Meet La Cruz' Delagado, Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro

Jennifer Brinckmann - Amigos de La Cruz
March 12, 2013

Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro

Lisa van Thillo and I had the pleasure of interviewing La Cruz’ Delegado Angel Alberto Garcia de Haro recently.

Naturally, one of our first questions was “What does a Delegado do?” He explained to us that a Delegado is elected to office for a 3-year term of town management. In addition to conserving the peace and order of the community, he supports the sick and families in need, oversees infrastructure issues of potable water, repairing streets, building new streets and ensures that licenses are in order. He is also in charge of environmental issues such as planting trees and street cleaning.

Angel entered politics when he became the Presidente de Comite de la Colonia Nueva Era. He then held the position of Suplente de Comisario Desplobado. From 2005-2008 he served his first term as the Delegado of La Cruz.

After taking 3 years off, the townspeople asked him to run again. His current term ends in 2014 and unfortunately for us, he does not plan to run again, although he may consider another political position. He feels that being the Delegado is a lot of work and responsibility but that if you do a good job you will get support from the people.

During Angel’s first term as Delegado the Marina Riviera Nayarit was built. It was his job to coordinate the routes taken by the many trucks that brought in rock, sand and concrete. Those of us who were here during that time remember what an ordeal it was for those of us in the lower areas of La Cruz and are grateful that Angel was here to look out for us and make it happen as painlessly as possible.

In his current term, Angel helped to oversee the remodeling and extension of the Plaza Benito Juarez and is now involved in organizing the Fiesta La Santa Cruz, the patron saint of La Cruz. The celebration, which is held every year from April 25 to May 3, will be celebrating its 60th anniversary this year so promises to be better than ever. If you are here at that time it’s definitely a “must do.”

When Angel moved to La Cruz from Compostela at the age of 19 he luckily had an aunt with a taxi business who gave him a  job as a taxista for the next 12 years. He also worked part time as a mechanic and then opened his own shop 20 years ago. The shop is still in business and is located on the lateral next to the OXXO. He met and married his wife in La Cruz and their son, Angel, was born in 1980.

When Lisa and I asked Angel if he had any interesting and/or humorous stories about life in La Cruz he told us a story about the glorieta. About 300 years ago pirates built a dungeon in the area under the cross with a connecting tunnel that had an entrance at the old Enrique’s Restaurant. The dungeon had chains attached to the walls and to this day the remains of their prisoners can be found. Apparently only the old timers knew about this and many years ago when the streets were being built a group of young boys found the tunnel and entered. One boy, who went in farther than the others discovered the remains. Can you imagine his surprise? The boys ran home and told their parents who immediately blocked the entrance. The parents have since died, but the boys are still living in La Cruz.

We also asked Angel if he has encountered special challenges in a town with a mix of Mexicans and foreigners. He responded that foreigners are welcome and that the locals enjoy our presence and like to see us living, buying homes and even working here. His one concern is a few instances in which foreigners have objected to loud noises and firecrackers. He suggested that we might want to go on “vacation” when we know that Mexican holidays are coming up.

He also suggested that local organizations, charities and individuals contact him prior to providing financial, medical or environmental clean up programs. Many times he can make phone calls, write letters and help to coordinate our efforts with local agencies and the community.

The Amigos de La Cruz, Lisa and I would like to thank Angel for his hard work and dedication to the people and town of La Cruz. We think he’s doing a fantastic job and we hope to continue working together in our mutual effort to maintain the fantastic lifestyle that we enjoy in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

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