Our Summer Lightning Inspires Benefit to Help the Poor Deal with Diabetes

Suzy Chaffee - Vallarta Saludable
October 13, 2015

(L-R) A lightning bolt inspired Snowbird Nancy Flores (and Zora) with top PV interior designer Felicitas Placito Ruiz and Olympian Suzy Chaffee (with San Fran), co-founder of Vallarta Saludable A & P, to help prevent the poor from (unnecessary) amputations thru a benefit with Nancy’s caliente artwork. (Mark Flores)

When I told a friend that a group of Snowbirds migrated back to Vallarta just to enjoy the spectacular lightning shows from their Venetian condos, he admitted he too loved them and we wondered how many other kindred spirits there are. Nature’s booming drama also blesses our Paradise with big drinks, cleansing showers and electromagnetic vitamin pills that enhance the soil - a Native American Elder told me - why we need to also give gratitude to Mother Earth for these priceless gifts.

Nancy Flores, International Latin dance champion, turned equally sizzling artist, rallied her husband Mark to leave their dry Sonoma wine country, along with their Bay Area friends, Sandra and Jay DeMers, to add some more “Oles” to their lives. They were bonded by having condos on top of each other and matching Papillon (butterfly eared) dogs.

Having seen my August AARP Fun Quick Vallarta Fitness story, and intrigued by my pioneering dancing down mountains and Yummy Organic Coaching with Olympic Skier Suzy 'Chapstick', Nancy contacted me. At her lovely dinner - salmon and organic salad – surrounded by her gallery of passionate paintings, lightning struck again, when I told them President Pena Nieto urged groups to find innovative ways to help prevent a collapse of Mexico’s and Vallarta’s healthcare system from diabetes. And that it hurts the poor the most.

They said, “We gringos know a lot about how to support keeping dogs and cats healthy through the wonderful neutering programs, but what can we do to help the health of Vallarta’s poorest?

I told them how over two years ago, Carlos VonHauske and I found ourselves forming an amazing cross-cultural team, called Vallarta Saludable A & P, to help restore the health of Vallarta’s 6,000 diabetics. Plus there aren’t enough dialysis machines in Banderas Bay and some are dying waiting for them and hospital beds.

Here's some of the questions we deal with daily:

How are you going to do it?

Through nutrition education that is virtually missing in the Mexican media, like the recommended number of grams of sugar a day is 15, whereas Mexicans have been overdosing on about 200 a day and US 168, mainly from Coca Cola addiction with 80 grams of sugar in the king-size bottles. Wisely, President Pena Nieto recommended stevia and wants to make this a stevia country like Japan and China who have low diabetes.

Thanks to the popularity of the organic Farmers Markets spreading across the bay, more farmers are growing it and Soriana and Mega have joined Costco in selling them. And more and more are learning that by just adding some of Jalisco’s amazing superfoods from this Vegetable Garden of Eden, like chia, amaranth, jacka and stevia to their oatmeal, and drinking capomo, can streamline restoring their health.

Our plan has recently been approved by the Secretary of health to do a 90 Day Diabetes Test at the Regional Hospital. It will prove that a combination of great tasting organic food and US stevias and ZEVIA stevia colas, along with Dr. Servando’s Nano technology that reverses dialysis, that 30 end stage diabetics will be off meds.

Don’t they need to grow more organics food here?

Absolutely. You must have heard about the 3 studies proving that fresh raw organic fruits and veggies ends diabetes in 30 days, plus all diseases including diabetes and obesity are from malnutrition, lack of enough nutrients in the diet. Fortunately, we got approvals to grow an organic garden next to the Regionale to get patients out of the hospital faster, the main cost of diabetes. And we have plans to grow more "superfoods" in Cabo Corrientes, paid for by also developing the healthiest food for astronauts through Dr. Servando’s nanotech. Over 3 years, our 12 step holistic approach can save the city 12 billion pesos and help make Vallarta a thriving medical tourism center.

But what about poor not covered by insurance?

Here is what I just learned. Currently, Vallarta’s public hospitals are so overwhelmed that they cannot even afford pain shots or meds for the poor needing amputations from diabetes related gangrene, so they suffer excruciating pain getting hacked often more than once. Then when they go home, they can’t afford the prosthesis or help to get to the bathroom and are sometime covered with feces. Out of hopelessness some end their lives.

So what can be done?

Dr. Servando has been using nano and other breakthroughs to help the poor prevent amputations from gangrene or black skin from diabetes. It amazingly naturally restored the bone, tissue and skin of this patient scheduled for an amputation. He could help up to a hundred more with some compassionate community support. (See photos - PDF)

Another of his nano solutions proven on food at the U of Guadalajara, and featured on a national TV show, is his breakthrough that extends the freshness of food 25 times longer. (See Timeaffect.com)

This could prevent diabetes and 1.3 Mexican children dying of starvation. He is working with a Mexican bishop leader of their foodbank on that.

What do the MDs at the Regionale think of your test and plan?

The compassionate MD leaders at the Regionale tell us these solutions are a dream come true. One had tried to pioneer an organic program at a Mexico City hospital. In fact, when six doctors sampled my organic superfoods combinations, which quickly rebuild our bodies’ nutrients, one of docs exclaimed, “No tiene madre!”

What do you mean?

After learning that is the highest compliment you can get, two of the MDs shared that they had diabetes, and another borderline, along with their spouses, they asked to take the test first so they can do a better job for their patients. They immediately took a blood test and starting replacing sugar with our delicious US stevias that the Secretary of Health is going to help bring in more affordably import free as a medical emergency. So this is a great honor and unprecedented breakthrough having Mexican MDs take our test.

What can expats and Mexicans do to help?

People can make tax deductible donations in the US and Mexico via my NAOTF.org website, which is umbrella-ing Vallarta Saludable A & P to help Dr. Servando save more limbs and lives, and streamline making our plan a reality.

People can also watch for our benefit in December or if they can’t wait, and fall in love with any of her paintings on Nancy’s website: FloresArt.com, she will donate a magnanimous 50% to this cause. Or if paintings become part of the interior design work of Felicitas, also an architect, who has a beautiful innovative showroom at the Venetian thanks to it being on the homestead of her husband, Hugo Alberto.

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Contact Suzy Chaffee at Suzynativevoices@aol.com

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