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In the Center of Animal Collection from Puerto Vallarta (Acopio), we work to help preserve the ecological balance, this is done through direct intervention with the animals information programs to the public.

Our function is to collect dogs which were found on the streets with or without owners, with the objective of generating better pet care on behalf of the people of Vallarta.

While providing support aimed towards a single united effort by linking the different Associations for Animal Protection, our major goal is developing a more decisive program for pet support and also a greater contribution towards public health in our municipality.

It is very important to add that all programs are backed by the Government; Municipal, State and Federal.  We comply with the standards of treatment for animals. This point is especially important in that sometimes we can receive controversy and doubts from the population, which is why we invite you to call us and make an appointment to have a day with us as a volunteer where you can experience and see for yourself how these animals often roam the city in sick and malnourished conditions, causing problems for other animals and human population, as well as the environment.

Our complex is approximately  11,483 sq. ft., owned by the City Hall, where we now have 9 kennels to keep dogs and currently we have no facilities for cats.

Our main activities include:

  • Collection of wild dogs - Owner or no owner, healthy or ill.
  • Educational program - In primary schools through an educational video that shows how to raise a pet. It has educated more than 3,200 students and 80 teachers.
  • Free campaigns to colonies and low-income populations.
  • Program of adoptions - Animals not claimed.
  • Animal donation program - The Collection Center receives the animals that the population can not handle.
Educational Program at the CAAPV Animal Kennel

Our CAAPV Animal Kennel has the clear vision that education is the main source for learning how to take care of our pets; therefore, we are focused on three major actions:

• Organizing speeches at schools and running practical workshops addressing teachers and students where they are instructed on the handling and care of pets, with topics related to vaccination schedule, de-worming, importance of sterilization (spaying) and castration (neutering), hygienic recommendations, among other topics.

• Distribution of brochures, handouts and all kinds of printed materials.

• Leading radio and TV spots sending messages to Vallarta people and tourism visiting us focused on pet care.

It is important for the general public to know about the existing bylaws to better care for the pets, as well as to learn about the Animal and Health Protective Law. As an example, we quote the publication of the Municipal Journal of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, dated on July 2005, whereby in its eighth title and in article 159, it establishes the following:

Everyone being an owner, or in possession or in charge of an animal, is obliged to provide him/her a kind treatment, to keep him/her clean and to keep the space where he/she lives clean. Every owner of a domestic animal, while walking on the streets, shall walk his/her pet on a leash, and must use a bag or container to grab the pet's feces and to deliver them to the municipal solid wastes trash collector truck. He/she is responsible for the damages that due to his/her negligence should be provoked by his/her animals, being subject to the sanctions and fines established by this title and other related laws.

How You Can Help Centro de Control Animal

By learning about out needs you will learn how to help us better.

Remember, we do not have anyone picking up donations on our behalf.

The Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter, Acopio Animal, is open every Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Adoptions take place every Thursday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

For more information, call the Centro de Acopio (PV City Animal Center) at (322) 293-3690. Director Javier Santana speaks English.

Last updated: February 22, 2020 · Charity ID: 306

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