Make the Holidays Shine by Helping La Cruz Resident Obtain Much Needed Operation
Paul Schatz - GoFundMe
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December 10, 2016

When Ana Berta was 12 years old, she was working in a household hanging clothes and one leg fell into a hole and injured her hip. She couldn’t walk after her accident and had to wait 2 years for medical assistance due to her economic level. Social Security finally admitted her in a hospital 5 hours from her home. She was operated on 3 times in a month where a plate and 3 screws were installed to help her heal. Then after 8 months she underwent another operation to remove the plate and screws. The result of this delay and eventual operation was unsuccessful. Still young at the age of 42, has been living with constant pain for 28 years.  

Ana Berta is part of a responsible family of hard working people. But now she cannot work to assist her son and mother who depend on her and her husband’s ability to earn money. Her husband is employed and earns enough to feed the family but there is nothing extra for medical needs. But even worse she is in constant unbearable pain.  

A doctor from Mexico City, Dr. Juan Jose Gomez Amescua visited our home in Nayarit and we found out he was a surgeon specialist in the field of hip replacement and repair. Dr. Gomez met Ana Berta and wrote me that her case was very special and she needed an operation that would never be available to her through socialized medicine. Ana Berta has been on a list for this operation now 3 years and they have told her that it will be another 3 to 5 years before they MAYBE will provide this for her.

Dr. Gomez has agreed to do the operation with his team and in a private hospital in Mexico City, provide the prosthesis necessary through Johnson & Johnson and charge Ana Berta only the cost of the hospital stay and operating room. An operation of $35,000 will be charged for an estimated $7,500. We have to provide medications, special equipment and post operative therapy. There are additional costs of airplane tickets for Ana Berta and her mom to go to Mexico City from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. In Mexico City there will be costs incurred as well and finally costs of some care when back at home.

The offer from Dr. Gomez Amescua is a gift from the God and the universe and I find myself compelled to ask everyone I know for assistance.

The sum of $14,000 is necessary to turn Ana Berta’s life around. We have to collect $15,000 to net that amount as fees are collected by GoFundMe. That is so little to most of us and especially if everyone I know helps a little.

Please open your hearts and contribute to Ana Berta’s fund in whatever amount makes sense to you; but please contribute. I don’t often ask to receive and more often give but this time, I am asking from my heart as well.

For more information and to donate, please visit GoFundMe or email Paul Schatz at

Happy Holidays and God Bless all of you!

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