International Day of Indigenous Peoples Recognizes Huichol Artisans

Diana Arista Gijon - AZ Noticias
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August 10, 2013

To mark the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, celebrated on August 9, promulgated by the United Nations Organization (UN), AZ News interviewed members of ethnic Huicholes of the region who shared their impressions of the commemoration of this day and the benefits of being indigenous.

Yesterday marked the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, which this year aims to recognize and defend their rights and their land, and establish a framework for coexistence and economic relations, according to the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI).

Regarding the existence of a day to celebrate their culture and traditions, Raúl de la Cruz, Huichol artisan for twenty-five years, states the need of the value and importance that these ethnic groups of Mexico and the world gives, "It is important to commemorate the richness of our culture, language and crafts, otherwise what would represent our country abroad with some visitors traveling to see our traditions, so it is important that we assess the rights and attributes of our people."

Meanwhile, Gilberto Gonzalez Zoquipan, native craftsman of Nayarit, highlighted the importance of cultural transmission by the family to the new generations, "It is important to highlight the pride of being Indian, but is more important for each parent and mother to teach our children the language and traditions of our culture, like our parents did so prevail and it is a source of pride for future generations," he said.

"Being indigenous Huichol is a valuable identity to be preserved, especially for the art inherited from our ancestors," said Raul de la Cruz who considers it extremely important that "the dialect, dress and art is not to be missed" especially in a time where members of the ethnic groups come to the cities and soak up new ideas.

He noted that this will build relationships with people outside their customs, "The important thing is to teach our children to value their roots... and not lose their identity," he said.

De la Cruz emphasized the importance of its origins and it has become a pride for those who have the opportunity to represent their culture, state, and country abroad, "I have visited Italy, Spain and Frankfurt Germany recently, where I was invited to a university to expose my culture and explain the meaning of our clothing, crafts and traditions of the Huichol people to increase knowledge about us," he added.

Translated and edited by Team Angels

(Photo source: AZ Noticias)

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