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Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Puerto Vallarta • Riviera Nayarit 

In the spring of 1992, the founding members of the Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. (the Group) organized and built the first marine nursery in San Francisco, Nayarit. By June of that year, protection of Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtle eggs had begun.

Millions of years before humans arrived in North America, the marine turtle had well established its nesting habitat along the coastal waters of Mexico. The oldest inhabitants of San Francisco, Nayarit, or "San Pancho" as it is commonly called today, can still recall the nights when hundreds of nesting turtles climbed the moonlit beaches to renew the custom of perpetuating their species.

The palm-laden playas were free of development and offered an idyllic location for nesting. Occasionally, the coastal Indians would gather food from the generous supply of eggs and turtles.

The growing human population, coupled with the changing demographics of the coastal region in the past one hundred years, has dramatically altered the habitat, and thus, the reproductive cycle of the turtles.

By 1988, pressures from coastal development, poaching, shrimp fishing, and tourism reduced a population of tens of thousands to less than 200 nesting turtles per year.

The first conservation effort to protect the marine turtle began in the late eighties. It was then that members of the community became concerned that the local marine turtle population may soon face extinction.

In the spring of 1992, the founding members of the Group built the first marine nursery. By June, a large scale protection of Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtle eggs had begun. In 20 years, the population has increased from 200 to 1,170 nests.

Volunteering at Ecological Group of Costa Verde

No special skills or education is necessary, only the willingness to work in adverse weather conditions during the night. Click here to apply online.


Volunteers receive no salary and will be responsible for their entire expenses including food for about $120 to $170, and lodging at $250 a month per person. The Group will find volunteers housing for families that fits their needs well before they arrive. In most cases volunteers will share a house. Volunteers with young children can hire house keepers, cooks, and baby sitters for $10 to $15 a day.
If selected, volunteers should obtain a tourist permit for up to 180 days. Although the Group will help volunteers extend their tourist permits if necessary.
Marine turtle program

Our marine nursery is one of the few in Mexico that remains open the year round to protect the Olive Redley, the Eastern Pacific Green, and the Leatherback.

Our Work:

  • Collect nests from six different beaches and relocate to the nursery between the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 am.  
  • Monitor and regulate nursery temperatures, the hatching and releasing of hatchlings, and the cleaning of nest boxes.  
  • Keep the greenhouse nursery good condition around the clock.  
  • Maintain computer records on nests collected, temperatures, and the cleaning of nests.  
  • Maintain and operate an all-terrain-vehicle, (sometimes during periods of heavy rain and very poor road conditions).  
  • Conduct slide shows, lectures and tours on our marine turtle program.
  • Conducting children environmental classes.

The remaining paragraphs outline the community of San Francisco and living conditions within:


San Francisco is a small country pueblo of 2,200 inhabitants, located 32 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. San Pancho, as its commonly referred to, is a community of small stores, shops, good restaurants, surfing and a regional hospital. The pueblo was rebuilt by President Echeverria in the early 70's . Its parks, market place and cobble stone roads reflect the charm of the Mexico.


The northwest edge of the pueblo is flanked by the Pacific Ocean and a one mile stretch of beach, and surrounded three sides by rolling green hills of heavy jungle. There are five other nesting beaches within walking distance of the pueblo.
Throughout the summer daytime temperatures are in the high 80's, nights 72° to 87°. The ocean temperature runs a warm 86°±. Humidity ranges from 65% to 100%. Heavy thunder storms and rain may occur at anytime between mid June and mid October. Yearly rainfall amounts can reach as high as 100 inches per year. Except for storms, winds are light, 3 to 9 mph.

Local Transportation

A personal vehicle is not necessary, although it may be helpful. Bus and mini bus service runs daily every 20 minutes between 5 AM and 10 PM. Members of the Group will also assist volunteers with transportation to purchase food and supplies,.
Many necessities can be found in San Pancho while a greater variety, including auto parts, gasoline, and a larger selection of groceries and household supplies can be obtained in Puerto Vallarta.


Telephones, email and fax are available. English language newspapers and magazines are also available in Puerto Vallarta . Personal mail can be sent to the Group's post office box.

Last updated: July 10, 2019 · Charity ID: 208

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San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of November we had recorded over 861 nests, of which some 688 were placed within the box nursery. On the beach we had relocated over 150 nests, while the poachers made off with 23 nests.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of July we had recorded 105 nests, the same amount recorded last season but below the ten year average of 115.

Eight Good Reasons to Visit Riviera Nayarit This Summer

Riviera Nayarit CVB

Every year this destination attracts more than 2 million travelers from all over the world, from families to backpackers, luxury travelers, and business travelers.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Our commitment to cover beach four times a night is designed to discourage poaching, and it must be working: to date there been no poachers, no poacher tracks on the beach at night, or nests poached.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Except for few late season nests and natural hatching there has been little marine turtle activities in March. Read about the totals for the 2018 nesting season.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of November, we had recorded over 984 nests, of which 639 were placed in the box nursery, producing 54,374 hatchings.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Despite the shortage of volunteers this season, we have been able to carry out all tasks but only with extraordinary effort and outstanding workmanship on the part of the volunteers.

6th Sea Turtle Festival in Nayarit’s Marina Playa Platanitos

Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau

Playa Platanitos, a coastal village in the Riviera Nayarit, is preparing for its signature event: the VI Sea Turtle Festival 2018, which strives to promote environmental awareness and the conservation of these chelonians.

Movement to Eradicate Plastic Waste in Banderas Bay

Vallarta Daily News

Concerned about the large number of plastics that reach the oceans and the pollution generated in Puerto Vallarta, a councilman has requested the support of the deputies to present an initiative through which the idea of “a state free of straws, plastic bags, and styrofoam” can be achieved.

Sea Turtle Internship Position Available in San Pancho

The Science Exchange

Join an important multi-year multi-national research project on climate change impacts on nesting turtles on the beaches of Mexico this fall.

JG Group Sponsors Clean-Up in Colonia Emiliano Zapata

The JG Group

The JG Group invites all residents and visitors alike who love Puerto Vallarta to contribute to the clean-up efforts throughout the city to stop the flow of garbage into the Bay of Banderas.

World Day to Combat Desertification – Land Has True Value

IPS World Desk

The 2018 World Day to Combat Desertification focuses on how consumers can regenerate economies, create jobs and revitalize livelihoods and communities by influencing the market to invest in sustainable land management.

New Turtle Species Discovered in Puerto Vallarta

Latin America Herald Tribune

The fresh-water reptile’s natural habitat consists of ecosystems such as streams and marshlands, which tend to be modified as urbanization expands.

World Environment Day Highlights Deadly Cost of Plastic

Inter Press Service

On June 5th, World Environment Day will be hosted under the banner of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” aiming to raise awareness and civic engagement alongside creating a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

Shellabrating World Turtle Day With Marriott Vallarta Resort & Spa

Global Animal

Located between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains, Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa makes it easy for travelers to access to once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters. From June to December, guests can participate in the resort’s turtle protection program and have the opportunity to release newly hatched turtles into the ocean.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Costa Verde Ecological Group

At the end of the season just as we were looking forward to some rest, we received over 95 nests in six days, a record for mid-October.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde

Costa Verde Ecological Group

This year 244 nests were recorded in September along with thirty additional nests which were left on the beach. 11 nests were taken by poachers.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Nest numbers throughout August had been a little low, although, by Sunday the 13th, all hell broke lose when we received 26, 19 and 24 nests in three consecutive nights.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

A real need: we are very short of several volunteers from August 11th through September 21st; if you can lend a hand please let us know.

Sea Turtles Arrive at Puerto Vallarta: Facts You Should Know

El Universal

It's important not to interact with the turtles when they are spawning since this could prompt them to return to the sea, disoriented, and without completing their natural process.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Very few nests were recorded between mid-November and the end of May while throughout the month of June we recorded only 19 nests, which is a little above normal.

Fifth Riviera Nayarit 'Save The Sea Turtle' Drawing Contest by the Children

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

Drawings will be accepted through June 16, 2017, with the grand finale held on July 1, 2017 at the El Naranjo Turtle Camp in Penita de Jaltemba, Compostela.

Top 10 Turtle Camps in Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit CVB

Along its 307-kilometer coastline there are over a dozen turtle camps working to conserve and protect the different species of sea turtles that visit the beaches of Nayarit.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

There have been few reports of nests or turtles sightings. All nests found in June will be left on the beach and will be totally disguised using an asphalt rake.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The 2017 nesting season began on May 1st, however, at this point in time, we are critically short of several good volunteers (May through mid-June, and mid-August through October).

San Pancho/Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

We are still seriously in need of several good volunteers. Tell your friends that we have good lodging, great beaches, outstanding restaurants, good potluck dinners, and good environmental work if they wish to join us.

San Pancho, Turtle News and Volunteers Needed at Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Oh, man, do we need volunteers!!! The chart shows the dates that the program is in critical need of volunteers, especially in the early part of the season.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Some good news: The poacher that hacked up the head of a nesting turtle while she was nesting was run out of town with several warrants for his arrest chasing him. I do not think he will return.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of December we had released nearly 50,000 hatchlings at a survival rate of 88%, the highest success rate in over two decades.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of November we recorded over 628 nests. 554 were placed in the box nursery, 44 nests were left on the beach and 32 nests were taken by poachers. By the end of November we released over 35,978 hatchlings at a survival rate of 87.2%.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Despite our nest collection being cut in half compared to the average over the last five years, we were able to record over 582 nests by the end of October.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The only areas that the nesting turtle comes ashore is where there is excess light shining on the beach and the poacher knows this, while waiting there to collect her eggs. Please turn off your back yard or outside lights and help us!

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

So far this season we have recorded a scant 60 nests, 50 were placed in the box nursery. By the end of July some 169 hatchlings were released from four nests.

Enjoy Sea Turtle Season in Puerto Vallarta

Timeshare Myths

From July through December turtles can be seen dashing on Puerto Vallarta sands, making their way through to the exact places where they were born.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Twelve nests were found throughout the month of June, with the first of these nests scheduled to hatch on July 21st. Over the past three months at least six turtles had washed ashore locally.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Total recorded nests found since last mid-November came to about twenty-two. Twenty-two nests are well below the average of fifty-seven nests we normally find within this time period.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Finding fewer nests last season gives me a terrible premonition that this coming season may be a massive one, perhaps around 1,450 nests or more.

50 Dead Sea Turtles Found in Puerto Vallarta

La Jornada

A total of fifty sea turtles were found floating in the ocean or on sand beaches in Puerto Vallarta, according to Subdirector of Municipal Ecology.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The entire beach nursery, built in 2008, was removed on March 21st. Around mid-November, a smaller 24' x 24' nursery will be constructed in the same area.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Total nests recorded this season came to 966. Total hatchlings released came to 69,750. Over the past 25 years we’ve released over 1,030,635 hatchlings and saved over 14,693 nests.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

To confuse the poachers, we will dig several false nest holes around a nest site before we disguise the area by enlarging a nest site from two square yards to sixteen. We will also create other decoy areas that have no nests at all, including making false turtle tracks.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The day we released the one millionth hatchling was no different than any other. The hatchling had actually been released before we realized it.

Puerto Vallarta Sea Turtle Conservation Efforts a Success

Newspaper Post

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most visited beach resort destinations in Mexico and is also a popular habitat for sea turtle hatchlings.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The first public release of hatchlings began during the Thanksgiving holiday and was suspended on the second day due to an over enthusiastic crowd of onlookers and out-of-control dogs.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Our 1,000,000th hatchling was released on the night of October 24th, followed by a potluck dinner and a toast to commemorate the event.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Since the number of nests collected is the lowest it has been in many years and the survival rate is lower than normal, it is now unclear when the one-millionth hatchling will be released.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of August we had placed some 364 nests within the box nursery, of which, 43 have hatched producing over 3,242 released hatchlings. Nine nests were taken by poachers; eighteen were left on the beach with two nests washed out.

Greenpeace Ship Esperanza to Visit Puerto Vallarta with Guided Tours

Vallarta Opina

The Esperanza will be docked in the Maritime Terminal Facilities at Pier 3 and will be offering three days of guided tours to the public during their five day visit.

Seven Arrested in Nayarit with 372 Sea Turtle Eggs

Latin American Herald Tribune

After intercepting five people transporting 175 eggs in a 1996 Nissan pickup truck, authorities surprised two men as they were plundering sea turtle nests, seizing 112 eggs from one of them and 85 from the other.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

It looks as if the 2015 season may reach 1,200 to 1,300 nests although it is a little too early in the season to know for sure. By the end of July we had collected and/or recorded 107 nests.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

June was a slow month, a few nests, but nevertheless an important training time for new volunteers. By the end of June we had collected seventeen nests. Otherwise, we are ready to take on whatever nature and the turtles deal us this summer.

Ecological Group of Nayarit Presents Training Workshop About Sea Turtles

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The workshop will focus on turtle camp staff, students, biologists, teachers, volunteers, hotel staff and other individuals that come in contact with the sea turtles or are interested in learning more about the conservation of the species.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of May eight nests will remain in the beach nursery, the last is scheduled to hatch around July 11th. We are now 39,200 shy of releasing our 1,000,000th hatchling, and counting!

#WorldTurtleDay: Grupo Ecologista Hosts 3rd Save the Sea Turtles Drawing Contest

OVC Riviera Nayarit

The Grupo Ecologista de Nayarit has extended an invitation to its 3rd Save the Sea Turtles Drawing Contest based in the Riviera Nayarit, which seeks to raise awareness among children about this endangered species and the need to preserve it.

Beach Cleaning Effort at Islas Marietas Nets Trash, New Awareness of Waste Management

OVC Riviera Nayarit

The first official Beach Cleanup Network event for the Islas Marietas brought to light several topics worthy of further analysis, in particular the need for more public awareness regarding waste management.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Not much turtle activity this month. Only four additional nests were found, bringing the total to 1,247 for the 2014 season. To date, the number of hatchlings released this season comes to 89,833.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

By the end of March, the number of nests recorded totaled 1,244, although, if we could have included the nests that we were unable to collect on Playa Questo, that number could have risen to over 1,440 nests.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Due to the economy, over the past six years our task of finding volunteers has become a difficult job. If you're interested or know of someone that would like to become involved in our marine turtle program, please contact us.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The last nest was placed in the box nursery in mid-November. Since that date, all new nests will be placed in the beach nursery which now contains 17. Also, In mid-November, if hatchlings are available, we will be releasing them around sunset.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

In this monthly newsletter we try to summarize the important feature of our marine turtle program, and its major events, since its last publication.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

This season’s big news was a surprise visit by a small nesting Hawksbill turtle. The volunteer that found her mentioned that she and her eggs were the same size as the Ridley’s although her shell was beautifully colored.

Marine Turtle Program and San Pancho News Update

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

The most serious problems facing our marine turtle program today is the urgent need for funds and the lack of volunteers. For the first time in a decade we find ourselves critically short of both.

'Nayar' the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Returns to Riviera Nayarit with Interesting News

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

After being liberated a year ago with an attached satellite radio that only emitted signals within the region, the hypothesis is that this is a resident species, enabling the creation of more specific strategies for its protection.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Several volunteers have canceled at the last moment, as they do most every season, but this time it has left us seriously short of help during the peak nesting month of August (and perhaps during a peak nesting year). We urgently need help in August.

San Pancho and Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

If it was not for the marine turtle program, we may have never noticed the slow but gradual change in our weather, or been that concerned over the increasing number of weather related articles.

Turtle and San Pancho News Update

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The 2015 nesting season officially began on June 1st, and for once we're nearly ready. The total number of nests recorded (the 2014 season) came to 1,190, while the total hatchling released topped 90,100.

After 20 Years, The Black Turtles Are Back In The Riviera Nayarit

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The event took place at El Naranjo Turtle Camp, located past La Penita de Jaltemba in Riviera Nayarit. That evening seven black turtle hatchling survivors were released into the sea.

Turtle and San Pancho News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

Since mid-November, fifty-two turtle nests have been placed in our beach nursery. Of that number, only four remain baking in the sun. To date, the number of nests recorded this season comes to 1,185, with a total of 91,054 hatchlings released.

Turtle and San Pancho News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

No rest! When we first began our work over twenty years ago, it was extremely rare to find any nest after mid-November. Today the number of late season nests has increased from 4 to about 70, which translates into more work and a never-ending nesting season.

Turtle News from Ecological Group of Costa Verde

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

The Ecological Group of Costa Verde in San Pancho (San Francisco), Riviera Nayarit, reports on turtle hatchlings, weather, volunteers and even gasoline prices. Purchase a Homeowners Directory and t-shirt to help support the Ecological Group efforts.

San Pancho and Turtle News from La Costa Verde Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

It's that time of year, the 2014 San Pancho Homeowners Director is published. It is through the sale of this directory and your financial support that we are able to protect the marine turtle.

Turtle News from Grupo Ecologico in San Pancho

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

By the end of October we recorded over 1,083 nests of which 780 were placed within the box nursery. By October 20th, some 455 of these nests had hatched at a success rate of 87% producing over 37,500 hatchlings.

A Special Independence for Hawksbill Turtle in Riviera Nayarit

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

Along with the Mexico Independence celebrations this weekend, the Riviera Nayarit Turtle Network is also giving independence to the first of two Hawksbill sea turtles which will carry satellite transmitters. Join the celebration on Litibu Beach on September 15.

Ecological Police in Puerto Vallarta Support Sea Turtle Protection


Last week, the Puerto Vallarta Ecological Police collected a total of 988 sea turtle eggs and were responsible for 151 sea turtle hatchlings to be released into the sea, as part of preventive actions in our municipality.

Visit Riviera Nayarit for Your Summer 2013 Vacation

Enjoying Mexico

Riviera Nayarit is only 10 minutes away from the Puerto Vallarta airport and located at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. There are almost 200 miles of sandy beaches, resort hotels and many attractions.

New Sea Turtle Regulations and Update from San Pancho's Ecological Group

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

This February, new regulations call for moving, changing, or eliminating any light sources that illuminate a nesting beach. Authorities are already informing beachside homeowners, hotels and restaurants of the new rules and will soon be checking for compliance.

Sea Turtles Release in PV, a Lesson in Perseverance

Postmedia News

It's not just tourists that like the beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Sea turtles love them, too. Female turtles, specifically Olive Ridley sea turtles, come in droves every year to the Puerto Vallarta beaches, where they were born, to lay their own eggs.

Ecological Group of Costa Verde Reports on Turtles, Iguanas & Happenings in San Pancho

Ecological Group of Costa Verde

On June 19th our first ever Iguana eggs hatched, and what an experience! Unlike the marine turtle hatchling that lies motionless for hours, these Iguana hatchlings leap from the egg like greased lightning.

Winners of Sea Turtle Drawing Contest to be Announced in La Penita de Jaltemba

Riviera Nayarit Convention & Visitors Bureau

On Saturday, June 29, 4:30 pm, we will announce the winners of the Sea Turtle Drawing Contest at the El Naranjo Turtle Camp. There are 20 finalists in each of the two categories of first to third graders and fourth to sixth graders.

Turtle Release Season in Puerto Vallarta: An Adventure for the Whole Family


Come and enjoy a beautiful sunset along with the incomparable experience of contributing in preserving an endangered species. The sea turtle release season in Puerto Vallarta is about to start.

Volunteers Needed for Turtle Release Programs During the Summer Months

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

Assisting at a turtle release in Riviera Nayarit is one of the most endearing activities one can do in our destination. It’s also possible to witness a turtle coming out of the water to lay its eggs in the sand, and experience the miracle of life.

Marine Turtle Protection Program in Need of Help


The shortfall today at Grupo Ecologico in San Pancho, Nayarit, is due to unforeseen expenses last season, such as damage from hurricane waves, termites and a vehicle fire. We have repaired the damage but need your help now.

Turtle News from Costa Verde Ecological Group

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

September 1st through the 25th has always been one hellish time of the year. It is the peak of the nesting season, and on top of everything else, this year we've recorded 225 nests over all other years.

'San Pancho Day' Festival on the Riviera Nayarit

All San Pancho

San Pancho, located on the Rivera Nayarit in Mexico is having its annual San Pancho Days festival starting on September 25th. The nine-day festival honoring Saint Francis of Assisi is called Feast Day and runs from September 25th through October 4th.

Puerto Vallarta Ramps Up Ecological Offerings

Fideicomiso de Turismo de Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with ecological diversity and beauty. Banderas Bay shelters numerous diverse ecosystems, including tropical lagoons, rainforests, mangroves, pristine beaches, waterfalls, and spectacular mountains.

Discovering Treasures Inside "Golf Balls": Little Olive Ridley Turtles

I am very glad that initiatives like this one are having support; the kind that protect local animals and educate people. After volunteering at that camp, I went from knowing the basics about turtles to actually care about them.

Rescued Hawksbill Turtle Returned to the Sea

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

The endangered Hawksbill sea turtle that was found last May with a hook in her throat recovered completely and was reinserted to her natural habitat on July 22, 2012, in Riviera Nayarit.

Guests Help Baby Sea Turtles at Puerto Vallarta Resort

Los Angeles Times

Because a beach full of tourists is not a safe place for turtle eggs, the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort collects the nests, incubates them in an on-site nursery and counts on guests and their children to release hatchlings into Banderas Bay.

Puerto Vallarta Begins Annual Release of Turtles

El Semanario

The objective is to protect this species in danger of extinction and has the support of authorities, hotels, restaurants, fishermen and the community of Puerto Vallarta.

Hawksbill Turtle Rescued Off Shore in Guayabitos

We are accustomed to seeing Olive Ridley turtles in our area, and their numbers have increased in some areas due to the conservation efforts up and down our coast. Hawksbills, on the other hand, are rarely sighted here.

Riviera Nayarit Needs Volunteers to Save Turtles

CVB of Riviera Nayarit

During the summer and fall months, travelers can volunteer or go on tours of nurseries and nesting sites to learn about the fascinating life cycle of sea turtles for just one night or participate in a two-month volunteer project. Participate in rare turtle hatching this Summer.

Turtle News from Grupo Ecologico Costa Verde

Grupo Ecologico de la Costa Verde

The beach nursery now contains forty nests that began hatching around January 12th. By the end of the season, the beach should have produced about 10,300 hatchlings, for a grand total of 64,800, more or less.

Abandoned Fishing Nets Are Being Recycled in Mexico

Recycling Today

World Animal Protection says it has joined forces with the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita, Monterey Bay Diving and local fishermen in San Felipe, Mexico, to locate abandoned gillnets in vaquita porpoise habitat areas.

Breeding-Age Female Vaquita Porpoise Dies After Being Taken Into Captivity


This past weekend, however, it was announced that another vaquita — a breeding-age female — was taken into captivity and subsequently died.

Mexico Announces Capture of Rare Vaquita Porpoise

Agence France-Presse

Mexico said Saturday it had captured a rare vaquita marina porpoise - a female of reproductive age - as part of a last-ditch bid to save the critically endangered species.

Scientists Rescue Baja’s First Vaquita Porpoise, Making Conservation History


Scientists with the VaquitaCPR conservation project announced they succeeded in locating and rescuing a highly endangered vaquita porpoise this week, but in an abundance of caution the vaquita, which was a calf, was released.

Sea Turtles Are a Conservation Success Story - Mostly

Oceans Deeply

Many populations of endangered sea turtles are recovering, but some continue to drop. Sea turtle biologist Margaret Lamont talks about why differences in biology and ecology hinder some turtles from bouncing back and why the animals are so difficult to study.

A Desperate Push to Save Mexico’s Vaquita Porpoise

The San Diego Union-Tribune

A flotilla of small vessels set off into Mexico’s Upper Gulf of California before daybreak last Friday, launching a daring and desperate quest to prevent the extinction of a species.

Oaxaca Sea Turtle Arrivals Up 20% Over Last Year

Mexico News Daily

The recovery of olive ridley sea turtles over the last decade appears to be well under way as up to 22% more turtles arrived on two beaches in Oaxaca to lay their eggs this season.

Largest Marine Protected Area in North America Created Off Mexico’s Pacific Coast

National Geographic

The Mexican government has announced the creation of a new marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean last week, the largest protected area of its kind in North America.

Mexico Launches Roundup to Save Vaquita Porpoise

Center for Biological Diversity

Wildlife officials in Mexico next week will attempt to capture and protect some of the last vaquita on Earth in a desperate effort to save these small porpoises from extinction.

Dolphin Baby Boom Could Follow Recent Hurricanes


Hurricanes Irma and Maria tragically caused incredible damage throughout the Caribbean to both humans and property. But amid the horrors, there may be one tiny bright spot to come: more baby bottlenose dolphins.

The Fight to Save Mexico’s Vaquitas from Extinction

Hakai Magazine

Proclamations of doom for the vaquita have been common in articles covering the species for at least a decade. But now, it seems certain that the porpoise has one last bid at survival.

Pacific Nations Promise to Recover Bluefin Tuna

Van Nuys News Press

Last week Pacific nations came together and agreed, for the first time, to recover the population of Pacific bluefin tuna to a sustainable level.

Activists Blame Mexico Gov’t for Near-Loss of Vaquita

Agence France-Presse

While Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has embarked on a much-vaunted campaign to save the estimated 30 vaquitas that remain, the effort is too little, too late, said Greenpeace and other groups.

Garbage Patch Bigger Than Mexico Found in Pacific

National Geographic

A research team has discovered a plastic garbage patch in the South Pacific Ocean estimated to be bigger than Mexico.

Sea Turtles Storm Protected Mexico Beach to Lay Eggs


Mexico’s beautiful Playa La Escobilla was crawling with nesting marine turtles this week as they emerged from the sea to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches in their annual migration during the months of August and September.

US Will Not Be Listing Bluefin Tuna as Endangered

Mercury News

Rejecting a petition from environmental groups, the Trump administration has announced that it will not list Pacific bluefin tuna as endangered, despite that fact that the animal’s population has fallen 97 percent.

US Govt to Spend $600K Rescuing Mexican Porpoises

CBS News 8

United States taxpayers will pay more than $600,000 for a daring rescue operation in Mexico aimed at rounding up porpoises in the Sea of Cortez.

Profepa Finds More Vaquitas Remain Than Thought

Mexico News Daily

Counting porpoises is doubtless a challenging task but the federal environmental attorney declared last week that the number of remaining vaquita porpoises is higher than estimated earlier this year.

Tourist Rescues Massive Sea Turtle Stuck on Its Back on Beach in Cozumel


This is the heartwarming moment a sea turtle is saved by a Good Samaritan tourist after it had become stuck on its back.

Cancun Pioneers Scheme to Insure Its Coral Reef

The Guardian

A stretch of coral reef off the Mexican coast is the testing ground for a new idea that could protect fragile environments around the world: insurance.

Tour Shows the Horrors of Pollution in State of Jalisco

Agencia EFE

A group of activists has created what they call a Horror Tour of the Mexican municipality of El Salto, in order to raise awareness of the pollution in the Santiago River, which has caused countless deaths over the past few decades.

Save the Vaquita Day Marked By Coordinated Efforts

National Marine Mammal Foundation

The world is marking International Save the Vaquita Day on July 8 by supporting VaquitaCPR’s ambitious, emergency plan to help save the vaquita porpoise from extinction in the northern Gulf of California.

Government Issues Permanent Ban on Gillnet Fishing to Save Endangered Vaquita Porpoise

Associated Press

Mexico enacted a permanent ban on gillnet fishing in the northern Gulf of California on Friday in a bid to protect the critically endangered porpoise known as the vaquita marina.

Help Save the Vaquita By Boycotting Mexican Shrimp

Animal Welfare Institute

Fewer than 30 vaquita porpoise are left in Mexico’s northern Gulf of California, and experts have said that if the government of Mexico does not enact a permanent ban on the use of all gillnets, the vaquita will be extinct in less than three years.

UNESCO to Include Gulf of California Islands in List of Endangered Heritage


The UNESCO World Heritage Committee will analyze next July the enlisting of the site comprised of the “protected islands and areas of the Gulf of California,” in Mexico, to its list of World Heritage in Danger.

Why Mexican Fishermen Are Going from Shark Hunting to Shark Protecting


They can actually earn a much better living through ecotourism than what they are currently going through with shark fishing.

Sea Shepherd Releases Never Before Seen Footage of Cuvier’s Beaked Whales Near Guadalupe Island

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd’s research vessel the R/V Martin Sheen returned to Mexico’s Guadalupe Island to continue its study of Cuvier’s beaked whales, capturing never before seen drone footage of these rare and elusive cetaceans.

The Campaign to Save Mexico’s Vaquita Porpoise Faces the Same Problems as the War on Drugs

The Conversation

The Mexican government has spent ten years and more than US$60m trying to clamp down on the supply of illegally hunted vaquita, with no success. The message from critics is “double your efforts”.

Last 30 Vaquitas to Be Removed from Wild in Mexico


The extinction of the vaquita, small porpoises found only in the Gulf of California off the coast of Mexico, may be imminent if action is not taken to save the small remaining number from being killed or dying off.

The Unstoppable Destruction of the World’s Forests

Inter Press Service

The world’s ancient forests are in crisis - a staggering 80 per cent have already been destroyed or degraded and much of what remains is under threat from illegal and destructive logging.

Leonardo DiCaprio Tweets to Save Mexico’s Vaquita


Leave it to Leonardo DiCaprio to remind us that social media can serve a porpoise. The vaquita porpoise, to be precise.

Overfishing Threatens Gulf of California Ecosystem

Science Times

According to the collection of data by the researchers, overfishing is stretching the fishing capacity of the region that supplies 75% of fish for Mexico.

Lawmakers Approve Reforms to Ban Captivity of Marine Life in Mexico


The plenary approved the reform to prohibit the use of marine mammals of any species, such as whales, dolphins and manatees, in fixed or itinerant shows.

Endangered Vaquita Porpoise Found Dead in Mexico

Zee News

An endangered vaquita porpoise was found dead in the Gulf of Mexico, the country`s environmental protection authority said this week, bringing to four the number of dead vaquitas found in 2017.

The Race to Save Mexico's Vaquita from Extinction

PRI's The World

Illegal fishermen in northern Mexico are being blamed for driving the world’s most endangered marine mammal to the brink of extinction.

Fishermen in Nayarit Lobby for Mangrove Protection

Al Jazeera

Mexico has the fourth highest number of mangroves in the world and millions depend on them for their livelihoods. Fishermen have joined a government fight to stop mangroves from being destroyed.

New Funding to Save Mexico's Endangered Vaquita


In a bid to save the world’s smallest species of porpoise from extinction, the Mexican government has announced a pledge of $3 million dollars to place some of them in a temporary refuge.

Fishermen Burn Boat, Demand Environmentalists Get Out of Gulf of California

Associated Press

Dozens of fishermen have burned a boat as part of a threat to force out a ship operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Mexico's Gulf of California.

World Landmarks Go Dark for 10th Annual Earth Hour

News Talk

Major landmarks across the globe turned off their lights for sixty minutes Saturday night to mark Earth Hour, a worldwide event that aims to draw attention to climate change caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas to drive cars and power plants.

Totoaba Poachers' Risky Tactics Endanger Vaquitas

Associated Press

Mexican poachers are using go-fast boats, leading authorities trying to protect an endangered porpoise on 80km chases and parking pickup trucks on beaches to load boats and escape quickly.

Saving the Almost Extinct Vaquita Porpoise in Mexico

Al Jazeera

Illegal fishermen in northern Mexico are being blamed for driving the world’s most endangered marine mammal to the brink of extinction. A team of international scientists and conservationists is battling to save the small and rarely seen porpoise.

Most Predatory Fish Gone from Caribbean Coral Reefs

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have found that up to 90 percent of predatory fish are gone from Caribbean coral reefs, straining the ocean ecosystem and coastal economy.

Mangrove Alliance Announced at World Ocean Summit

The Yucatan Times

Environmental groups plot course to reverse loss of mangroves during World Ocean Summit last week in Bali.

How a Teenager Is on Track to Plant a Trillion Trees

National Geographic

Felix Finkbeiner is 19 - and Plant-for-the-Planet, the environmental group he founded, together with the UN’s Billion Tree campaign, has planted more than 14 billion trees in more than 130 nations.

CleanSeas Campaign Declares War on Ocean Plastic

Inter Press Service

The #CleanSeas campaign is a global movement targeting governments, industry and consumers to urgently reduce the production and excessive use of plastic that is polluting the earth’s oceans, damaging marine life and threatening human health.

A Desperate Bid to Save Mexico's Vanishing Vaquitas

The New York Times

In the shallow sea waters of the Gulf of California swims a porpoise that few have seen, its numbers dwindling so fast that its very existence is now in peril. Experts propose keeping some in captivity as a last resort.

With Oceans in Danger, Cabo Pulmo Shows the Way

Al Jazeera

A world ocean summit is being held in Bali, where experts are trying to find how we can enjoy our oceans without destroying them. One village in Mexico could point the way.

Biosphere Reserves in Mexico Expand Conservation

Island Conservation

In December, Mexico announced the establishment of three new biosphere reserves that will conserve over 2.7 million acres, 21 islands, 97 islets, and the surrounding marine areas. The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve will protect islands and the marine environment along the Baja California peninsula.

Gray Whales in Baja Endangered by Global Warming


Rising water temperatures are threatening gray whales that come to give birth every winter in Mexico's Baja California lagoon.

With Just 30 Left, Time Runs Out for Mexico's Vaquita


Mexico has a choice to make: Put in an all-out effort to permanently ban and remove all gillnets from vaquita habitat in the Gulf of California or be responsible for the extinction of this unique porpoise. If they don’t take real action, the disappearance of vaquitas is on them.

Sea Shepherd Rescues Drowning Fisherman in Gulf of California Fleeing Illegal Fishing Activity

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The Farley Mowat and the Sam Simon are currently in the Gulf of California as part of Operation Milagro III to stop the imminent extinction of the endangered vaquita porpoise. Both ships are protecting the vaquita refuge and patrolling for poachers.

Last-Ditch Recovery Efforts to Save Mexico's Vaquitas

IBTimes UK

It's hoped that a breeding program in a sanctuary for vaquita porpoises could eventually allow larger numbers to be released back into the wild.

See Kiteboarders Rescue Beached Dolphin in Yucatan


A group of kiteboarders in Mexico were filmed coming ashore to help a disoriented young dolphin that beached itself in the sand.

Mexican Aphrodisiac Fish More Pricey Than Cocaine

Agencia EFE

A fish endemic to Mexico’s Gulf of California has been the target of poaching for decades because its swim bladder is highly coveted in China, where it is believed to possess aphrodisiac and medicinal properties.

Underwater Statues May Help Save Our Coral Reefs


English-Guyanese artist Jason deCaires Taylor is doing his part to save the reefs with these incredible underwater sculptures.

Lawsuit Threatened Over Failure to Sanction Mexico for Illegal Totoaba Trade, Vaquita Decline

The Center for Biological Diversity

The U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity formally threatened legal action to force the United States to sanction Mexico over illegal fishing that has caused the drastic decline of vaquita.

Climate Change 2016: The Year the Future Arrived


We live on a very complicated and dangerous planet that is worthy of great respect and awe. The past year's advances in climate science should urge us to put that respect and awe into practice, taking definitive action against global warming.

Navy Dolphins to Help Locate Rare Vaquita Porpoises

The Los Angeles Times

Members of the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program, the dolphins are part of a team being assembled on both sides of the border aimed at capturing live vaquitas - something that has never been accomplished.

Poachers Arrested by Mexican Navy to Save the Nearly Extinct Vaquita Porpoise

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Six fishing boats engaged in illegal activities were spotted by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Mexico's Sea of Cortez, ending in their arrest by the Mexican Navy.

Mexico Tourism Board Supports Continued Protection of the Country's Biodiversity

Mexico Tourism Board

The thirteenth annual Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity held in Cancun was the setting for the launch of Mexico Tourism Board’s new campaign focused on the country’s biodiversity and its wealth in terms of nature, culture and gastronomy.

Developmentalism and Conservation Clash Out at Sea

Inter Press Service

Representatives of native peoples all over the world took part in a meeting during the Conference on Biodiversity in Cancun, Mexico. Indigenous delegates in the summit were defending their rights and their natural resources, which are threatened by climate change, the extractive industries and biopiracy.

Tulum's Comunite Festival Will Donate Its Proceeds to Preserving Coral Reefs


Since its inception, the Comunite Festival in Tulum, Mexico has made a name for itself by supporting audacious environmental and social causes. This year, the festival will donate its proceeds to Restore Coral in order to preserve the Caribbean coral reefs.

Effort to Catch, Protect Mexico's Remaining Vaquitas

The Associated Press

So few of Mexico's vaquita porpoises remain that the international committee to protect the endangered species is preparing to catch and enclose as many as it can in a last-ditch effort to save it.

Mexico Creates 4 New Protected Biological Reserves

The Associated Press

Mexico's president signed decrees creating four new biological reserves and five other protected areas this week, setting aside about 160 million acres for environmental conservation.

UNAM Scientists Have Discovered 'Bees' in the Ocean

Science Alert

For the first time, National Autonomous University of Mexico researchers have found evidence that underwater ecosystems have pollinators that perform the same task as bees on land.

Murdered Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Named UN 'Champion of the Earth'

Agence France-Presse

Berta Caceres, a Honduran activist murdered early this year, was posthumously awarded Friday one of the UN's top prizes for the inspiration she gave in standing up to powerful interests.

Conservationists Want You to Eat More of This Fish

PRI's The World

With its arsenal of spiny, venom-tipped fin rays, the lionfish is not a typical ingredient in your fish tacos. But at Norman’s Cay, a restaurant in downtown Manhattan, lionfish comes grilled or fried — and its mild white meat is starting to show up in other restaurants in Florida and New York.

Mexico Plans to Boost Program to Untangle Sea Lions

ABC News

Mexico’s office for environmental protection says the program has now successfully operated on a total of seven sea lions in the area around the island of Espiritu Santo, in the Baja California resort of La Paz.

Thieves Riding Donkeys Steal Sea Turtle Eggs on Southern Mexican Beach

The Associated Press

On the same day that a Mexican sea turtles were released to the sea, thieves stole newly deposited eggs from nests.

Last-Ditch Effort to Save Mexico's Endangered Vaquita


The world’s most endangered whale is slipping closer and closer to extinction, prompting the International Whaling Commission to call for a permanent ban on gillnet fishing in its habitat in a last-ditch effort to save it.

Will Agreement to Protect Marine Life be a Success?

Al Jazeera

It has taken years of negotiations but countries from around the world have finally reached an agreement to preserve marine life near Antarctica. But the world has seen numerous deals to tackle and prevent climate change and its impact on wildlife. Will this deal be any different?

'Jacuzzi of Despair' Found Beneath the Gulf of Mexico

The Christian Science Monitor

Scientists have found a lake under an ocean in the Gulf of Mexico, dubbing it the "Jacuzzi of Despair" for its high salt content and temperature that has killed creatures who accidentally fall into it.

Saving Mexico's Endangered Sea Turtles Will be Good for Tourism Too

The Conversation

Mexico can keep its place as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world by respecting its coastal ecosystems. In doing so, it will also protect the sea turtles that call its beaches home.

Mana Fighting to Help Sea Turtles with Clothing Line

The Associated Press

Mexican rock band Mana, known for its environmental activism, is stepping into the fashion industry with Ritos del Sol, a line of ecofriendly jeans and T-shirts for men and women, in fight to save endangered sea turtles.

Save Mexico's Vaquita: Plea at World Whale Assembly

Sometimes referred to as Mexico's "panda of the sea", there were a mere 59 known vaquitas by the end of last year, according to reports to the International Whaling Commission.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Are Heading Towards Protection

Courthouse News Service

Thirteen conservation groups and a former National Fisheries biologist petitioned for federal protection for Pacific bluefin tuna, and the marine agency agreed listing may be warranted.

Invasion of Lionfish Is an 'Unprecedented Threat'


The population of Cuji fish, native to the southeastern coast of the United States, has dropped almost by half since 1990 - a time that coincides with the start of an invasion by lionfish, which originate from the Indian Ocean and western Pacific.

World Is Making Last Push to Save Mexico's Vaquita

The Washington Post

This is how bad things have gotten for the world’s cutest little porpoise. With only about 60 left, an international treaty of governments is making a last, desperate effort to save them because earlier measures haven’t worked.

Mana Launch Ethical Fashion Line to Aid Eco-Charity


Mexican rockers Mana are launching their own clothing line to help save sea turtles.

Locals Protect Endangered Turtle Eggs from Poachers on Oaxacan Beach

Fox News Latino

It’s the time of the year when thousands of marine turtles descend on a less-than-10-mile long strip of sand in the state of Oaxaca on Mexico’s Pacific coast to lay their eggs.

Watch This Scuba Diver Decimate the Lionfish Population with a Glock 17


Courtland Hunt has just changed the underwater game by successfully shooting invasive Lionfish over 100ft underwater with a customized Glock 9mm handgun in the Gulf of Mexico.

Journey Into the Incredible Cloud Forests of Mexico

Atlas Obscura

Discover why the pristine cloud forests of Mexico - threatened by coffee, logging and climate change - are so special and learn why it's so important to conserve the wild places of the earth.

Meat-Free Shrimp Could be Superhero to Our Oceans

What if all-you-can-eat shrimp buffets could help save lives and the planet? Eating shrimp is unsustainable for our oceans and hazardous to our health, but what about shrimp created entirely from plants?

Sea Shepherd Crewmember Targeted While on Operation to Save the Endangered Totoaba

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

A crew member aboard the Sea Shepherd vessel M/V Farley Mowat received anonymous death threats last week while on campaign in the Sea of Cortez.

Plan Underway to Save Mexico's Endangered Vaquita

Researchers are investigating a conservation strategy that involves capturing and placing some of the remaining vaquitas in enclosures out in the gulf - in an effort to save them. There are, however, a lot of risks to this strategy.

California Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Shows, Captive Breeding and Export of Orcas


The California State Legislature last week approved a historic bill that would ban the breeding of captive killer whales and orca performances in that state. It would also prohibit the export of captive orcas out of North America.

How Eating Invasive Lionfish Helps the Environment

Foreign Policy

The Pacific lionfish has taken over the Caribbean, killing reefs and decimating local species. Could Whole Foods be the answer?

In Isla Mujeres, Marine Conservation Through Art

Caribbean Journal

On a small island off the Caribbean coast of Mexico, a group of artists are working to promote marine conservation in a rather special way.

These Wired, Fake Turtle Eggs Could Track Down Poachers and Crack Illegal Trade

The Washington Post

Smooth to the touch and perfectly round, these ping pong ball-size eggs could easily pass for any of the millions laid and buried every year by endangered sea turtles on the beaches along the North and Central American coasts.

Farmers in Mexico Are Giving Nighttime Firefly Tours to Preserve Their Forests


Fireflies’ annual mating ritual is one of nature’s most stunning events, and a small farming community in Mexico wants tourists to see it.

Mexico Launches Drones to Save Endangered Vaquita

Agence France-Presse

Mexico's government has launched three drones to back efforts to prevent illegal fishing activities that have led to the near extinction of the vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise.

Mexico Bans Night Fishing, Gillnets to Save Vaquita

The Associated Press

Mexican authorities say they are banning night fishing and gill nets in an area inhabited by the endangered vaquita marina porpoise.

Seeds Smuggled from Mexico May Cause Extinctions

CCTV America

When we think of global threats of extinction, exotic animals usually come to mind. But many rare plants also are at risk of disappearing forever.

UN to Mexico: Save the Vaquita or Risk Heritage Status

Center for Biological Diversity

The United Nation’s World Heritage Committee directed Mexico to take immediate action to save the imperiled vaquita porpoise, or risk “in danger” status for its “Islands and Protected Areas of the Gulf of California” World Heritage site.

Totoaba Trafficking Easy Money for Mexico Criminals

InSight Crime

The illegal trafficking of a fish endemic to Mexico's waters is reportedly a low-risk trade that is generating huge profits for criminal organizations looking to feed black-market demand in Asia.

Assisted Breeding for Mexico's Endangered Vaquita?

The Guardian

As the vaquita – the world’s smallest porpoise – plunges toward extinction, scientists have a tough decision ahead of them: to attempt a super risky captive breeding program or not?

First Great White Shark Caught Sleeping on Film Along Baja's Guadalupe Island

Mother Nature Network

Remarkable footage was captured by a robotic submersible that tracked a female great white shark as it swam at night around Guadalupe Island, near Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

How Our Consumer Culture Is Killing the Whales


A new documentary explores the boom in noise pollution from ocean shipping that is disrupting the habitat of marine mammals.

Filmmaker Hopes to Save a Tiny Porpoise in Mexico

Boise State Public Radio

Idaho filmmaker Matthew Podolsky has been filming a short documentary in Mexico, trying to save what’s often called “the Panda of the Sea.”

2015 Was the Worst Year on Record for Killings of Land and Environmental Defenders

For the new report On Dangerous Ground, Global Witness documented 185 killings across 16 countries – by far the highest annual death toll on record and more than double the number of journalists killed in the same period.

NOAA Expert Puts the World in World Sea Turtle Day

NOAA Fisheries

Listen to Manjula Tiwari, a sea turtle scientist with NOAA. Dr. Tiwari works all over the world helping communities that live near sea turtle nesting beaches to protect their sea turtle populations.

Video Inspires a New Generation of Ocean Activists


On World Oceans Day this week, author and activist Joel Harper used the occasion to unveil an animated video based on his popular children’s book, All the Way to the Ocean.

Debate Surrounds Saving Mexico's Vaquita Porpoise

Associated Press

A new report on Mexico's endangered vaquita marina porpoise says authorities may have to consider trapping some of the few remaining specimens to try to breed them in captivity or semi-captivity. Some experts oppose that, saying it could kill the few vaquitas left.

'Go Wild for Life' on World Environment Day 2016

This year’s theme for WED – Go Wild for Life – encourages you to celebrate all those species under threat and take action of your own to help safeguard them for future generations.

World's Smallest Porpoise Nears Extinction in Mexico

60 Minutes

You would think the most endangered sea mammal in the world would be a cause celebre but, as Sharyn Alfonsi reports, that's not the case with the vaquita.

Brewing Up a Six-Pack Ring That Won't Kill Sea Turtles


A biodegradable, edible invention from SaltWater Brewery and creative agency We Believers has people asking, ‘What took so long?’

Drone Footage Captures Thousands of Giant Mobula Rays Leaping Out of the Ocean


Amazing drone footage in Baja California, Mexico, captures the creatures huddled together in their hundreds before leaping into the air. The rays appear as suited to the sky as they do to the water, performing some awe-inspiring aerobatic displays.

REDD+ Needs Clarity - Not Confusion - in Chiapas

EcoLogic Development Fund

An introduction to the Lacandon indigenous group and their history as strong forest stewards in Mexico’s Lacandon Jungle.

Couple Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison for Smuggling Sea Turtle Eggs from Nayarit

San Diego Union-Tribune

A Southern California couple was sentenced to six months in prison for smuggling more than 900 endangered sea turtle eggs into the U.S. from Mexico.

Man Marries Tree in Mexico to Raise Eco-Awareness


For an eighth time, Peruvian actor and environmental activist Ricardo Torres has symbolically married a tree as part of an ecological awareness campaign to urge others to care for the environment.

Mexican Indigenous Environmental Activist Named Prisoner of Conscience

Amnesty International

A Mexican man unfairly imprisoned in what appears to be a punishment for his peaceful activism against illegal logging must be released immediately and unconditionally, Amnesty International said as it named him a “prisoner of conscience.”

Jairo Mora Loved Sea Turtles. They Killed Him for It.

The Daily Beast

It’s not only the drug cartels that use deadly violence to eliminate their enemies. When environmentalists stand up to big business they’re liable to be killed.

175 States Sign Landmark Deal on Climate Change

The Associated Press

The historic agreement on climate change marked a major milestone on Friday with a record 175 countries signing on to it on opening day. But world leaders made clear more action is needed, and quickly, to fight a relentless rise in global temperatures.

Why the World Needs Women on Earth Day & Beyond

The Huffington Post

On Earth Day, we have to ask: who owns the Earth? Who is making the decisions that are fundamental to the health of our planet? The answer is not necessarily women.

Conservationists Used a Night Vision Drone to Bust Poachers in the Gulf of California


Sea Shepherd, a ocean conservation group known for its aggressive tactics, recently deployed what might be an ideal weapon for catching poachers red-handed: a quadcopter drone equipped with a thermal night vision camera.

Eating Polluted Seafood May Damage Humans' Natural Defense System

Medical Daily

Pollutants found in fish could be making their way into our food supply and damaging our body's natural defense system.

Protecting Forests in Mexico Reaps Lasting Rewards

World Bank

This inspiring story of a single mom, her entrepreneur sons and a united community explains why the sustainable management of forests is good for the planet and makes good economic sense.

Residents Halt Cancun Developers to Protect and Revive a Beloved Mangrove


The residents of Cancun reacted and moved to protect and restore what was left of the beloved mangrove forest that has been recently targeted by developers and the Mexican government.

But Is Whale Shark Ecotourism Really Eco-Friendly?

Earth Island Journal

With such natural splendor at their disposal, it’s unsurprising that entrepreneurial locals have seized the opportunity to sell such a special ecotourism experience. The question that remains is how “eco” the opportunity really is.

Faking Out Poachers with 3D-Printed Sea Turtle Eggs


Conservationists hope to track the black market in eggs by tricking traders with artificial ones that contain wireless transmitters.

Mexico Steps Up Efforts to Save Endangered Vaquita

Latin American Herald Tribune

Federal agencies are stepping up patrols and monitoring to protect the Gulf of California harbor porpoise, and fight trafficking in the totoaba, an endangered fish species that is highly prized in China.

Play TakePart's 'Rare & Ready to Be Saved,' and Help Endangered Animals


Sixteen candidates are competing in “Rare & Ready to Be Saved,” TakePart’s annual bracket game aimed at having a bit of spirited fun while calling attention to the plight of some of the planet’s most imperiled animals.

World Water Day Highlights the Need for Safe Water


March 22nd marks World Water Day, and this year, we look at how using water wisely is everyone’s business.

'Unknown Animal' Measuring 13 Feet Long Baffles Authorities on Bonfil Beach


Officials and residents in Acapulco, Mexico, said they are perplexed by the large carcass of a mysterious sea creature that washed up on shore.

How Underwater Resorts Could Save the Coral Reefs

Travel Pulse

The concept of an underwater resort is a polarizing one. Nonetheless, the potential benefits of developing one possibly extend beyond the inevitable tourism draw.

Poachers Are Pushing Mexico's Vaquita to Extinction

Yale Environment 360

China’s lucrative black market for fish parts is threatening the vaquita, the world’s most endangered marine mammal. The porpoises, who live only in the Gulf of California, are getting caught up as bycatch in illegal gill nets and killed.

First Invasive Lionfish Found in Mexico's Southeast

Agencia EFE

A lionfish, an invasive species that damages the ecosystem by wiping out native fish and crustaceans, was caught in the southeastern Mexican state of Campeche.

Antarctica Could be Headed for Major Meltdown

UCLA Newsroom

UCLA geochemist finds striking similarities between climate change patterns today and millions of years ago.

Worth Protecting: Mexico's Marismas Nacionales


This living, breathing community, extending 2,000 square kilometers through Nayarit and Sinaloa states, is the largest mangrove forest on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Despite the importance of this rich environment, the Marismas Nacionales are at risk.

Marine Life Can't Keep Up with Rapid Climate Change


Researchers say that from British Columbia to Mexico, increasing acidity, rising temperatures, and lower oxygen levels are putting multiple stresses on marine life at the same time.

Mexicans Rescue Thousands of Deserted Turtle Eggs

Latin American Herald Tribune

More than abandoned 12,000 Golfina turtle eggs have been recovered from beaches in the Pacific coast states of Michoacan and Oaxaca.

The Ocean's Future Could All Hinge on One Woman


Even though world leaders ignored marine conservation in Paris, Sylvia Earle is optimistic. “For the first time in all of our history,” she said, “children are growing up in a world where we know what we’re doing to the planet.”

TED Talk: The Mysterious World of Underwater Caves

TEDYouth 2015

Cave diver Jill Heinerth explores the hidden underground waterways coursing through our planet. In this short talk, take a dive below the waves and explore the wonders of inner space.

Cozumel's 'Sea Walls' Project Shows That ARTivism Can be Very Cool


PangeaSeed, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting oceans, uses “artivism” to raise awareness about the threats facing oceans and sea life around the world.

The Long Journey to Save Mexico's Vanishing Vaquita

Summit County Voice

Conservation groups and the Mexican government are making progress in trying to avert extinction of the vaquita porpoise, a small marine mammal that lives only in a few thousand square miles in the northern Gulf of California.

Latin America's Illegal Wildlife Trade to US Is Booming


When it comes to newsworthy stories about the illegal wildlife industry, Chinese demand for ivory or rhino horn tends to grab headlines. But often overlooked is American demand for illegal goods, which is fueling an enormous amount of wildlife trafficking in Central and South America.

Mexico's Vaquita Porpoise Could Go Extinct in 2 Years


Will the world’s smallest and rarest porpoise still swim the waters of the Gulf of California two years from now? That’s the question for the vaquita, arguably the world’s most endangered marine mammal, which experts say has an extremely narrow window in which to avoid extinction.

Watch a Cruise Ship Pollute as Much as 13 Million Cars - in One Day


The cruise industry markets its ocean voyages as a chance for vacationers to “return to the sea” and forget their troubles onshore. But keeping 5,000 people afloat, fat, and happy comes with hidden environmental costs.

TED: An Underwater Art Museum, Teeming with Life

Mission Blue II

For sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, the ocean is more than a muse - it's an exhibition space and museum.

El Nino Brings Unexpected Fish from Mexico to US

VOA News

Thanks to El Nino, California's coastal waters have become more hospitable to fish from the tropics. Hammerhead sharks are among them.

Mexico Is One of the Worst Victims of Deforestation

Al Jazeera

Organized criminal gangs have helped make Mexico one of the worst victims of deforestation in the world. However, a small community is now taking on illegal loggers who used to be supported by gangs to protect their trees.

Rescuers Save 7 Beached Dolphins in Baja California

New Europe

Mexican environmental authorities say they were able to lead seven beached dolphins back to sea but 16 others died on the beaches of the Baja California peninsula.

Why This Is a Breakthrough Year for the Environment

Environmental Defense Fund

While data suggests that 2015 will likely go down as the hottest year on record, this has also been a year when we’ve made extraordinary environmental progress in five key areas. We have the numbers to prove it.

NOAA Says 'Worst Ever' El Nino Set to Become MEGA


Earlier this year, the United Nations warned that El Nino could be the 'worst ever' and new data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirms that a 'Mega Nino' is on the way.

Budget Woes Threaten Mexico's Green Reputation

The Washington Post

In Mexico, conservationists say, environmental oversight is becoming as vulnerable as the wildlife, as program budgets have shrunk and scores of employees at the agency that monitors protected areas have been fired.

Vallarta Activist Has a Lot to Say About Climate Change

Vallarta Saludable A & P

Olympic skier and climate activist Suzy Chaffee joins the calls of millions around the world to ensure binding agreements on climate change by the 200 world leaders during the COP21 2015 Paris conference.

COP21: People Power for Global Climate Protection

Deutsche Welle

Across the planet, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets over the weekend for protests at innumerable locations - to demand meaningful action for moving on from fossil fuels and stopping climate change.

Operation Milagro: The Vaquita Defense Campaign

HuffPost Green

The world's most critically endangered marine mammal - a small porpoise called the vaquita that only resides in the Sea of Cortez - is finally getting the attention it so desperately needs to survive.

Unraveling Latin America's Illegal Wildlife Trade


75 to 90 percent of trafficked animals die during transport, but profits are so lucrative that criminals continue emptying Latin America’s forests and oceans.

Genetically Engineered 'Frankenfish' OK'd by FDA

The Associated Press

What's for dinner? Before long, it may well be genetically modified salmon, the first such altered animal cleared for human consumption in the United States.

Kid Environmentalists Derail a $900M Mixed-Use Development in Cancun Mangroves


A group of kids in Cancun, one of Mexico’s hottest resort towns, has stopped the razing of dozens of hectares of mangrove forest for a massive development - for now.

Can Drones Protect Turtles from Mexico's Poachers?


Mexican officials have announced they are deploying drones on beaches in Oaxaca in a bid to curb the illegal poaching of protected turtles and their eggs.

Trade Is Exploding in Illegal Latin American Wildlife


Millions of tropical birds, sharks, sea cucumbers, totoaba, queen conch, sea turtles, caimans and a vast number of other animals are falling victim to wildlife trafficking.

Mexico Hails Sightings of Near-Extinct Porpoise


An international scientific expedition has spotted up to 25 individual specimens of a near-extinct small porpoise in Mexico's Gulf of California, amid efforts to save the critically endangered vaquita marina.

Former Mexican Navy Ship to Become Baja California's First Artificial Reef

Agencia EFE

The Uribe 121, a patrol boat donated by the Mexican Navy, will sink off the coast of Rosarito Beach in the northeastern Mexican state of Baja California on Nov. 21 to become the first artificial reef of the north Pacific.

Mexico's Vaquita Might Not Withstand the Rising Chinese Market for Totoaba Bladders


The vaquita, an endangered harbor porpoise that only lives in the Gulf of California, is being killed as collateral damage in the hunt for the bladders of an endangered fish that shares these same waters.

3.5 Tons of Shark Fins Seized in Western Mexico

Agencia EFE

Authorities seized 3.5 tons of shark fins and 529 kilos of sea bass swim bladders in Manzanillo, a coastal city in the western Mexican state of Colima, the Profepa federal environmental protection agency said.

WWF Reports Marine Population Halved Since 1970


Populations of marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have declined by 49% since 1970, a report says. The study says some species people rely on for food are faring even worse, noting a 74% drop in the populations of tuna and mackerel.

Tourists Thwart Turtles from Nesting in Costa Rica

The New York Times

The day-trippers swarmed onto the beach to watch one of nature’s most extraordinary sights, hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles crawling out of the ocean to lay their eggs in the sand. The turtles did not want the company.

Endangered Vaquita Porpoises Seen in Sea of Cortez

The Himalayan Times

A newly launched effort to find critically endangered vaquita marina porpoises has already spotted at least two and perhaps three of the elusive, rarely seen creatures in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

SEMARNAT Again Rejects Coastal Project That Threated Cabo Pulmo National Park

Natural Resources Defense Council

In a win for Mexico's coral reefs, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources once more issued a resounding "NO" to the massive Cabo Cortes coastal tourism project that threatened Cabo Pulmo National Park.

Majority of World's Sea Turtles Ingest Human Rubbish


More than half of the world’s sea turtles have ingested plastic or other human rubbish which can result to health problems and even deaths, claims an international study led by a University of Queensland.

Dorado from Mexico May be Illegal to Import Into US


The Presidential task force on IUU, has announced that dorado from Mexico is now an IUU at risk species. As a result illegal fishing operations in Mexico should no longer be allowed to export dorado into the US and it’s extremely lucrative sea food market.

Low Score for Mexico from Ocean Health Index

Riviera Maya News

Among the 221 countries and regions recently evaluated by Ocean Health Index, Mexico ranked 155. According to their appraisal, Mexico’s low score is the result of the over-exploitation of fishing and pollution.

Blue Whale Entangled in Fishing Line Reported Sighted in Mexico Waters

CBS News

A boat off the coast of Mexico apparently spotted the blue whale Monday that rescuers first saw several days ago entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line near Los Angeles.

An 'Accidental Extinction' Faces Mexican Porpoise

PRI's The World

The world’s most endangered marine mammal is a small porpoise called the vaquita - Spanish for little cow. The vaquita has been under threat for years, but now the poaching of a rare fish may be driving the tiny Mexican porpoise to extinction.

Rising Number of Cancerous Sea Turtles in Mexico

Riviera Maya News

Aside from marine pollution and natural predators, researchers are finding an alarming increase in sea turtle cancer.

Mexico Says It Is Committed to Protect Sea Turtles

KRWG News22

Mexico disagrees with a U.S. conclusion, which says it is not doing enough to reduce the deaths of endangered sea turtles in fishing nets, and will ban Mexican sea products if it doesn’t bring protections up to U.S. standards.

Drones to Combat Turtle Egg Poachers in Mexico

ABC News

Authorities in Mexico will deploy drones on southwestern beaches in Oaxaca to protect against a reported surge in poaching of the eggs of the threatened Olive Ridley turtle.

Poachers Threaten Oaxaca Sea Turtle Population

Television del Sur

Poachers in the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca are threatening the continued existence of the Olive Ridley turtle. The sea turtles' eggs and nesting areas on the Pacific Coast had been protected by the navy until 2014.

Say Hello to Deep Blue: 'The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Filmed'

NBC News

Newly found footage of the 20-foot long great white was recorded off Mexico’s Guadalupe Island by shark expert Mauricio Hoyos Padilla in 2013.

Voices in the Ocean: A Journey Into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins

From Susan Casey, the New York Times bestselling author of 'The Wave' and 'The Devil’s Teeth,' a breathtaking journey through the extraordinary world of dolphins.

Drone Footage of Baja Tourists Interacting with a Grey Whale and Her Calf

Barcroft TV

Wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine used a drone to film a group of tourists having an incredible up-close encounter with a pod of grey whales off the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Observers Say Mexico Is Not Enforcing a Gillnet Ban Meant to Save Vaquitas

Citizens Voice

Despite a ban that started April 10, some Mexican fishermen are still using gillnets in the northern Gulf of Mexico to the detriment of critically endangered endemic porpoises.

97K Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Born on Mexico Beach


More than 97,000 Kemp's ridley sea turtles were born in recent days at the Playa Rancho Nuevo wildlife sanctuary in Mexico's Tamaulipas state, the National Protected Natural Areas Commission (Conanp) said.

Mexican Poachers Ignore Fishing Ban as Endangered Vaquita Nears Extinction


A Greenpeace vessel patrolling the Gulf of California finds that vaquita porpoise–killing gill-net fishing continues despite a government moratorium.

Sea of Cortez: The World's Aquarium

The Telegraph

The Sea of Cortez has an almost legendary status among divers and marine naturalists. John Steinbeck wrote a book about his voyage here aboard a scientific collecting expedition in 1940, and Jacques Cousteau famously called it “the world’s aquarium”.

Saving Mexico's Vaquita Just Got One Step Closer


There are only 97 vaquita left in the world and you’ve been part of a global campaign to save them. In fact, in just the last 5 weeks, 100,000 of you have stood up and demanded they be protected.

Time Running Out to Save the Sea of Cortez Vaquita

San Diego Union Tribune

Down to 50 individuals or less, according to the latest science, the disappearance of the vaquita from the northern Gulf of California would mark the first whale, dolphin or porpoise species to go extinct in North America in modern times.

Amazing Turtle's Eye-View of the Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is home to almost 6000 species. Thanks to GoPro, here’s what the journey through it looks like for one of them: a turtle’s eye view of the Reef.

A New Threat to Whales: Snake-Oil Salesmen


Just as unscrupulous dealers in China and Vietnam started making unsubstantiated claims a decade ago that rhino horn could cure cancer and hangovers, a Japanese company is now marketing whale meat as a way to treat dementia and fatigue.

175,000 Turtle Hatchlings Released on Mexican Beach

Latin American Herald Tribune

Environmental authorities in Mexico have released 175,416 hatchlings of the endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle at Playa Rancho Nuevo Sanctuary on the country’s northeastern Gulf coast.

Climate Change Is Century's Biggest Opportunity to Improve Global Health, Say Experts


Cutting carbon emissions would reap many health benefits, while failing to do so may lead to a long-term medical crisis.

Baja Diver Gets Up Close and Personal with a Colony of Playful Sea Lion Pups

Hundreds of curious sea lions couldn’t resist a closer look at Joost van Uffelen’s underwater camera when he and his team swam with the colony in Mexico.

'Paz Paz Bus' Is Taking a Message of Ecological Awareness to Rural Mexico

Al Jazeera

Driving through the most remote regions of Mexico, the artists driving the "Paz Paz Bus" are working to transform the struggling rural communities in Mexico.

Demise Imminent Without Drastic Action by Mexico to Save the Vaquita Porpoise

Center for Biological Diversity

A scientific report finds that vaquita porpoises declined by more than 40 percent in a single year and consequently only around 50 individuals of the species likely remain on Earth.

Google Street View Takes You Under the Streets and Deep Into the Sea


Google Street View is slowly but surely conquering Earth's land surfaces, but the oceans are still largely untapped territory. Last week, Google narrowed the gap a little by adding Street View imagery from more than 40 locations around the world, many of which are underwater.

Dolphins Go Wild in Back to the Blue Project to Free Captive Marine Mammals


A new report on the successful rehabilitation and release of wild-caught dolphins could well become the how-to manual for other efforts to “rewild” marine mammals at aquariums around the world.

Study: Climate Change May Kill Off 1 in 13 Species

Shanghai Daily

According to a new study published in the journal Science, Global warming will eventually push 1 out of every 13 species on Earth into extinction, with South America the hardest hit for any continent.

Tons of Endangered Sea Species Seized in Mexico

Prensa Latina

In the last three years, Mexico has seized some 18 tons of products and byproducts of Totoaba macdonaldi, an endangered fish, said the Federal Office for Environmental Protection.

Protecting Isla Isabel: The Galapagos of Mexico

Global 3000

In 2005 the UNESCO declared Isla Isabel and parts of the Gulf of California a world heritage site. Now the national park authority wants to protect the surrounding marine area as well, so life on the island can continue.

Environmental Authorities Seize Gallons of Stewed Iguana in Morelos State

The Guardian

Mexican environmental authorities say they seized 8.5 gallons of stew made of Mexican spiny-tailed iguanas, a protected species considered threatened in Mexico.

Cage Diving Offers View of Baja's Great White Sharks

The Columbus Dispatch

The chance to see these beasts interact in their natural environment inspires more excitement than fear for many adventurers. And those who meet the sharks quickly learn that the reputation is largely undeserved.

Activists: 'Premature' to Loosen Endangered Species Protection for Humpback Whales

The Hill

The National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed to loosen the protections for certain populations of humpback whales. But animal rights activists warn that doing so could put the whales in grave danger.

Scaling Sand Dunes and Saving Sea Turtles in Baja California Sur

Yahoo! Travel

Based in La Paz, Red Travel Mexico exists as a hybrid organization, half tour operator in the secluded paradises of the Baja peninsula and half nonprofit conducting sea turtle research.

Rare Footage of Endangered Vaquita in Sea of Cortez

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has captured rare footage of the elusive and endangered vaquita porpoise in the waters of Mexico’s Gulf of California, the small cetacean’s only home on Earth.

The Guardians of the Nesting Sea Turtles of Cancun

The Inquirer

In Cancun, it seems, guarding sea turtles is right up there with Jet-Skiing and parasailing as must-do adventures.

New Plan to Save Mexico's Rare Vaquita Porpoise

U-T San Diego

With the small and rarely seen vaquita porpoise verging on extinction, Mexico’s federal government is launching an unprecedented effort to save the species.

Map Shows Mexico Has a Shockingly High Number of Threatened and Endangered Species

Business Insider

A map of the countries with the most threatened mammal species shows that Mexico, with 101 threatened mammals, is one of the countries with the most.

Researcher Sylvia Earle's Wish: Protect Our Oceans

TED Talks

Legendary ocean researcher Sylvia Earle says we should all stop eating fish before it is too late.

Turtle Discovery May Provide Global Warming Clues

University Daily News

Scientists at the University of Florida claim that tropical turtle fossils discovered in Wyoming could unlock the clues to climate change.

Will Boycotting Mexican Seafood Save the Vaquita?

Natural Resources Defense Council

Frustrated that Mexico and the United States are not taking the steps necessary to save a small porpoise found only in the Gulf of California from going extinct, people are increasingly looking at banning or boycotting Mexican seafood products as the only way to produce necessary action in Mexico.

Cousteau Urges Need to Understand, Protect Ocean

Columbia Tribune

“We need to treat the world like a business and our resources like capital,” says Jean-Michel Cousteau, adding that the more humans “gobble up,” the closer the planet is to bankruptcy.

Filmmaker Turns Lens on One of Last Healthy Reefs

Living Isle

'Living Isle' is short film about the lives of the Garifuna people living in the Bay islands of Honduras. They live on the second largest reef in the World and have been doing so sustainably since 1797.

More Sick Sea Lion Pups Found on Pacific Beaches

Digital Journal

Marine scientists say 2015 could be the worst year on record for California’s iconic sea lion, the seemingly friendly marine mammal facing an uncharacteristic winter die-off that has animal lovers, beachgoers and environmentalists traumatized.

Environmental Groups Press Mexican Gov't for More Protection for Sea Turtles

Agencia EFE

The Mexican government should immediately impose regulations on the fishing industry in Baja California Sur to avoid penalties over the deaths of loggerhead sea turtles and take measures to protect the endangered species, two environmental groups said.

Emaciated Sea Lion Pups Increasing in Numbers

Tech News

Researchers are puzzled why hundreds of frail and starving sea lion pups continue to be washed ashore in California beaches.

150 Sea Turtles Found Dead in Mexico Lagoon


Cold temperatures are suspected of killing some 150 sea turtles found in a lagoon of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

Projects Abroad Mexico: Sea Turtle Conservation

Projects Abroad

Conservation volunteers in Mexico work alongside local experts on a variety of conservation and environmental projects, specifically focusing on the protection of turtles, crocodiles, and birds.

Scientists Rally to Protect Pacific Bluefin Tuna

CCTV America

Japanese scientists are exploring ways to prevent the extinction of Pacific bluefin tuna, one of the most over-fished species in the world.

Mexico Wants to Ban Nets, Save Endangered Porpoise

The Associated Press

Mexican authorities are proposing a $37 million plan to ban gillnet fishing in most of the upper Sea of Cortez to save the critically endangered vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise.

Child Admits Killing Gulf of Mexico Dolphin with Arrow


A child in Florida has confessed to killing a wild dolphin with a bow and arrow, according to federal investigators.

The Oceans' Plastic Pollution Problem Is Far Worse Than We Thought, and Here's Why


Ranging in size from a grain of salt to larger than a plastic water bottle, the plastic pollution in the world’s oceans weighs more than 269,000 tons - far more than scientists previously estimated.

Mexico's 'Wildlife Without Borders' Program

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The Wildlife Without Borders - Mexico is working to train over 300 tour operators from Jalisco, Nayarit and Oaxaca on humane and responsible practices when taking care of sea animals like humpback whales and their calves.

Endangered Hammerheads Swim from Protection

Nature World News

In Mexico in the eighties, the sea of Cortes was one of the best places to see these beautiful and majestic animals but at present it's hard to see even a few.

NGOs Petition Mexican President to Save the Vaquita in Advance of Major Decision

Natural Resources Defense Council

Identify problem - vaquita going extinct; identify cause - gillnets; identify solution - ban gillnets. Sounds easy, right? Maybe on paper, but the reality is something quite different.

8% of the World's Natural Resources in Danger

Television del Sur

UNESCO’s danger-list includes Mexico’s butterfly reserve and elephants and serves as a call to conservation of world heritage sites.

Study: Global Warming Worsening Watery Dead Zones

Associated Press

Global warming is likely playing a bigger role than previously thought in dead zones in oceans, lakes and rivers around the world and it’s only going to get worse, according to a new study.

There Are 2,584 Endangered Species in Mexico

The Yucatan Times

Mexico is a country rich in wildlife and makes up about 10 percent of the species living in the world; at least half of these are endemic. Unfortunately many of these species are endangered or at risk.

Thousands Gear Up for the People's Climate March


On Sunday, Sept. 21, a climate march through midtown Manhattan will kick off a week of high-profile climate events in the Big Apple.

Vaquitas in Mexico Could Go Extinct This Month

Wildlife News

With fewer than 25 breeding females estimated to be left and the totoaba fishing season about to get underway this month could determine the future of the world’s smallest porpoise.

Saving the World's Most Endangered Sea Mammal


Humans have driven to extinction four marine mammal species in modern times: Steller´s sea cow in 1768, the Caribbean monk seal in 1952, the Japanese sea lion in 1970, and the Chinese river dolphin in 2006. As you read this, we are on the brink of losing the fifth.

Tourist Videos Police Throwing Turtle Eggs Into the Sea in Manzanillo

Mexico News Daily

It’s turtle season on many Mexican beaches, which brings thousands of sea turtles ashore to lay their eggs — and numerous thieves to steal them. But it’s not often you see someone tossing them away.

Three Arrested in Oaxaca After Search Reveals 10,000 Stolen Turtle Eggs

Mexico News Daily

The three were detained after state authorities and inspectors from the federal environmental agency Profepa conducted a search on a bus in southeastern Oaxaca. The search was part of an ongoing operation to stop trafficking in marine wildlife.

Warning: This Movie Will Make You Want to Do Something to Save the Oceans

Mother Jones

Mission Blue tells the story of world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle as she travels the globe on an urgent mission to shed light on the dire condition of Earth's oceans.

Fascinating Things About Loggerhead Sea Turtles

A popular video making the rounds shows a time lapse view of loggerhead sea turtles hatching in the Florida Keys. It's such an amazing sight to see these tiny sea creatures emerge and head toward the water.

Vaquita, the Mexican Porpoise, Nears Extinction


An international team of scientists says that the critically endangered vaquita, a species of porpoise found only in Mexico’s Gulf of California, is fast approaching extinction and that all gillnet fishing in the animal’s range must be banned.

The Empty Aquarium: Mexico's Sea of Cortez Is Running Out of Fish


Located in between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez has been called the "Aquarium of the World;" it's home to over 950 varieties of fish and 30 species of marine mammals. But this maritime treasure and the creatures that call it home are in danger.

GoPro Video: Diver Saves Sea Turtle Tangled in Rope


Divers off the coast of Mexico save a sea turtle tangled in rope. Just when you think the turtle will swim away, he comes back to thank the diver for his help.

Obama Announces Initiative to Protect Pacific Ocean


President Barack Obama has announced a new initiative to protect parts of the Pacific Ocean from overfishing and environmental damage.

Can Underwater Art Save the Ocean's Coral Reefs?

Jason deCaires Taylor has created artificial reefs - statues placed anywhere from four to nine meters underwater - to encourage ecosystems to take hold and flourish. The statues are almost as diverse as the ecosystems they hope to foster.

World Oceans Day 2014: World's Most Polluted Seas Revealed


According to World Wide Fund for Nature, more than 80% of marine pollution is caused by land-based activities that cause oil spills, fertilizers and toxic chemical runoff and the discharge of untreated sewage.

Mexican Scientists Use Satellite Tracking Devices to Monitor Sea Turtles

Agencia EFE

Mexican scientists in Sinaloa released three loggerhead sea turtles in whose shells satellite tracking devices had been installed for the purpose of monitoring their migratory routes.

International Sea Turtle Society Calls on Mexico to Stop Endangered Sea Turtle Bycatch

The International Sea Turtle Society passed a strongly worded resolution urging Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto to stop the high rates of bycatch of endangered North Pacific loggerhead turtles in commercial fisheries operating in Baja California Sur.

Deficiencies in Cabo Dorado Environmental Impact Assessment Brought to Light

Natural Resources Defense Council

Heeding the calls of civil society and concerned citizens, Mexico’s environmental authority is holding a public information meeting on Cabo Dorado – the massive tourism and real-estate complex proposed just north of and adjacent to Cabo Pulmo National Park

The Dilemma of Mexico's Sea Cucumbers

Although sea cucumbers are barely consumed in Mexico, high demand in China fueled overfishing of the sea cucumbers in Yucatán waters and has greatly depleted the sea cucumber population in the area.

LatAm Nations Agree to Combat Climate Change

Agencia EFE

Participants in the 19th Latin American and Caribbean Environment Ministers Forum, held in Los Cabos, Mexico, agreed to promote a program of regional cooperation on climate change in areas of common interest.

US, Mexico Partner to Save the Colorado River Delta

Environmental Defense Fund

The Colorado’s delta was once a landscape of plenty, the basis of rural economic activity and local employment. Tourism, recreational hunting, sport and commercial fishing – all have been lost to overuse and over exhaustion of a limited resource. Now we are taking a major step to right that wrong.

Sea Turtles' Habitat Deserves Greater Protection

Houston Chronicle

Although the Kemp's Ridley population revived from near-extinction 25 years ago, it seems to be losing ground. Will we allow this to happen, or will we step up to enforce existing laws and put in place new ones where they are needed?

US Calling for Halt to Endangered Sea Turtle Deaths in Baja Mexico Fishery

US House members have urged Obama officials to pressure Mexico to immediately end the needless drownings of Pacific loggerhead sea turtles in a Baja California fishery - a global hot spot for turtle bycatch.

Help Save Mexico's Endangered Vaquita Porpoise

Save The Whales

Take a decisive step to save the vaquita - a porpoise threatened by extinction - and to promote sustainable fisheries in the upper Gulf of California for the benefit of fishers and their families.

Endangered Turtle Hatchlings Race to Sea in Oaxaca


An incredible full moon was the first sight to greet the thousands upon thousands of endangered Olive Ridley turtles that hatched on a Pacific beach in the Mexican province of Oaxaca.

Searching for Nesting Sea Turtles on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

National Geographic

SEE Turtles is working to protect endangered sea turtles by growing the market for conservation travel to support small conservation programs around the world.

Mexican NGO and Scientific Community Partner to Preserve Endangered Whale Sharks


Blue Realm, Seacology and the scientific community have joined forces to reduce the risk of large vessels traveling through the Whale Shark Migration path and colliding with marine wildlife and Eco tourism boats off beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Spiraling Loggerhead Deaths Linked to Fishing Gear Off Baja California

E&E Publishing

One thing hasn't changed since Wallace Nichols began studying loggerhead sea turtles in Mexico's Baja California more than 20 years ago: North Pacific sea turtles are dying. And the main culprit - bycatch - is easy to spot.

The Horror of Garbage Island in Documentary 'Midway'


A devastating documentary on the Pacific garbage patch is a sobering reminder: We can’t ignore this problem forever.

Mexico Risks US Trade Embargo for Failing to Protect Loggerhead Turtles


Mexico faces the threat of a trade embargo from the United States for failing to protect endangered North Pacific loggerhead sea turtles from getting entangled in fishing gear off the Baja California’s Gulf of Ulloa.

Scientists: If You Want to Conserve Biodiversity, Protect Latin America

Inter Press Service

A team of scientists who analyzed the richness of plant species around the world concluded that the ecosystems in need of immediate protection in order to meet 2020 conservation goals are largely concentrated in Latin America.

Allan Wall: Endangered and Threatened Animal Species of Mexico

Mexico is blessed with a collection of flora and fauna being among the most diverse in the world. As everywhere under human jurisdiction, however, there are problems with the environment that could cause some species to become extinct or to disappear from Mexican territory.

Tell Mexico: Protect Endangered Sea Turtles

Defenders of Wildlife

For more than 65 years, Defenders of Wildlife has led the fight to save threatened and endangered species with innovative approaches that help wolves, polar bears, big cats, and other imperiled wildlife survive in an ever-changing world.

Mexico to Play Bigger Role in Protecting Sea Turtles


Mexico has been elected to preside over the Inter-American Convention for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles, or IAC, for the 2013-2015 period.

Tell Mexico: Stop Killing Endangered Sea Turtles

Center for Biological Diversity

Each year at least 2,000 endangered loggerhead sea turtles are caught by shark and halibut fishermen off the southern peninsula of Mexico's Baja California.

Green Growth: Mexico President Unveils National Climate Change Strategy

Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto has unveiled a National Climate Change Strategy that he says will lead to "green growth" in the country.

The Government of Mexico Approves Measure to Save World's Rarest Marine Mammal


Mexico has taken a decisive step to save the vaquita - a porpoise threatened by extinction - and to promote sustainable fisheries in the upper Gulf of California for the benefit of fishers and their families.

Five Mexican Beaches Certified for Eco-Excellence

Presidency of the Republic

Five Mexican beaches have received Blue Flag certification for having global excellence. This certification shows that Mexican beaches are able to compete environmentally with world-class destinations.

June 8th is World Oceans Day!

World Oceans Day was first introduced in 1992 to raise awareness of the crucial role the sea plays as sources of food, oxygen and medicine. It was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008 and is observed on June 8 each year.

Sea Turtle Documentary Highlights Conservation

Mother Nature Network

In the epic and eternal battle between sea turtles and fishermen, can both survive? The answer can be yes, according to the new documentary, "Viva la Tortuga!" by students from Pace University.

Can Technology and Tourism Sustain Sea Turtles?

The New York Times

Sea turtles have roamed the oceans for close to 200 million years, surviving assaults that doomed the dinosaurs. Around the world different species now face threats ranging from coastal building to poaching and drowning in fish nets.

New Mexican Law Protects All Coastline Nesting Grounds of Sea Turtles


Mexico had recently passed a law that provides protection to the nesting grounds of the sea turtles. In the past, only those considered as sanctuaries and reserves are protected by the government but now, all sites are covered.

Trade Sanctions Sought to Stop Mass Killing of Sea Turtles in Mexican Fisheries

Center for Biological Diversity

U.S. conservation groups formally requested trade sanctions against Mexico this week to stop the country’s massive loggerhead sea turtle bycatch.

Earth Day 2013: The Face of Climate Change

Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.

Help Greenpeace Save the Pacific's Endangered Leatherback Turtles

Endangered leatherback turtles migrate 6,000 miles across the Pacific each year, and at the end of their journey looms a deadly threat.

Gray Whales Find Refuge on Mexico's Pacific Coast


Gray whales have found a safe place to breed on Mexico's coast, where programs have been implemented to try to bring the marine mammals back from the brink of extinction.

International Experts Warn Mexico of High Sea Turtle Mortality Rates


International experts have warned President Enrique Pena Nieto that Mexico is experiencing high mortality rates among sea turtles off the coast of the northwestern state of Baja California Sur.

Unparalleled Access To California Gray Whales at Laguna San Ignacio, Mexico

CBS Local

Those who have visited say there’s simply no place on earth quite like Laguna San Ignacio, in Mexico’s southern Baja Peninsula.

New Workshop on Mexican Mangrove Conservation


Thirty-six percent of Mexican mangroves have been changed or replaced, and the Yucatan’s Peninsula, home of 55% of them, also presents great damage on these costal ecosystems, caused by non-organized tourism, over-exploitation of species and human settlements.

Earth Hour 2013: Dare the World to Save the Planet

Millions of people around the world switch off their lights for Earth Hour at 8.30pm (20:30) in their local times on March 23. For 2013, Earth Hour invites you to do more than switch off. We want you to dare the world to save the planet.

NOAA Report: Mexican Fishing Vessels Killing Endangered Sea Turtles


Fishing boats from Mexico killed at least 438 endangered loggerhead sea turtles in July and August 2012, according to a new report about illegal and unregulated fishing issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

What Does The Clean Energy Revolution Look Like and What Will It Mean to You?

Environmental Defense Fund

We're in the midst of a global clean energy revolution, one that is transforming the way we produce and use energy here and around the world.

Call of Life: Facing the Mass Extinction

The Video Project

'Call of Life' tells the story of a crisis not only in nature, but also in human nature, a crisis more threatening than anything human beings have ever faced before.

United Nations Discusses Wildlife Crime For the First Time

Wildlife Extra

Poaching and the illicit trafficking of wildlife products were raised on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly for the first time on last week, during discussions on strengthening national and international governance.

Lacking Controls, Mexico Becomes a Haven for Illegal Fishing

Inter Press Service

The authorities in Mexico seem to have thrown in the towel in the fight against illegal fishing, which is hurting fisheries, the environment, and incomes.

Celebrate Sustainability During Follow the Frog Week

Rainforest Alliance

To let consumers know how they can support a healthier future for people and the planet, the Rainforest Alliance has launched its second annual week-long campaign that encourages individuals and businesses to celebrate sustainability by taking even one small step toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Developers Resubmit Controversial Plan for Massive Mexican Resort Near Endangered Reef

Associated Press

Developers have resurrected plans for a massive beach resort near a sensitive coral reef in Mexico's Gulf of California, just two months after authorities rejected a similar plan amid protests by environmental groups.

WWF Applauds Mexico's Ecological Efforts

The News

The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, praised the participation of businesses, citizens and federal and local governments in environmentally friendly actions as a part of its Earth Hour campaign.

Mexico Receives Nearly $400 Million for Forest Protection

Latin American Herald Tribune

Mexico received $392 million, of which $350 million are a loan from the World Bank and $42 million are from the Forest Investment Program, or FIP, for developing woodlands.

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