New Online Notary Service for U.S. Expats Worldwide

Keith May - International Notary Online
August 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Often I read postings in chat groups, online bulletin boards, blogs and letters to newspaper editors seeking information from US Citizens about notarial services while out of the country. Either most of them do not know how to do it and/or are frustrated that they have to drive all the way to their nearest Consulate or Embassy to have the legal antiquated process completed.

Usually it's a long drive in both directions, usually services are available only on certain days of the week and they do not allow reservations. Waiting your turn is almost always to be expected. Further, charges can begin at $50US and that cost does not include your valuable time, gas or transportation costs and costly delivery fees to get your notarized documentation to the intended recipient afterward. The expenses can add up quickly!

I'm happy to advise you that all of this has changed! The Commonwealth of Virginia passed new legislation (SB 827 & HB 2318) that allows all Notaries Commonwealth of Virginia to assist all US Citizens with all notarial services worldwide via the Internet. Formal information about the legislation and the new procedures can be found at International Notary Online.

I've partnered with the number one online US Notary Service in the world to provide these services to US Citizens worldwide. My friends and I have successfully tested and used the services (to ensure their validity and security) and our documents were notarized and returned to us via the Internet in just minutes.

The online service is 100% legal, safe, guaranteed and secure! It is available to any US citizen from any country in the world. In addition to saving you time and money, your document will be forwarded to you and its intended destination saving you even more time and money. All you need is a web cam enabled computer, your identification and your document to complete the process.

Again, the program is 100% legal, safe, guaranteed. Your private document and personnel information remains secure and is never shared or sold to any 3rd party.

I trust that US Citizens anywhere on the globe will enjoy this convenient new way of completing all notarial processes in the future from anywhere worldwide! Check it out at International Notary Online.

This is definitely an exciting new service for American expatriate communities not only in Vallarta-Nayarit, but worldwide.

Thank you in advance for helping to get the word out there to others.

Best Regards,

Keith May, President
International Notary Online
Keith May is a Puerto Vallarta resident and has become our destination’s most committed, outspoken and relentless proponent of responsible whale watching, focusing most of his time on this noble task during the winter months with Ocean Friendly Tours and Deep Blue Conservancy. Keith can be contacted by email at

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