Some Good Advice if You're Driving a Foreign Plated Car in Mexico

Jennifer Brinckmann - Amigos de La Cruz
March 23, 2013

The following information came from a friend. I've also been reading a few other reports of drivers of TIP (Temporary Import Permit) cars being harassed about expired plates.

It looks like the authorities are as confused as the rest of us!

It's been recommended for years that drivers keep a copy of Article 106 in their car, but it looks like it's becoming more important than ever. As the import law is a huge document, I really appreciate being able to zero in on the important pages.

By-the-way, the situation below happened HERE in Riviera Nayarit, not in some far off state. Thanks to good friends for helping us stay informed.

"There has been an instance where the Federal Police tried to ticket a foreigner for driving a TIP car — a car that is brought in at the border with a US or Canadian plate, on the driver's immigration document (formerly FM-2 or FM-3), because the window sticker had expired.

As the Aduana regulations about TIP vehicles are still not settled, here is a legal document to copy and carry in your car, stating that cars are legal with expired TIP sticker (car permit) in the window.

This document is a pdf file and is 161 pages, but you only need Article 106, which is 4 pages long.

Just print out pages 59-62 and carry in your car until the vehicle regulations are final. You'll find the document here.

The driver who experienced this had the 4 pages with her and had a working command of Spanish — one more instance where speaking the language of our residence country can make a big difference. A little bit of Spanish can go a long way."

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