eSun Energy and Your Donations Will Bring Solar Power to Los Mangos Library

Adriana Garcia - Biblioteca Los Mangos
October 22, 2013

The Puerto Vallarta Public Library (Biblioteca Los Mangos) is going through rough times. The government took away the subsidy so we are having a hard time meeting with the operational costs.

eSun Energy has presented us with a proposal, at cost, to install a PhotoVoltaic (PV) Solar System so the Library can be self-sufficient energy wise.

By implementing this solution, the expense of $10,000 USD will be liberated and can be put to work into projects that are in accord to the mission of the Library.
Our goal is to provide the Library with the opportunity to:

• Meet with the financial responsibilities to keep its doors open.
• Be a leader in renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the types of renewables called "green energy", since they do not pollute and they produce 100% clean electricity.
• Save energy and be energy efficient.
• Awareness and dissemination of renewable energy in the community.
• Responsibility to the environment.
• Lower carbon footprint in order to provide a better environment for today and future generations.
• Educate the community regarding green energy.
• Help the community maintain and enhance this Cultural Center in Puerto Vallarta.

We are asking for your donations for this special and very important project in keeping our doors open. We hope you will  donate online here.

Our mission at the Library is to provide, maintain, and update an inventory of books that is current and adequate to increase the knowledge and cultural formation of the community and to promote reading as a necessary reasoning exercise to enhance learning possibilities and to become a better functioning member of society.
Additionally, our aim is to provide and promote free access to current, useful and accurate information through diverse media and technology. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for individuals seeking knowledge for personal growth.
Our vision is to become the best model Library and ultimate Cultural Center in the region. We plan to accomplish this by providing a complete and updated Library inventory, and to offer traditional and contemporary cultural programs to all members of the communities.

We are striving to provide a Cultural Center that symbolizes the artistic formation of our society. We want to promote regional sciences and arts and to encourage the population to become well-informed citizens and to become an Art Academy that is a main center of the region's talents, as well as the most appropriate place to show or exhibit cultural events of all kinds.

For more information, please contact Adriana García, Executive Director, by email at or telephone (322) 224-9966 and (322) 293-1957.

To learn more about eSun Energy and all their great programs, visit eSun.

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