Fall Newsletter from San Pancho Bird Observatory

Luis Morales - San Pancho Bird Observatory
October 7, 2014

Welcome to the Fall 2014 edition of SPBO´s newsletter.

We write this newsletter to share our exciting progress of events and give you a glimpse of what we see on the horizon this coming fall and winter at the San Pancho Bird Observatory, Riviera Nayarit.

Below we present the course of events during the last months.

Community Development

For the SPBO team creating community around our mission of bird conservation is vital, without the support of committed individuals and companies we could not continue developing our mission. We want to express our most sincere THANK YOU to all those who have made cash or in kind donations to SPBO during the past months:
• Organizations and companies: Klamath Bird Observatory, Rotary International Foundation, Club Rotario de Bahia de Jaltemba, Rotary Clubs of Ashland Shasta Valley, High Desert Bend Cottage Grove and District 5110; Cambiando Vidas, Amigos de Jaltemba, Valor para Soñar, Casa de los NIños de Lo de Marcos, Entreamigos, la Casa Clú, PEACE, Three Swallows Foundation, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Ocean Connectors, Mar al Cielo Ecoretreat; North American Association of Environmental Education, EECapacity Environment Canada, Simon Fraser University and Defenders of Wildlife,
• Individuals: Robin Temple,  Michele and John Gillet, Ellie Rilla and Patrick Leharty; Jodi and Carlos Moran, Raul Chapa, Nancy Greene, Georgia and Andy Hanson, Greg Poschman, Germán García, Renee Mushen, Douglas Snyder, Linda Gilman, Amy Schumann, Frances Kinney, David Mandell, Portland Audubon Society. Jean Neely, Bill and Katheleen Heidirck. Judi and Robert Fischel, Thomas Leach, Lynn Lichtemberg, Robert Dailey, Lynn Gratz, Alice Sealey, Paul Mushen, Dinah Stanley, Jann Vail, Tanya Sugarman, Coco Mccoy and Margot Holmes.

Thanks for your continued support, to make a tax-deductible donation in the USA click here.

Rotary International Grant Activated
The Center of Studies for Bird Conservation, San Pancho Bird Observatory AC (SPBO) is pleased to announce the launching of the program “Developing Capacities for bird conservation at coastal communities in Nayarit.”

This initiative resulted from the collaboration between the San Pancho Bird Observatory in Mexico and Klamath Bird Observatory in Ashland, Oregon, USA and the relationship between the Rotary clubs of Ashland and Jaltemba Bay of Mexico and support of Rotary clubs, Shasta Valley, High Desert Bend Cottage Grove and District 5110.

This grant will allow SPBO to conduct community workshops focused on developing the skills of young people and adults in coastal communities for ecotourism and scientific monitoring of resident and migratory birds. The main objective is to ensure that these skills will enable participants to develop and aspire to jobs and/or career opportunities in ecotourism and sustainable management of natural resources which will allow participants to have more and better educational, professional and economic development opportunities while they raise an appreciation of the importance of conserving and restoring natural ecosystems in the region, which by the way hosts a great diversity of birds with more than 300 species of birds and is emerging as one of the most attractive bird-watching destinations in our continent.

Participating communities at the coast of Nayarit are:

• Punta de Mita and Higuera Blanca,
• San Ignacio-Sayulita,
• San Pancho,
• Lo de Marcos,
• Villa Morelos,
• La Penita de Jaltemba (including Guayabitos and Los Ayala) and Chacala.

At each location SPBO will work in coordination with community centers and schools.

For more information, please contact Marine Biologist Luis Morales, SPBO Executive Director at birdingsanpancho@gmail.com.

Community Climate Change Fellowship Program

Luis Morales currently participates in an 8-month course of study with The Expanding Capacity in Environmental Education Project – EECapacity – where he will have the opportunity to learn about, discuss and share experiences with other professionals and volunteers from across the North America who are involved with environmental education for the betterment of their communities.

The 2014 EEC Fellowship Program focuses on climate change and the community problems that arise because of it, such as issues with poor water quality or the impact of weather on the natural environment.
As a part of this fellowship, Luis will have the benefit of online courses and group collaborations as well as face-to-face opportunities for training, professional development and technical assistance.  He will have access to the most up-to-date research, supportive planning strategies and the innovative practices that many others in the field of conservation have to offer.  This exciting opportunity will give Luis a chance to broaden the impact of SPBO in its mission to create a healthy and more sustainable community. Read more here.

Birds of a Feather get together at Aspen Colorado
Several Aspenites joined the event creating a special magic by bringing people from the San Pancho and Sayulita coastal towns (in Mexico) all the way up to the mountains of Aspen Colorado to talk about migratory bird connectivity and the connections between human communities, as the saying “Birds of a feather sitck together.”

Many thanks to all of the ACES staff and specially to Greg Poschman, Georgia and Andy Hanson for Helping to make this event possible.

One Hundrerd Birds Project Visits San Pancho

Michael Hudson who works as a Development Director at Audubon of Kansas visited San Pancho Bird Observatory as part of his initiative for "Providing a new hope for Mexican bird conservation."

Read the full story here.

SPBO Colleague Accepts Bird Banding Internship

Aracely Camacho is now participating in a 6-month bird banding internship with The Klamath Bird Observatory. Her training from May 1 – October 31 of this year takes place in the northern California and southern Oregon bioregion during the breeding and fall migration seasons. Her training adheres to Northern Banding Council guidelines with a focus on safe, ethical mist netting and banding and advanced ageing/sexing techniques.

NABC Banding Certification at Oaxaca City

From August 18th - 22nd, Tierra de Aves AC and the certified trainers Manuel Grosselet and Andres Henao Murillo (visiting from Colombia) conducted the bird-banding certification process under NABC standards.

Banding as such, is a labeling technique for the study of wild birds widely used in the world, which provides important information about the birds, especially in areas such as migration, demographic changes, longevity, behavior, etc.

Read more about "Saving Migratory Birds" here.

SPBO Participated at Community Monitoring Workshop in Chiapas

NABCI Mexico in coordination with HELVETAS Foundation coordinated the Third Meeting of i community-monitoring at Tacaná volcano, Chiapas during July 2014.

SPBO Will Conduct Second Phase of Myarchus Research Program

SPBO´s Science Director Steve Gellman leads the crew of researchers at the Myarchus project which intends to gain knowledge on the distribution and habitat use of the different species of this interesting and difficult to identify genus.

SPBO Formalized as Civil Association

SPBO now will operate as an Asociación Civil, or a non-profit organization in Mexico.

On May 2, 2014, Luis Morales and Steve Gellman signed the “Acta Constitutiva” which declares the San Pancho Bird Observatory a legal entity.

With this stage, SPBO expands its opportunities and possibilities for bird conservation in the Nayarit coastal region and beyond. Partnerships will be strengthened as aspects of bureaucratic management are eased with the official non-profit status. The Klamath Bird Observatory continues to be SPBO’s fiscal sponsor in the United States and a strong partner with international bird conservation efforts.

Members of SPBO’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board are materializing with each new day. We will keep everyone updated when memberships are finalized.

Our wish list is long at San Pancho Bird Observatory and we can always use volunteers. We would love to hear from you by email at info@birdingsanpancho.org or birdingsanpancho@gmail.com. Telephone is (322)  139-7242. For information about our Birding Tours, please visit Birding San Pancho.

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