Dr. Jose Castaneda in Puerto Vallarta Talks On Exciting News For Bariatric Patients

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November 20, 2013

Dr. Jose Antonio Castaneda Cruz specializes in bariatric surgery. He is based in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico. (josecastanedacruz)

Just in the last few days there´s been quite a lot of buzz in all media outlets around the world regarding the discovery published by CBS News that gastric bypass may reverse aging on cellular level, which is very exciting news for obese patients looking to undergo this particular weight loss surgery procedure. It seems though, that not only will the patient lose weight via gastric bypass surgery, additionally this new research now shows that it may actually reverse aging as well.

Researchers at Stanford University in the United States found people who underwent a gastric bypass operation elongated their telomeres, in other words, these are caps on the ends of chromosomes that scientists say may be a measurable sign of longevity. Telomeres are made of proteins and DNA, and scientists have found that in cases of chronic disease for instance, the telomeres shorten thus reducing the patient´s lifespan.

This inspired and very exciting new research sheds light in areas such as cognition and memory, both experimenting improvements after gastric bypass surgery. The study focus on 51 people before and after surgery, mostly women. Weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass is prescribed to obese patients with a considerably high BMI Body Mass Index, and the average BMI of the people followed under this study is just over 44.

From his offices at GastricBypassMexico.com in Puerto Vallarta, Dr Jose A. Castaneda talks about this new bariatric surgery study: “I am thrilled that technology, innovation and new research continue to show more positive results, giving patients even more reasons to undergo weight loss surgery and in particular gastric bypass surgery,” says Dr Jose A. Castaneda. “Although this study is still considered preliminary at this moment, we will undoubtedly follow related news very closely until the data is officially reviewed and published,” confirms Dr Jose Castaneda.

Gastric bypass surgery is just one of the different bariatric surgeries available, and it can only be performed by specialist bariatric surgeons. A fast and growing number of obese people in the USA and Canada are traveling to Mexico to undergo weight loss surgery, particularly to Dr Castaneda´s bariatric hospital in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta which is considered amongst the most popular medical tourism hospitals for bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Following this new research, patients may also want to understand the benefits of other bariatric procedures whilst saving money on weight loss surgery, such as gastric banding and duodenal switch in Mexico.

For more information about Dr. Jose A. Castaneda, visit Gastric Bypass Mexico.

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