A Growing List of Charities Needing Assistance in Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit

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June 24, 2013

Volunteers from Vida Vacations speak about their great experiences getting involved with local charities. (PromoVisionPV)

Vida Vacations staff volunteers did a phenomenal job in supplying materials and manpower for the four chosen organizations, but there is so much more needed.

Following are the responses from the organizations when we sent out the notice of available volunteers from Vida Vacations and asked for particular needs (listed alphabetically):

Amigos AC   

Of all the emails I respond to in a day, I must say it gives me great joy to reply to this one.

We currently have park clean-ups scheduled. If your volunteers decide to accept this project, we'd love to accommodate their schedule.

Contact is Arlene Prieto of Amigos AC, telephone is (322) 278-4566, email is tusamigos@email.com.

Banderas Bay American Legion Post 14   

Any chance they would be willing to donate paint? I have three projects that need paint and volunteers:

• Public School Kindergarten through 6th grade
• School for the Deaf
• Busca un Amigo (Project Pitillal - Reach Out to a Friend) Day Care Center for children who have Cerebral Palsy

If you can help or would like more information, please contact Dennis Rike of the Banderas Bay American Legion. Cellular is (322) 138-8891 and email is bfd5moto@aol.com.

Biblioteca Rey Nayar/Bucerias Children's Library    

We thank you and PVAngels for sending us this information.  

The Biblioteca Public Rey Nayar / Bucerias Children's Library is in need of a new paint job for the outside of our library.

At the present time we have neither the manpower or the materials for this job.

If this is a project that would interest "Vida Vacaciones" we estimate that 3 to 4, 20 ltr. cubertas should do the job.  Of course we recommend that early morning would be the best time before the sun and wind are too high.

If we can get as much advance notice as possible we can try to get the surfaces cleaned and prepped for paint.  

Thank you and even if we are not chosen we thank "Vida Vacaciones" for their public service and support of the greater Banderas Bay areas.

Contacts are Barry Munro and Ruben Ramirez of Biblioteca Rey Nayar, bibliobucerias@gmail.com.

Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta - Fire Department & Lifeguards   

Hello, thank you very much for keeping us in mind and we would like to paticipate in your project, we always need help. Please tell us what we need to do, thanks.

Contact is Adrian, Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta, paeldi3@hotmail.com.

Bucerias Bilingual Community Center

Wonderful news...!

Well, at the BBCC we need  to re-gravel the rear patio before the rain and the summer classes. We do not have budget to do it right now and I have no idea if this is the kind of thing you are talking about. There is also a little "lamina" needed (maybe 2 meters max) to put over the roof of the bathroom outside so that the rain does not go in.

I would estimate both jobs, materials permitting, would just take a day with 2-3 people. Does this sound like the kind of thing you would consider suitable?

Also, Mago, our office manager, reminded me of some other things we need help with if possible:

1. Fixing some electrical jobs in the office: a tube light that is coming away from the ceiling and a small fan that needs to be installed.

2. Red brick paint for outside garden columns (3) so as to seal and make them look cleaner and fresher. We already cleaned them but they need new paint.

Thanks!  I await your reply...

BBCC also needs volunteers for their upcoming Summer School. Read details here.

Contact is Alison Normanton, dagloart@aol.com, telephone is (322) 102-0382.

Corazon de Nina Shelter for Girls

We are always in need of help.

Contacts are Melissa Canez, casahogarcorazondenina@hotmail.com and Dennis Janson, fstphoen@juno.com.

entreAmigos, San Pancho


 Entreamigos would be happy to receive as many of the group as would like to join us.   

We have some varied tasks to be done including building a small roof, creating a storage room for items, refurbishing chairs and tables for a local kindergarten and hanging a shade structure to help us get ready for the summer workshops.

We can easily occupy all 70 in these tasks (and a few more) or would be perfectly happy with a group of 15.

Of course, entreamigos is in San Pancho and that may be too much of a drive for them... but if they would be interested we would love to include a tour of our facility and the work that we are doing.

Contact is Nicole Swedlow of entreAmigos, nrswedlow@gmail.com.

Families at the Dump

We could use some volunteers to paint one of our sponsored schools or our Mission Center.

Thanks a lot.

Contact is Monica Mendez in the the Administration Office, Paradise Village Plaza, for Families at the Dump A.C., monicamendez.fad@telmexmail.com.

Fideicomiso Estero El Salado (PV Environmental Protected Area)

Thanks so much. We could really use some help. We have many ongoing projects and events and could really use some volunteers.

Contact is Jaime Torres, Director or Estero El Salado, telephone is (322) 138-3879, email is

Friends of the PV Animal Shelter - Centro de Acopio Animal Pound

...what an amazing offer!!

I know that the Acopio is in need of painting and some gate/door repairs and maybe a lot more!

Thank you so much!

Contacts are Kim (Friends of the Puerto Vallarta Animal Shelter), kimdewar@gmail.com, or Adriana of Acopio,  adriana@adrianariestra.com.

La Casa de Los Ninos

Thank you for letting us know about the availability of volunteers! I am a co-founder of La Casa de los Niños in Lo de Marcos...would a small group be willing to travel up there?  It's about an hour north of Vallarta. If so, La Casa could use painting and some maintenance work i.e., electrical and some plumbing repair.  

 Let me know if a group could come up to Lo de Marcos and if so, I can be more specific about the work to be done...my wife and I will be there along with a couple of other volunteers...we could have a great work day!  
I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact is Dave Martinez, Co-Founder La Casa de los Niños, dmartinez9990@yahoo.com.

Los Amigos de Jaltemba

Thanks for contacting us. 2 weeks ago over 40 volunteers from the Berkeley and Middletown, CA Rotary Clubs came to La Penita and did a great job of helping us get our new community center ready for business. So, I don’t think we could find useful work for these volunteers to do at this time.

We really appreciate you thinking of us...and, please contact us again, if you have another group with similar interests.  Please stay in touch.

Contact is Ken Snyder of Los Amigos de Jaltemba, telephone is (322) 103-5854 or by email at stuartbeach@seanet.com.

Paradise Community Center

We could sure use some help in a paint job to freshen up the Center and also in our project to install a roof covering for the portion that is still open in accommodating the Saturday Farmer's Market vendors and for the comfort of our shoppers.

Contact is Ric of Paradise Community Center by email at joy@paradisecommunitycenter.com.

Paraiso Felino Cat Shelter

HI, Paraiso Felino Cat Refuge could use helpers. We have painting and gardening projects pending among other things.

Please include us in your plans if possible.

Contact is Janina Erban & the 200 Meows at Paraíso Felino AC - Refugio y Centro de Adopción, cellular is (322) 120-4092, email is paraiso_felino@hotmail.com.

PEACE Animals

WOW! That is amazing..! Too bad we will be in a transition and not operating during that time. Thank you so much for considering our program, hope we get to meet you next time.

We can always use volunteers for our spay & neuter clinics.

Thank you for contacting us.

Contact is Gretchen at gretchen@peacemexico.org.

Punta Sayulita Foundation / La Casa Clu


Thank you very much for sharing this information and giving this opportunity. My name is Jessica and I´m really interested in this help with the project "La Casa Clu" in San Ignacio, Nayarit.

What we need there regarding construction is a park or a playground where kids can play and have fun and exercise their body and just have fun in a healthy way.

We also want to build some kind of ecological rustic classrooms for activities with the parents and the "home schooling" we are planning to start. Any help would be wonderful and thank you very much again for this.

For more information, visit  "La Casa Clu de San Ignacio" on Facebook.

You can contact Jessica Zepeda of La Casa Clu at lacasaclu@gmail.com, or Jose Luis Caselin of the Punta Sayulita Foundation at jlcaselin@puntasayulita.com or by telephone at (329) 291-3957, ext 102.

Rotary Club of Jaltemba Bay - La Peñita

We love these types of proposals, unfortunately we have little time to organize.

There is one possible project and I'll look to see if they can accommodate the volunteers.

We are an hour / hour and half north of Vallarta in La Peñita/ Guayabitos.
I'll be back in touch with you.

Contact is Eddie Dominguez, Past Presidente 2010-2011, telephone is (322) 156-7430, email is echopk@mac.com.

Our Turtle Release Programs can always use volunteers.

Read about the great success of the Vida Vacation staff volunteers here.

If your organization is in need of help and was not listed above, please contact PVAngels at teamangels@pvangels.com.

We are hoping you can get involved with these organizations or others that touch your heart. If you are not in a position to help at this time, please share this article with individuals or businesses that may be able to lend a hand to our local Banderas Bay non-profits.

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