Sixty Families from 'Cardboard Land' Have Been Evicted From Their Homes

Daniel Mora Valencia - Vallarta Today
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June 18, 2013

In a quiet manner, about 60 families were removed from their homes.

Authorities from the Municipal, State and Federal government participated in the eviction without registering any incidents.

Around 60 families were evicted from the premise known as "cardboard land" ("cartolandia") in the Ixtapa neighborhood, just north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport.

This was decided on the basis of a resolution given by the State Disaster Prevention Department (Protección Civil), as the zone is considered a high risk area.

With respect to this, Mayor Trinidad López Rivas, head of the State Disaster Prevention Department of Jalisco, said that in total coordination with the security personnel of the three levels of government, steps were taken to remove these people from the zone.

López Rivas pointed out that around 400 officers participated, who came from the Department of Public Safety, the State Disaster Prevention Department, the Federal Police, Marines and officers from the Mexican Army.

At the same time, he said, it was the last month of February when we detected a large amount of households that were very near the gas company that is located near that neighborhood, thus he said, "we are starting to work more closely with families."

Consequently, after the corresponding analysis, it was determined that it is not feasible for those families to inhabit that place, as he insisted that it is very risky to be so near the gas company.

With respect to the human rights of these evicted families, he assured that the steps taken for their eviction didn't violate these rights but on the contrary, since this procedure started there were attempts to dialogue with the families, inviting them to move out, and some of them did, he assured.

However, he recognized that in these types of circumstances there are different points of view and there will always be people who think and consider that the human rights of the families weren't respected, but despite that he said "nobody rallied against us."

In this context, López Rivas declared that despite the fact that the total number of families went up to 60, there were other households that weren't occupied as some of the people are only there on weekends.

Source: - Translation by Rene Tripp

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