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One Town At A Time

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

The mission of One Town At A Time is to address the living conditions of poor villages in Mexico by providing families in these areas with tools for achieving sustainability. This is the ideal way to ameliorate the immigration pattern in the United States which currently encourages villagers to cross the border to earn money to send back to their families.

By providing villagers with tools for addressing their poverty, they can remain in their villages, sustain a sense of family and community structure, and cultivate pride in their way of life.

One Town At A Time shares and provides the technology that enhances the ability of villagers in Mexico to improve and expand their current farming, trade, and communication practices in a way that honors their rich cultural heritage and brings them closer to the global socioeconomic realm.

One Town At A Time Projects

Apples for Classrooms

The program, kicking off now until March 23, 2012 will raise funds to purchase and hand-deliver Apple technology to children’s classrooms in the Cabo Corrientes area of Jalisco including Apple computers, MacBooks, iPads, iPods and more.

Steve Jobs inspired the world through his innovative thinking and technologically advanced creations. At the forefront of technology, he aimed to educate and inspire and perhaps most importantly, he challenged the world to 'think different'.

Our goal is to make a difference in a child's life, through education with the use of computers. Most of the children in these villages have never had contact with a computer.

"A primary benefit of introducing computers and computer games into the primary school classroom is that students start learning how to use a computer at an early age," said Founder and Creator of One Town at a Time, David Simmonds. "Students who have computers in their classroom learn about various aspects of the technological world at an early age, allowing them to become comfortable with more advanced computer related concepts as they get older."

The proven benefit of introducing computers to students is that students show an increased interest in learning and education. Many concepts they learn in the classroom are presented in the form of computer games. The student believes that they are playing a fun, interactive game when, in reality, they are learning important educational concepts that will help them in the

"The ability to interact with other kids worldwide in the digital age opens up opportunities and imagination, creating a learning atmosphere far beyond village life," said Simmonds. "It creates hope and a chance at a better life – something we all want."

Please join us in our 'Apples to Classrooms' Campaign by making a tax-deductible online donation now. Your donation will go straight toward the purchase of a new Mac computer, iPad or iPod for a classroom in the identified area of Mexico. No donation is too small, (but we encourage you to 'think big')!

Rain Water Collection Systems for Homes

Mexico has a very diverse environment, ranging from parched deserts of Sonora to the tropical rain forests of Chiapas. One thing they have in common is that there are many months when there is no rain at all. Water is an essential, but finite resource.
The Villages of Cabo Corrientes receive roughly 60 inches of rain per year, but the majority of it falls between mid-June through mid-October. During the winter months the residents rely on infrequent water delivery by truck. Harvesting and storing rainwater provides much-needed water for the community year-round. Just one-inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof generates 600 gallons of collectible water. The cost to install a system for each house is minimal compared to the many life-enhancing benefits.

Web Pages for Villages

Tourism is one of the world's largest industries, creating huge economic growth in developing countries. The travel and tourism industry accounts for more than 10 per cent of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP), creating more than 230 million jobs. Mexico tourism was a $13.3 billion industry in 2008, ranking it third behind oil and remittances from Mexicans living abroad.

Tourism is a productive means of reducing poverty. One Town At A Time identifies small, rural villages within day-trip distance of established tourist towns. We build web sites for them, explaining to travelers why they should visit. We promote the towns, the wonderful culture, and nearby attractions... whatever makes the place special. This helps to build a permanent tourist business base. A restaurant opens to cater to the new visitors, someone opens a small hotel, another person starts a guide business, another person starts an adventure travel company. Local arts and crafts are sold. Pretty soon, there is more money in the area and lives are forever improved. And not only do the villagers benefit, so do the travelers, as they experience a slice of Mexico apart from mainstream tourist locales.

Special Projects

Each village has unique needs. As we identify these we will post them on this page and you can choose one that you would like to support with your donation. Example projects are:

Solar Panels – a basic solar panel kit, providing a house with enough energy for all of their basic needs, can be purchased for less than $500. The quality of life is immediately improved.

Sun Ovens – using the sun as energy to cook, thereby eliminating the need for expensive propane and natural wood, a depleting resource in many areas. The ovens cost less than $200 each.

Portable Farms – an Aquaponics System self-contained unit that can grow 3,600 vegetables and 1,400 pounds of fish in a year.

Sun-heated Water Tanks – simple, but effective way to produce hot water year-round at no cost.

School Construction and Teacher's Salary– many young villagers have to quit their education because there is not a school nearby.

One Town At A Time Village Affiliate Programs

Your organization, city, community group, business, or school can become an affiliate of a village in Mexico.

One Town at a Time invites your organization to affiliate with an undeveloped village in Mexico with the goal of alleviating poverty, contributing to the self-sustainability of the village, and cultivating a sense of hope and pride in the village’s residents.

Your organization’s tax-deductible donations provide several benefits for your group –

• You will obtain a focused way to involve your members in a charitable cause with clearly stated benefits – both for the villagers and your membership. Not only do the villagers greatly benefit (the dollar goes a long way in the Mexican rural areas and is genuinely appreciated), but your members gain the excitement of sharing in a charitable project.

• Through the Village Affiliate Program your members can come together in a common project. They will be given feedback regarding the progress of the village and they can take a special interest in individual villagers. Your group will be sent reports on how their money is being spent and the impact their contributions are making on the recipient community.

• Your members may even want to visit their "sister" village in person. Research shows that people involved in altruistic causes function more productively, have better health, and benefit from thinking positively about life. Your members can gain access to a different culture and have a more meaningful vacation than they would have at a resort. You may even want to plan a group trip to visit the recipient village (which has the added benefit of developing your group’s cohesion and sense of purpose).

• If the village produces a craft, they may be able to send pieces of art or other products back to their "sister" organization as a way of expressing their appreciation.

You can designate the village that you would like to affiliate with – or we can suggest a village for you.

If you want to explore our Village Affiliate Program for your organization, please contact Dave Simmonds at or give him a call at 858-356-9894.

How You Can Help One Town At A Time

Click the button above to make a donation to the One Town At A Time PayPal account.

Your gift will enable small, rural villages in Mexico to lift themselves from poverty through projects specifically designed to meet their special needs.

Please help these families stay together as they build a self-sustaining life in their communities.

No amount is too small to make a difference.

Donate by Check/Mail:
One Town at a Time
5580 La Jolla Blvd., #306
La Jolla, CA 92037

If you would like to schedule a monthly, recurring donation, please click here.

One Town at a Time, Inc. is all-volunteer. There are no salaries paid to anyone involved. 100% of all donations are used for the villages of Mexico.

One Town At A Time is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3). All donations are tax deductable.

Last updated: August 14, 2017 · Charity ID: 907

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Rain Water Collection Systems for Homes

One Town at a Time

The Villages of Cabo Corrientes receive roughly 60 inches of rain per year, but the majority of it falls between mid-June through mid-October. During the winter months the residents rely on infrequent water delivery by truck.

Apples for Classrooms

One Town At A Time

The program, kicking off now until March 23, 2012, will raise funds to purchase and hand-deliver Apple technology to classrooms in the Cabo Corrientes area of Jalisco including Apple computers, MacBooks, iPads and other Apple products.

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