Indigenous: A Celebration of Huichol, Mayan & Aztec Cultures

Team Angels - Paradise Community Center
February 4, 2013

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (Umbrellafilmsorg)

It's a one-night only celebration! Indigenous: A Celebration of Huichol, Mayan & Aztec Cultures is coming to Paradise Community Center on Thursday, February 7, from 6:30 until 9:30 pm.

You'll be treated to an authentic four-course Mexican meal by Chef Abue-Linda, Huichol crafts, Aztec dancers, and the Puerto Vallarta premiere of the Mayan documentary, "Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth."

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth combines the intimate accounts and the political presence of the Maya using exquisite imagery, music and dreamlike sequences. The film bridges the gap between the ancient Mayan creation myth, the Popol Vuh and the crises of today, from the haunting ruins of a fallen civilization to the ceremonies of today’s Maya, from their spirituality to their spirit of resistance.

Where the west has focused on the end of the world, they understand their calendar not as an inevitable prophecy, but as the closing of a circle, as a way to a new beginning. A moving and haunting film with a deep respect for the Indigenous. Their call is not just for control over their own lives. It is a last call to save the Earth.

"It is quite possible our great corporations will succeed in finishing Nature off... and expel the Indigenous from their lands. On the other hand, resistance is growing. Many young Maya say the world will not go under. It will start anew, but we all have to fight for it, here and now. If one is searching for impressive evidence of this tenacious determination, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth is it." DIE ZEIT

For more info on the film, visit the website.

Advance tickets for the film price is 60 pesos (50 pesos for students). Tickets at the door price is 70 pesos, subject to availability.

Add the 4-course Mexican dinner for 150 pesos, only available with advance purchase.

Get the entire experience for only 200 pesos in advance.

Tickets can be purchased at the Paradise Community Center, located at 127 Pulpito in Old Town Vallarta, or purchased online here.

The dinner, accompanied by the dancers, will begin at 6:30 pm and the film will be shown at 8:00 pm.

This is an excellent opportunity to bring your guests to experience the real Mexico!

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