July News and Needs from the Banderas Bay Women's Shelter

David Zude - Banderas Bay Womens Shelter
July 29, 2016

Fact of the Month

Characteristics of abusive men. There are several characteristics of many abusive men. The two most common are Control and Entitlement.

Control is the "overarching behavioral characteristic" of abusive men, achieved with criticism, verbal abuse, financial control, isolation, cruelty, etc. The need to control may deepen over time or escalate if a woman seeks independence (e.g. going to school)

Entitlement is the "overarching attitudinal characteristic" of abusive men, a belief in having special rights without responsibilities, justifying unreasonable expectations (e.g., family life must center on his needs). He will feel the wronged party when his needs are not met and may justify violence as self-defense.

What's Happening

The ladies in the shelter enjoyed a series of classes on manicure and pedicure by our friend Drew. The women had a wonderful time. At least one of the women currently in the shelter will be supporting her family in part by providing pedicures and manicures.

The women are learning how to sew. All are currently making clothing for themselves and their children. One of the ladies has begun working on her own business making designer bikinis.

Mother’s day was celebrated at the shelter. A group of longtime supporters prepared lunch for everyone in the shelter. They also brought cake and flowers for the ladies.

The women continued to be blessed with the service of our friend Anna who is teaching music, reading and writing and English.

Thank you Vicki and Cheryl’s Shoe Box for the continued support providing shoes and clothing to the women and children.

The team at Pearl Health Center in Idaho Falls, Idaho has been a great help to us providing free personality examinations and psych evaluations from their psychologists and psychiatrists. Thank you to Thana, Zak, Dan and Cristina for your assistance.


Two more women are participating in our non interest business loan program provided by the shelter and financed by our friend Dean. One woman, a native Huichol, will be supporting her family by selling traditional Huichol artifacts and jewelry. She has been provided all the materials needed to make the items that she will market. Please contact me if you are interested in helping her out and buying some gifts at the same time.

The other lady, who I mentioned previously, will be supporting her family by marketing designer bikinis along with manicures and pedicures. We are providing her with a new sewing machine.

Hard Work Has Paid Off

Thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated people, the shelter will be receiving support from the Mexican federal government this year. The National Center of Gender Equality and Reproductive Health will be assisting us with covering many shelter expenses from May through December of this year. This assistance will help us to provide the very best of services to the women and their children.

This government assistance does not cover all costs associated with the operation of the shelter and covers no costs generated during the months of January through April.

It is worthwhile mentioning again that the board members of the organization that operates Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter receive no compensation for the work that they do for the shelter. There are no high salary employees working in the shelter. The highest paid employee in the shelter is paid approximately $1,000 US per month.

Roof Construction

The shelter is in bad need of classroom space, consulting spaces for the psychologists and an outdoor recreation area for the women and children when the yard cannot be used. We have construction plans for an open air roof on the shelter that will be used to provide these spaces. The government will not provide funding for this capital improvement. Contact me if you are interested in helping to finance this project.


One time and recurring donations can be made through Paypal on the website, by sending a check to Compassion for the Family, 115 13th Street SE, Altoona, IA 50009 or by writing compassionforthefamily@yahoo.com.mx. Donations received from U.S. or Mexican citizens are tax deductible.

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