Africanized Bees Reported in Bucerias

Barry Munro - InsideLaCruz
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August 13, 2013

ATTENTION! This is a warning to all residents of this area. In the photos taken Tuesday, August 6, here in Bucerias and are what are possibly Africanized bees. If you find any swarms such as these, I highly recommend that you DO NOT APPROACH THEM! They are very aggressive and can do some serious damage if aroused.

The volunteers at Recyclers of Bucerias were attacked on Monday morning and I was also told that the neighbor was sent to the hospital after being attacked. So please heed this warning.

I have been informed that the local Bomberos (Fire Department) should be called to deal with any of these nests.

The emergency information listed below is from the Amigos de Bucerias webpage:

• 066 from a landline goes to a dispatch center in Nuevo Vallarta.

• There’s a less than 50/50 chance the person answers speaks English. Be patient, they will find someone who speaks enough to know what you want. This is the radio dispatch located on the highway at Jarretaderas.

• 066 from a cellphone goes to a dispatch center in PV.

• Dispatch center in PV from landline: 01 (322)113-3255

• Dispatch center in PV from a cell phone (322) 113-3255.

-originally posted by Barry Munro via Bucerias Yahoo Group

Identifying Africanized Bees

Unfortunately, unless you're a trained bee expert, you won't be able to tell killer bees apart from "normal" bees. Killer bees, which are more properly called African honey bees, are just a subspecies of the European honey bees kept by beekeepers. The physical differences between the African honey bees and European honey bees are almost imperceptible to the non-expert.

Protecting Local Bee Species

Remember that our local varieties of bees are essential to our local flora. We also have the similar honey bee in the area with the mild sting we all know as well as some smaller varieties that pose absolutely no threat. This announcement is to bring awareness to the presence of the Africanized honey bee, not to create a mass bee scare.  Protect yourselves while maintaining compassion.

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