Happy Holidays and Whale Hugs from Ocean Friendly Tours Puerto Vallarta

Oscar & Keith - Ocean Friendly Tours
December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!

We want to wish all of you that are part of the Ocean Friendly Family a very Happy Holiday Season and a Blessed New Year. You guys have no idea how very much we appreciate your patronage and that over 70% of you return to visit with us each season. Our hearts are filled with emotion every time that we see you again. It is always a very deep privilege to share the moments of joy with whales that we have had together.

Your generosity allows us to do the research that is needed to conserve this particular Humpback whale population. We do it all from Love and with the positive energy that you have provided to us on board for all these years. You are all a true blessing of the nature of the work that we do.

We are into the first week of our whale watching season here in Puerto Vallarta, México. It is starting out to be an amazing season. Already, we have see three new births and the mating activity is beginning.

In the summer, we will begin to expand our research to the feeding grounds of Monterey Bay, California and we'll send you information as soon as we finish our negotiations. We'll be offering exclusive tours of the feeding grounds with only 5 guests on board per tour. More, information will be sent soon and we hope that you can join us to witness the differences of the behaviors of the breeding grounds and the feeding grounds. We spent most of the summer there this year and it was mind-blowing!!!

We are hopeful that all of the Ocean Friendly Family will PLEASE consider making a year-end, tax-deductible contribution to our research efforts through or 501(c)3 research foundation by visiting Deep Blue Conservancy. Thank you in advance for your donations to our work...research, conservation and education.

And, we look forward to seeing you on the water with us soon. We have a new International Vonage Line and if you have questions or need to make a reservation just visit us at Ocean Friendly.  Also, you can check out our new tour options on the website as well.

We look forward to sharing a space in our heart and on the boat for all of you.

Whale Hugs,

Oscar & Keith

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