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June 29, 2015

The Santa Barbara Physical Rehabilitation Clinic of Puerto Vallarta is a Civil Association created in 1981 and officially founded in the year 1988 by men and women of goodwill who were dedicated to forming a Physical Rehabilitation Multidisciplinary Team and improve the quality of life throughout the region for handicapped children and adults of limited means.

The Rotary Club of Puerto Vallarta initiated the building phase of the clinic and requested help with furnishing it. Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North submitted a 4-H grant to Rotary International providing much needed medical equipment. Our grant total was for $40,000. The clinic is located at Doctor Mike Lemus 151, Zona Hotelera Norte.

Second Medical Clinic for Area

Several small communities that have access to medical attention only through bad roads or boat lie about 10 miles south of  Puerto Vallarta. A volunteer nurse, Martha Lopez, of Boca de Tomatlán, is the only help locally available. The lead for providing medical help in this area came from Santa Barbara/Puerto Vallarta Sister City, who formed an association with “Club Jalicience” which offered 3 x 1 duplication of any money raised here. Roberto Najera, a Santa Barbara North member, is also president of the local Jalisco Federation.

Nurse Martha Lopez and several local Boca citizens acquired permission from the “ejido” (a land trust) council for land to develop a local clinic. While SB/PV Sister City was the leader, Santa Barbara Rotary North and Goleta Rotary Evening clubs contributed over $4,000 to the effort. Locally, over $40,000 was raised and this was matched 3 x 1 in Mexico. The Boca de Tomatlán Clinic will also serve the communities of Yelapa and Quimixto.

Emergency Medical Equipment to Outlying Communities

Santa Barbara Rotary North member, Gil Garcia delivered Emergency Medical Equipment for Cabo Corrientes Communities of Yelapa, Quimixto, and La Ánimas. Santa Barbara Rotary North and Goleta Rotary Evening clubs joined forces with Santa Barbara Puerto/Vallarta Sister City Committee on a more than $6,000.00 Rotary Dedicated District Funds matching grant for the purchase of much-needed first response medical equipment. The equipment is destined for three remote communities located in the municipality of Cabo Corrientes and which will also be served by the Boca de Tomatlán Clinic.

Recognition for Puerto Vallarta Efforts

Gil Garcia, a member of Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North was recognized by the “Instituto Jaliciense de Asistencia Social” of Puerto Vallarta for his efforts to bring comfort and support to citizens of Jalisco.

Working to garner financial assistance from organizations in Puerto Vallarta, Rotary Clubs of Santa Barbara and Puerto Vallarta, as well as the SB/PV Sister City Committee, Garcia is credited for his tireless efforts to bring health care to the community of Boca de Tomatlán, 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

Consideration for Future Projects

Currently under consideration and in the works by Rotary North, Club Jalicience and Puerto Vallarta Sur Rotary are: 1) A community park in PV’s 12th of October neighborhood; 2) A Community Hostel and job training building for hospital patient visitors; and 3)A Community sewing business building in Volcanes neighborhood. Club member Roberto Najera has been privately helping with this effort.

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