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News About PEACEAnimals, Formerly Known as Ayuda a Los Animales

Gretchen DeWitt - PEACEAnimals
May 12, 2013

This blog covers free mobile spay and neuter clinics held weekly in Puerto Vallarta and neighboring towns. These clinics have resulted in the annual sterilization of over 4,000 cats and dogs over the past few years. More than 20,000 animals have been spayed and neutered since the Ayuda a los Animales program, now known as PEACEAnimals, was founded in 2001. Information is also provided on animal adoptions and other efforts to help the pet population in the area of the Bay of Banderas.

Clinic at Unique ATV Tours on Basilio Badillo (Photo credit: Darlene Carucci of Cupocity)

I love México and would love to be writing about the many beautiful places I visit here. However, with the restructuring of the organization of the free spay/neuter clinics, there has been very little free time for excursions.  I anticipate that by June or July at the latest, everything will be perfectly in place.

This past week the free spay/neuter clinics took place at Unique ATV Tours on Basilio Badillo, a cobbled street in Old Vallarta known for its upscale shops, restaurants and beautiful bougainvillea planted by the botanical gardens. At the end of this street is the entrance to the tunnel road, which bypasses downtown.  And on the corner of this entrance is the popular Boutique Theatre.

Captured male dog in front of the Boutique Theatre

In front is where three large young adult dogs, probably Dalmatian and Doberman mixes, have been socializing and sleeping for approximately one year. The kind owners of the Theatre have been giving food and water to these dogs, but even though they wag their tails on approaching them, the dogs are cautious and not socialized.

Neighbors have complained about the excrement in the area and the territorial barking. The dogs are not dangerous but have been in danger of being poisoned or hit by speeding cars driven around the curved corner.

The solution seemed to be to trap and sterilize the two males and one female and then decide if they would be set free and at great risk or to be taken to the Centro de Acopio Shelter. A joint decision by those involved was that the safest course for the handsome dogs would be to take them to the Acopio, which under the new direction, is a caring place.

The vet staff was able to capture and tranquilize one of the males and the female.  The capture entailed a lot of frenzied barking, a cut tongue on the metal pole attached to the noose and vomiting from the medication. It was extremely stressful for the frightened dogs and sad for those watching. The third dog is on the loose and no doubt looking for his family.

I called the Acopio the day after they were caught and was told the dogs hadn´t eaten anything. No longer wild and free, they will be unaccustomed and depressed in their confined area. With time and patience, hopefully they will trust humans. They will need a lot of space at their new homes.

Volunteer with tranquilized puppy pre-surgery. The owners neighbor had driven him down from Las Palmas, which is an hours drive away.

At the Clinic

Wednesday, Day 1: At 9:30, I was the last one to bring in animals - two orange and white young male cats from the fish market next to the malecón. The black and white female that lives on the roof there has been uncatchable has recently given birth to another litter. She has kittens three times a year. I will take a trap to the fish market in five weeks and offer a reward to the employee who can catch her for sterilization.  

Five volunteers helped with registration, monitoring vital signs post surgery and clean-up. At the end of the day, 29 animals had been sterilized and 1,571 pesos donated.

Thursday, Day 2: I took a small and very pretty grey and white male kitten that Brischa Borchgrevink had found on my street the day before. He was neutered and went home with Angelica of Angelicat and 7 other sterilized rescued cats.  Donations of cash, cat food or kitty litter need to be given to Melissa or Angelica, who work so hard to care for and find homes for approximately 45 felines at any given time. 

One of three 8-month old Schnauzer mix sisters brought to clinic. (Photo credit- Darlene Carucci of Cupocity)

Three beautiful Shnauzer-mix sisters brought in by owner, who has the parents and cannot keep the puppies. If interested, please contact Raul or Daniel at (322) 114-1060.

There was a sweet moment on the surgery table:  Owners of a small beige Chihuahua who had given birth to a live puppy and a stillborn the night before brought her in for surgery.

Because of her very small size, she had not been able to give birth to the remaining puppies and was in pain and at risk for dying. The vets performed a hysterectomy and delivered another stillborn and a tiny, breathing white puppy.  The family, who was feeding the puppy born the night before from a doll bottle, raced to the clinic for the mama and baby and took them home in a blanket.

Day 2 - 28 cats and dogs sterilized - 1,875 pesos donated
Day 3 - 37 animals sterilized - 1,250 pesos donated
Day 4 - 25 animals sterilized -  1,130 pesos donated

Total donations at Basilio Badillo Clinic:  5,826 PESOS

Total sterilizations for this surgery week:  113!

This is a record for our two vets operating on their own. The average number of sterilizations performed by vets in Puerto Vallarta is four a week.

Volunteers front to back: Caroline, Pat, Diana and Cathy.

I am extremely grateful to the vet team for their professionalism and for the love they have for animals and for this important work. Thank you to the volunteers who registered pets, monitored their vital signs post-op and administered treatments for fleas, ticks and parasites, brought lunches and gently suggested donations be placed in our locked box.

There were three to five volunteers every day and one of them brought lunches every day. You know who you are. THANK YOU.  Thank you to Unique ATV Tours for donating this spacious location that was easy to get to. And thank you to Cupocity for promoting the clinics.

To volunteer or for specific directions for the PEACE Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinics, email Addresses and directions are usually not confirmed until Tuesday evening before scheduled clinic for that week. No food or water after midnight before bringing pets to clinic. Minimum age for sterilization for cats and dogs is eight weeks.  Animals are treated for ticks, fleas, parasites and mange. Please arrive early. Our limit is 25 animals a day. First come, first serve. If lost en route, call Lalo at 044-322-141-1031.

Time is 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Wednesday-Friday and 9:00 am - 12:00 Noon on Saturday.

PEACE Free Mobile Clinic Schedule

• May 15-18 - La Cruz, Riviera Nayarit

• May 22-25 - Old Town Puerto Vallarta - at Que Pasa on Aquiles Serdan (at Lázaro Cárdenas) in Colonia Caloso

• May 29-June 1 - Bucerias, Riviera Nayarit

May Clinics are paid for by a $10,000 grant from Humane Society International.

For more photos and information about the cats & dogs, visit Gretchen's PEACEAnimal Blog.

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