Mexico Is Taking Care of America’s Health Care Crisis
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September 3, 2023

A small Mexican town has been a tourist destination for people in the U.S. seeking affordable health care. With hundreds of dentists, Los Algodones, Mexico, has earned the nickname Molar City.

But what does it mean when people living in the richest country in the world cross the border for health care and how does the influx impact Los Algodones?

0:00- 1:39 Introduction
1:40 – 6:55 Why are Teeth Important and Health Care Priorities?
6:56 - 10:07 Why Dental Care is So Much Cheaper in Mexico vs. the U.S.
10:08 – 12:49 Meet the Man Who Birthed Dental Tourism Industry in Los Algodones
12:50 – 15:11 What Happens to the Local Residents Of Molar City?

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