PEACE Help the Animals Program Update on Adoptions, Clinics and Volunteers

Gretchen DeWitt - PEACE Ayuda a Los Animales
March 20, 2013

Jeanne Leffingwell with Charlie

Gretchen reports on happenings in and around the Ayuda a Los Animales Program by PEACE in Puerto Vallarta. Read about the difference being made by all the workers, volunteers and generous supporters.

Day of the Dog

I had made a date for 9:00 am on Wednesday with Ezekiel, the foreman of the Lavender's ranch to go to the Acopio (Animal Shelter). He had been requested to adopt two dogs for Jason Lavender. At 8:15, I opened up my email and received a message from Jeanne Leffingwell, who had e-mailed me days earlier regarding a 1500 peso donation for the clinics that she wanted to give me. I had agreed to drive her to the airport as she was flying home that afternoon to Moscow, Idaho after a two-monthly stay Tomatlán, about three hours south.

The message I received from Jeanne was that she didn't want it to be a surprise, but she was bringing a Beagle that had been living a sad life at the hands of a neglectful owner. Jeanne had traded jewelry for him and was handing "Charlie" over to me to find a temporary solution, as she plans to adopt him.

Slightly unnerved, I immediately called a woman in Bucerias who said she could foster dogs without special needs. She agreed, and said she would also accept a dog from the Acopio.

Ezekiel followed me up there and after looking carefully at all the dogs, chose"Tobi," a small brown and white male dog and "Negro," one of the two black Lab mix brothers that had been there since October.

I then discovered that I had locked my keys in the car. Serendipity -  my friend Brischa Borchgrevink arrived with a donation and then drove me home. Jeanne was there waiting with Charlie, a sweet three-year old Beagle. I found a cab, dropped Jeanne and Charlie off at Dr. Tamayo's for check-up and vaccines and then up the dusty, rutted roads a second time to the Acopio, where I transferred Jeanne's several bags and boxes from the taxi to my car.

I added "Circa," the almost identical brother of Negro. I picked up Jeanne and Charlie, who needs to be treated with ear drops and daily meds for erlichia and anaplasma, dropped Jeanne off at the airport and continued on to Bucerias, where I delivered the two dogs to a beautiful foster home on the beach.

I drove home feeling elated.

Hercules adopted by Linda Foy

When I arrived back in Vallarta after six hours of dogdom, I found a message from Linda Foy in Bucerias asking if I could help her adopt a dog. The next day, I guided her up to the Acopio, where she adopted "Hercules," a handsome Doberman mix, who had just been neutered.

Brischa was there again. She had just brought back "Berry,"  a very sweet brown and white little dog with six very small babies. Her right front leg is badly broken and she had gone for x-rays. Dr. Alejandro, a bone specialist, thinks he can save her leg with surgery.

SOS!!! - cost for surgery will be 3,000-3,500 pesos.  If you can help, please take donations to: Centro Medico Veterinario - Veterinario Alejandro Castillo F. -  San Salvador 385, 5 de Diciembre, Puerto Vallarta; Telephone is  (322) 222-9106.

Two Small Dogs Needed!

For paid for in-cabin flight to Calgary, Canada on March 27th. Dogs must have spent a minimum of three weeks in foster home, have all tests for disease, vaccines and be sterilized. They must be able to fit under an airplane seat. Homes are waiting for them. Contact "NOBARS" at

Green-eyed Lab mix at Acopio needs home

Centro de Acopio Animal Shelter

After the Thursday adoption, there are now 36 dogs and puppies and 17 cats and kittens waiting for homes. Some of the dogs pawed the air through the metal bars when I passed by, as if to say, "please take me!" The kennels are dark and sad and would be more appropriate, per an architect and animal lover, for pigs.

Green-eyed Lab Mix at Acopio Needs Home

There is a beautiful blonde, green-eyed male Lab mix and a pair of affectionate Xolos (Mexican hairless) up for adoption at Acopio, telephone is (322) 293-3690.  Please consider giving an animal a home.


• 300 pesos - from DavannaYoga - for free spay/neuter clinics
• $1,000 U.S. - from Maré Hansen - for free spay/neuter clinics
• 200 pesos - from Pasha - for the clinics
• 3,000 pesos - from Jeanne Leffingwell- from Moscow, Idaho - to be evenly divided for clinics and rescues
• One box of "impervious" surgery drapes, sutures and  gloves from Joan Bennett - for the clinics

Need Rescuing

• The cats on the Isla Cuale
• The dogs and cats on the streets
• The dogs and cats at the Centro de Acopio.

The Acopio pound is open Monday-Saturday from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. Telephone is (322) 293-3690. For photos and information visit the PV Animal page of Facebook as well as on the Acopio page.

There are several blogspots and websites that have photographs and descriptions of dogs and cats that have been lost and/or found, animals that need rescuing and/or fostering, animals for adoption and requests from people who would like to adopt a cat or dog.  For local animal information and photographs on Facebook, please view: "Angelicat;" "AyudaMutt;  centro de acopio animl pv (note:  there is no “a” in the “animal”); "Cuidando sus Huellitas;" "Paraiso Felino;" "PV Animal;" and "PVDOGNEWS."


• Mojoneras - February 27-March 2 - Female dogs - 16; Male dogs - 10; Female cats - 11; Male cats - 2  TOTAL: 39 Plus 1 pregnant cat with 4 fetuses aborted.

• Progreso:  February 6-9 - Female dogs - 23; Male dogs - 5; Female cats - 8; Male cats - 6   TOTAL: 42 Plus 1 euthanasia and 1 treatment.

Sterilization numbers in many colonias will remain low as long as PEACE does not have a truck for pick-up and return of pets.

Numbers of animals at the Acopio, in refuges and on the streets will remain high until 80% of the population is sterilized. Please support our clinics.

One of the Tigrita puppies... adopted!


• "Tigrita," the abandoned pregnant dog who gave birth to 9 puppies, has been spoken for by Patricia Lupton. Tigrita has tested negative for all diseases and will go to her new home after weaning her puppies and being spayed.

• Three of Tigrita's puppies - a reddish male, a brown male and the mostly white male
• "Hercules," a handsome one-year old male Doberman mix - adopted at the Acopio by Linda Foy.

• "Tobi," a small two-year brown and white mix neutered dog at the Acopio - by Jason Lavender

• "Negro," twelve-month old male black Lab mix that had been at the Acopio since October with his brother, Circa - adopted by Jason Lavender. Negro was neutered and had his first vaccines.

Tigrita's six remaining puppies are still looking for their forever homes, all but one of which are male. They have had  their first puppy shots and are all adorable and very healthy. They will be sterilized at eight weeks of age, which will be the first week of April.  

There are many cats and dogs at the Centro de Acopio, where they are being well cared for.

"Dona" is a year old and is a Lab/Dalmatian mix who needs to be on a special diet because of a skin condition. She is extremely affectionate and pretty. If interested, please call the Acopio at (322) 293-3690.   

Peace Spay/Neuter Clinic Information

To volunteer or for specific directions, email Addresses and directions are usually not confirmed until Tuesday evening before scheduled clinic for that week. No food or water after midnight before bringing pets to clinic. Minimum age for sterilization for cats and dogs is eight weeks. Animals are treated for ticks, fleas, parasites and mange. Please arrive early. Our limit is 25 animals a day. First come, first serve. If lost en route, call  Lalo at 044-322-141-1031.

Times are 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Wednesday-Friday and 9:00 am - 12:00 pm on Saturday.

Our Clinics need funding, as well as volunteers, donations of new or used collars and leashes, used sheets and towels and all things that a cat, dog or vet could use. PEACE has tax-free status in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

In PEACE and bliss,


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