider that it is not significant.

Oveja Negra: Rapping for Women's Justice in Mexico


Meet Ciudad Juarez artist Susana Molina who uses spray paint and hip-hop to fight for women's justice in her town, where violence against women can go unchecked.

For Mexico State Governor 'There Are More Urgent Matters to Deal with' Than Femicide


Women are killed at a higher rate in the State of Mexico than in Juarez, according to a new book on femicides in one of Mexico’s most populous regions.

An International Day for Girls Gets People Talking, But Then What?

Saturday marks the third International Day of the Girl Child, a day when activists ramp up efforts to make the public aware of issues like child marriage, violence against girls and the lack of access to education.

Mexico Senate Unanimously Approves Long-Awaited Child Protection Act

The News

Among the rights guaranteed are: the right to the protection of health and social security, education, rest, recreation, freedom of thought and awareness, religion and culture.

Center for Justice Prosecutor Targets Crimes Against Women in Ciudad Juarez

The special prosecutor for crimes against women in Juarez says the office has whittled down the number of unsolved cases of missing women from 150 to 85 — a figure questioned by critics in this city of 1.5 million people across the border from El Paso.

Mexican Human Rights Activists Rally to Put an End to Crimes Against Women

NBC News

Mexican human rights activists gathered in the city of Tlalnepantla in the state of Mexico to put an end to crimes against women. Human rights activists say the existing laws are not being used effectively to stop the crime.

Study: Domestic Violence a Widespread Scourge Among Latino Families

Agencia EFE

Domestic violence is extremely widespread among Hispanic families, according to a study released by the Allstate Foundation.

New York Times: Unicef Report Details Endemic Violence Against Children

The New York Times

One in 10 girls worldwide have been forced into a sexual act, and six in 10 children ages 2 to 14 are regularly beaten by parents and caregivers, according to a report issued by the United Nations’ children’s agency, Unicef.

IACHR: Continued Impunity Regarding Violence Against Women in Mexico Is Disturbing


The Inter-American Commission of Human Rights is concerned about the impunity regarding violence against women in Mexico, driven by lack of police reports, mistrust of public officials or fear.

US Justice Department Board Rules to Consider Spousal Abuse in Immigration Claims

The Associated Press

In a first-of-its-kind ruling that could make it easier for some immigrant women to win permission to remain legally in the United States, the Justice Department Board of Immigration Appeals has determined that Guatemalan women who fled their country due to domestic violence can qualify for asylum.

Abuse of Older Women Overlooked and Underreported, Hampering Efforts to Fight Violence

Inter Press Service

Violence directed against younger women has long overshadowed that against the elderly, who in some cases are more vulnerable. There has been so little research into the issue that activists said they do not know its full scope yet.

Women in Mexico's State of Chiapas Working Toward a 'Life Free of Violence'

Cronkite News Service

In Chiapas, where more than 70 percent live in poverty, activists say gender-based violence resulted in the deaths of 84 women from January to October 2013. Entzin Gomez narrowly missed becoming one of those statistics.

45% of Young Mexicans Face Food Shortages, Mortality Rates and Rising Teen Pregnancies

Latin Post

About 44.9 percent of Mexicans ages 12 to 29 are in poverty and struggle with high youth mortality rates and increasing teen pregnancies.

Rape Victim Faces 10 Years in Mexican Prison for Self-Defense Against Attacker

Inter Press Service

Yakiri Rubi Rubio, a young Mexican woman, was jailed for three months and is at risk of being sent back to prison for killing her rapist in self-defense.

Report: Child Sex Tourism Persists in Juarez, Other Mexico Cities

El Paso Times

Juarez is one of the Mexican cities where child-sex tourism persists, according to a U.S. State Department report on international human trafficking released last week in Washington, D.C.

Police Remove 33 Children from Shelter in Mexico Amid Abuse Allegations

La Prensa

Thirty-three children and 10 young people were removed from a shelter in Puebla, a city in central Mexico, and three people were arrested on sexual abuse and other charges, state prosecutors said this week.

Survivor of Sexual Violence in Mexico Calls for Governments to Listen

The Guardian

As the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict starts in London, we hear stories of victims turned activists: For this indigenous woman in Mexico, seeking justice has not been easy.

Data Reveals Widespread Violence Vented Against the Women of Mexico

La Jornada

According to official figures, the country has a scandalous and unacceptable incidence of sexual offenses, which primarily affect the female population.

Norma Bastidas' Record Triathlon Benefited Fight Against Human Trafficking


Before starting an attempt at a 3,762-mile triathlon on March 1, Norma Bastidas knew there would be obstacles. Her body would take a pounding. The weather would no doubt be harsh. She'd get sick or have equipment failures.

Latin American Indigenous Women Hold Tribunal During United Nations Forum


Rape, sexual abuse, femicide, physical and verbal abuse and discrimination are some of the forms of violence experienced by indigenous women in their own communities, said the women at the forum.

'A Needed Response': The Powerful Anti-Rape PSA That Everyone Needs to Watch


It took two University of Oregon students just 25 seconds to make the seemingly obvious yet often forgotten point: Rape is never excusable.

Mexican Foreign Ministry Hosts International Seminar on Sexual Violence

Prensa Latina

The need to fight sexual violence was an outstanding concept during the opening today of an international seminar about that subject, currently held at the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Women of Atenco Launch Campaign to Break the Silence of Sexual Torture

Center Prodh

The campaign aims to draw attention to and ultimately end gender violence carried out by Mexican government authorities. Breaking the Silence has the support of Amnesty International, UN OHCHR, and various Mexican human rights organizations.

SNDIF: Some 70,000 Children Victims of Human Trafficking in Mexico

Prensa Latina

Some 70,000 children are victims of human trafficking, mainly for sexual exploitation purposes, said sources in a meeting this week in Mexico City.

US-Based Americas Program Reports That Violence Against Women Rising in Mexico

Justice in Mexico

Violence against women is on the rise in Mexico, and many experts say this escalation is directly related to the so-called war on drugs.

Sex Abuse Survivor Presses On in Cancun to DC World Record Triathlon Attempt

Norma Bastidas is a survivor of sexual abuse and violence. When she first spoke out about her abuse, she was ignored, blamed and told to stay quiet, but she continued to speak out. Now, she has decided to show that persistence and hard work can pay off by seeking to break a Guinness World Record.

A Private Foundation Dedicated to Empowering Women & Girls Launches in Mexico

The UN-backed Angelica Fuentes Foundation, launched in Mexico City last month, will support initiatives empowering women across Latin America.

National Campaign Engages Latino Men in the Domestic Violence Movement

The Huffington Post

In their continued efforts to raise awareness about and eradicate violence against women, the National Latin@ Network has launched the national Te Invito campaign, whose purpose is to engage men and boys in the fight against domestic violence.

MATCH International: This Is What Funding for Women's Rights Looks Like

MATCH International Women's Fund

Somewhere among our conversations about the role of women and girls in international development, we have lost our way - as women are increasingly portrayed as tools for economic progress or, worse, marketable commodities filling the pages of holiday brochures.

The Rarely Told Stories Of Sexual Assault Against Female Migrants

NPR's Arun Rath talks with Steve Inskeep about his road trip along the U.S.-Mexico border. Sexual assault has become more common for women who make the perilous trip across the dessert into the U.S.

Mayan Women Build Integrated Pathway for Violence Survivors in Mexico

UN Women

Fatima Leonor Gamboa, a 28-year-old Maya indigenous defense lawyer who represents women survivors of violence, on her work to ensure greater gender equality among Maya communities in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

Violence Against Women in Mexico and Central America and the Impact of US Policy

Just Associates

Alongside the sharp rise in violence and violations of human rights generally in Mexico and Central America, there has been nations an alarming increase in violence against women.

New Women's Justice Center in Yucatan to Provide Protection to Victims of Family Violence

The Yucatan Times

The Center for Women’s Justice in Yucatan was inaugurated this month to provide immediate assistance and protection to victims of Family Violence.

Attorney Calls for Pressure on Mexico to Prosecute Crimes Against Women

Fox News Latino

The international community must bring pressure to bear on Mexico's government to prosecute crimes against women as such cases increase, Mexican attorney Karla Michel Salas says.

Hundreds of Mexican Women Dance as Part of Global Campaign to Protest Violence Vs Women

Hundreds of women danced in Mexico City's central square Saturday as part of the global "One Billion Rising for Justice" campaign, which aims to end violence against women.

Unbearably High Levels of Violence Against Women Continue to Exist in Mexico

The Gazette

I have difficulty ignoring the consistent impunity that permits such statistics, that permits the continued devastation of the lives of the women targeted and abused at the hands of those most dear to them.

Esta Soler: How We Turned the Tide on Domestic Violence (Hint: The Polaroid Helped)

TED Talks

This sweeping, optimistic talk charts 30 years of tactics and technologies - from the Polaroid camera to social media - that led to a 64% drop in domestic violence in the U.S.

Canada's Deportation of Mexican Mother Would be a Clear Case of Gender Injustice

The Gazette

The proposed deportation of Ivonne Hernandez Segura to Mexico, her country of birth, represents a clear case of gender injustice that is transnational in scope.

Sexual Violence Survivor Seeks to Break Ultra-Triathlon World Record

Laredo Sun

Norma Bastidas, a 46-year-old single mom, and survivor of sexual abuse, seeks to break the world record for an ultra-triathlon by completing 3,536 miles - across Mexico and the United States – to empower victims and survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking across the world.

La Casa del Jardin: Tijuana Safehouse a Haven for Trafficked Girls

Fronteras Desk

The border between San Diego and Tijuana remains one of the most heavily trafficked international crossings in the world. And that traffic has a dark side: people, especially girls, are being bought, sold and forced into labor or sex.

The Crime of Being a Woman in Mexico and a Legal System Biased Against Them


Like Elena Azaola wrote more than 10 years ago in "The Crime of Being a Woman", society is less willing to forgive the mistakes of women. They are judged more severely and with less empathy.

Infographic: Violence Against Women in Mexico

Al Jazeera

A look at how the country's domestic abuse problem is contributing to a high number of female rapes and murders.

US Urged to Change Policy on Support to Victims of Sexual Violence

Inter Press Service

The U.S. government is being urged to roll back a longstanding policy that has banned foreign aid funding from being used for health care services for victims of sexual violence in conflict situations.

It Is Time to Stop Violence Against Women, Says Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto

Presidency of the Republic

As he announced various actions in favor of women across the country last week, President Enrique Pena Nieto endorsed the government’s commitment to combating violence against women.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women #orangeurworld

Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights. To raise awareness and trigger action to end this global scourge, the UN observes International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November.

Study: Mexico Has No Legal Framework for Children Whose Rights Have Been Violated

La Jornada

In Mexico, there is no adequate legal framework that exists for the care of children when their rights are violated in Mexico. Also, they are faced with widespread and increasing violence, not only within their families, but also in society.

United Nations Wants You to Know Violence Against Women and Girls is Huge Problem


In too many corners of the world, violence against women and girls is growing more common, particularly in cities. The problem has become so prevalent that the United Nations has declared the 25th of every month as a day to call for less abuse of women.

Mexico Needs to Standardize Laws and Classification of Violent Crimes Against Women

La Jornada

The president of the National Institute of Women is pressuring the state governments to standardize the laws and the classification of crimes linked with gender violence.

Conapred: Accepting Femicide as Normal is Dangerous for Mexican Society

La Jornada

Ricardo Bucio, president of the National Council Against Discrimination, expressed his fears over the view of discrimination against women as a fact of life in all spheres of public and private life in Mexico.

Celebrities Who Were Once Victims Now Shed Light on Domestic Violence


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but abuse is something that’s rampant every single day. One in four women becomes a victim of domestic violence, with 20 percent of Latinas enduring violence at the hand of their partner.

29Sep2013's Latest Campaign Helps Domestic Abuse Survivors


This month, the organization joined with the Network to End Domestic Violence to launch its newest campaign, Cellphones for Survivors.

Controversial Art Project Addressing Violence Against Children is Censored By Facebook

The Huffington Post

Cuban artist Erik Ravelo is used to having his artwork censored. He was, after all, the man behind United Colors of Benetton's UnHate campaign, which featured doctored photos of world leaders making out. Yet his newest project has managed to spark even more controversy.

Violence in Dating, One of the Most Serious Social Problems in Mexico

La Jornada

Dating violence represents one of the most serious social problems that the country currently faces.

UN Women Says Half of All Mexican Women Over Age of 15 Have Suffered Violence

La Jornada

Statistics from UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, reveal that five out of every ten Mexican women over the age of fifteen have suffered some form of violence.

Former President Jimmy Carter: Women's Plight Perpetuated by World Religions

Associated Press

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says religious leaders, including those in Christianity and Islam, share the blame for mistreatment of women across the world.

Rights Groups Report Staggering Statistics for Violence Against Women in Mexico

The Mazatlan Messenger

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the National Women’s Institute reported that 5 out of every 10 women in Mexico over the age of 15 has experienced some form of violence.

Domestic Violence 'A Serious Global Health Problem' Says World Health Organization

Associated Press

About a third of women worldwide have been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current partner, according to the first major review of violence against women.

Olivares Alonso: Not a Single Conviction in Mexico for Gender-Based Violence

La Jornada

Even though laws have been passed in Mexico enabling women to live free of violence, the State still does not guarantee full rights for them, so that until now there has not been a single person convicted of gender-based violence.

TED Talk With Jackson Katz: Violence Against Women - It's a Men's Issue

TED Talks

Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called "women’s issues.” But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men’s issues.

Lydia Cacho: Justice for Mexico's Women Means the Right to Live in Safety

The independent

A leading defender of women’s rights in Mexico, who has been kidnapped, raped and beaten in retaliation for her work, tells Paul Imison why protection from abuse is at the heart of equality.

Embroidery Collective Gives Voice to Mexico's Victims of Gender-Based Violence


A group of mostly women remember victims of gender-based killings by embroidering their stories on handkerchiefs and displaying them at local demonstrations and events. The embroiderers say they feel a connection with the women whose violent stories they stitch.

Women Watch Group: Only 7 Percent of Women Assaulted in Mexico Had Legal Help

La Jornada

Of the fifty-eight thousand Mexican women who suffered violence and consequently looked for legal support from a total of 21 different states, only 4 thousand actually got it, according to a report published by the National Citizen’s Watch for Female Murders.

United Nations Reports the Majority of Poor in Mexico are Children


More than 20 million children and adolescents in Mexico are estimated to live in poverty, and five million of them in extreme poverty, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported in a joint study with the Mexican Government.

REDIM: Mexico Gov't is Passive in the Face of the Increase in Violent Deaths of Its Youth

La Jornada

The executive director of the Network for the Rights of Children in Mexico criticized the federal government for still not taking steps to avoid the "alarming" number of murders, suicides and other violence against minors.

Establishing Crimes of Femicide and Homophobia is Urgent - Commission Against Discrimination

La Jornada

It is urgent that Mexican states that do not yet consider femicide and homophobic crimes approve such laws and review and reform the mechanisms that transfer the blame to the victim, says the National Council to Prevent Discrimination.

More Dangerous to be a Woman in Mexico than a Soldier in Gaza - UN Expert

La Jornada

Mexico is among the leading countries in the world for the commission of crimes of sexual violence and human trafficking, warns the head of the area on gender, violence and human rights of the United Nations Population Fund.

International Women's Day in Mexico: Time for Mourning not Celebration

Upside Down World

Victims and activists say that it was more than two decades ago that they began ringing the alarm bells of the first cases of femicide in Mexico (mostly in Ciudad Juarez). They say now, 20 years later, that no advances have been made.

'Neither Flowers Nor Mariachis: We Call for a Day for Women's Rights'

La Jornada

On Thursday, the eve of International Women's Day, government and civil society agencies in several states presented their analyses of the situation of the emotional, physical and sexual violence that women suffer together.

International Women's Day Celebrates Women's Achievements Worldwide

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Social Impact Theater Enables Mexican Women to Confront Gender-Based Violence

Global Press Institute

This week, a play debuted in Mexico City that enables victims of gender-based violence to face their fears and insecurities while informing the audience about the diverse forms that violence can take in society.

UN Women Calls on Governments to Deliver a Roadmap on Ending Violence Against Women


Taking place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 4 to 15 March 2013, the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women has the “Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls” as its priority theme.

Renewal of the Violence Against Women Act Victory for LGBT, Native Americans and Immigrants

New America Media

The US House of Representatives Thursday passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), extending protections to gay, lesbian and transgender people, as well as Native Americans and immigrants.

On 15th Anniversary of V-Day: One Billion 'Rising' Against Women Abuse

Al Jazeera

One in three - more than one billion - women and girls on the planet are beaten or raped during their lifetime. Eve Ensler's "One Billion Rising" aims to spark the biggest global action against gender-based violence.

VAWA Vote: US Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Violence Against Women Act


The Senate easily passed its Violence Against Women Act reauthorization bill on Tuesday, officially punting the issue to the House, where Republican leaders still haven't signaled how they plan to proceed.

Watch: A Video Message from Eve Ensler - 1 Billion Will Rise this Week


This week, Eve Ensler’s exciting project, One Billion Rising, will culminate in 48 hours of striking, dancing and rising. The project is a movement to raise global awareness and combat violence against women.

Amnesty International's Robert Knox: Mexico's Invisible Women


Despite some positive advances, gender-based violence continues to be widespread, and federal and state authorities have systematically failed to ensure the effective implementation of many aspects of new legislation, which has allowed impunity to persist.

Motivated by Tradition, Indigenous Women Take the Lead in Idle No More

YES! Magazine

Motivated by ancient traditions of female leadership as well as their need for improved legal rights, First Nations women are stepping to the forefront of the Idle No More movement.

Sexual Violence Against Migrant Women in Mexico has Increased, NGO Alerts

La Jornada

Daily, a woman is raped, kidnapped to be subject to sex trade or trafficked while crossing the borders of Mexico to the U.S., a fact that has increased due to the restrictions of immigration laws.

One Billion Rising Campaign has a New Anthem - Break the Chain!

One Billion Rising

"Break the Chain" aims to raise awareness around the world about the escalating global campaign, ONE BILLION RISING, began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime.

Shelter Helps Women Victims of Violence Find Refuge in Juarez


The Instituto Chihuahuense de la Mujer's mission is to pursue politics that ensure women's protection. It seeks to promote gender equality and guarantees a violence-free life for women. The institute offers help in three basic areas: social work, legal assistance, and psychological therapy.

US Congress Decides Violence Against Women Act Not Worth Renewing


The 112th Congress declines to vote on re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act and crawls off into the sunset of shame.

DIF Creates Domestic Violence Network with Quintana Roo Women's Institute

The News

Family Development Agency President Mariana Zorrilla de Borge signed an agreement this week with the Quintana Roo Women’s Institute to establish a network for the prevention of violence against women and to launch the Support for Women’s Organizations program in Quintana Roo.

Human Trafficking, Sex Abuse and Slayings Persist in the Americas

Trafficking crimes reflect not only a form of discrimination, but also violations of the rights to life, physical integrity, liberty, security and legal protection. Failure to act is no option and a criminal abuse of authority.

Human Rights Day Spotlight on Women, Youth, Minorities, Disabiled, Indigenous, Poor

Human Rights Day presents an opportunity, every year, to celebrate human rights, highlight a specific issue, and advocate for the full enjoyment of all human rights by everyone everywhere.

Mexico's Julieta Venegas Brings Cuba the Fight Against Gender Violence


Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas brought to Havana the United Nations' worldwide campaign to end violence against women.

Feeding the Femicide Machine in Mexico

Huffington Post

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is a day to address violence by raising public awareness and holding governments accountable. We should remember the 400-plus murders and disappearances of women since 1993 in the town of Juarez.

Michelle Bachelet: International Day to End Violence Against Women


To mark the International Day to End Violence against Women on 25 November 2012, UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet calls on all heads of state and government to make new commitments and take strong national action to protect women and girls.

Authorities Launch Campaign to Find 118 Missing Juarez Women

El Paso Times

Chihuahua authorities last week launched a statewide campaign to locate 118 women from Juarez who have disappeared since 1995. The campaign offers an $8,000 reward to anyone whose information helps find the women, dead or alive.

Newsman Takes an Emotional, Shocking Stand Against Domestic Violence

Honolulu newsman Jai Cunningham is taking a bold stand against domestic violence, following the recent death of a former Hawaii resident apparently at the hands of her husband.

Domestic Violence: A Continuing Problem in the Deaf Community

Are you or someone you know being hurt by someone you love or by someone you live with? Domestic violence is a hidden but common problem faced by people who are Deaf, DeafBlind or hard of hearing. Find out more about it and locate resources to get help.

Self-Protection Tips for Women: Know the Basics of How to Avoid Being a Victim


Contrary to what some scaremongers would have us believe, there actually aren’t psychopaths lurking in every corner, waiting to attack the next woman who walks by, but it’s still smart for women to know the basics of how to avoid being victims.

Wolfman, Vampire Woman Speak Out Against Bullying in Mexico

Latin American Herald Tribune

Two Mexicans known as The Wolfman and The Vampire Woman joined forces to speak out against bullying and domestic violence in a talk they gave in the western city of Zapopan.

Q&A: UN Urges Men to Join Call to Action to End Violence Against Women

Inter Press Service

UN-Women says violence against women and girls is a problem of “pandemic proportions.” Based on country data, it reports that up to 70 percent of women experience physical or sexual violence from men in their lifetime.

Study Presented to UN Reveals Violence Against Women Getting Worse in Mexico


Violence against women has worsened instead of improving since 2005, due in part to the gap in job opportunities, the salary discrimination and social conflict resulting from the war on drugs, which in turn increases the gender gap and limits the opportunity for women to be independent.

3 Minutes That'll Horrify You, Then Make You Want To Dance


One billion women across the globe will be raped or beaten in their lifetimes. So on Feb. 14, 2013, the One Billion Rising campaign is inviting one billion women to stand up and dance — to DEMAND an end to violence against women.

Pinkett Smith Strips for Salma Hayek's Music Video Against Human Trafficking

The 41-year-old sings and writhes around naked in an empty room for the promo of Spanish language song "Nada Se Compara", which was filmed to raise awareness against human trafficking for the Don't Sell Bodies campaign.

Help Ensure that All Women Who are Victims of Abuse are Able to Seek Help

Ensure that all women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse are unhindered in seeking help by raising the limit on special visas for women this year and next.

Using Art Therapy to End Violence Against Women

Paths to Peacebuilding

Among those that have focused on the power of the arts to communicate peace building is the organization, A Long Walk Home. This non-profit uses art therapy and the visual and performing arts to end violence against girls and women.

Mexico Fails to Tackle Increased Levels of Violence Against Women

Amnesty International

The Mexican authorities have failed to protect women from increasing levels of violence and discrimination or to ensure those responsible face justice, says Amnesty International in a report to the UN.

U Visas a Lifeline for Immigrant Abuse Victims

Fox News Latino

The U Visa allows undocumented immigrants who are the victims of domestic abuse to work legally and leave the cycle of violence. The visa has been around since 2000, but little remains known about it.

CIM/OAS Co-Host Seminar in Mexico on Sexual Harassment at Work

Organization of American States

The Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) of the Organization of American States (OAS) will co-host on Thursday, July 5, in Mexico City, an international seminar on sexual harassment at work.

Mexico Among Worst G20 Countries for Women


Physical and sexual violence, a culture of male chauvinism, drug-related crime and poor access to healthcare in rural areas mean Mexico is among the worst places to be a woman out of the world's most industrialized nations.

Still a Long Way to Go in Fight Against Sexual Violence

Inter Press Service

Access to justice for women who suffer sexual violence in Central America and southern Mexico remains limited despite the high incidence of rape and other crimes, of which underage girls are the main victims.

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