Things You Shouldn't Say by The Kinsey Sicks
Gary R. Beck - Beck's Best

February 1, 2017

Our ladies return! After "Electile Dysfunction" concerning the upcoming 2016 United States Presidential election, they take on all those things we shouldn't say. This launching of their international tour brings even more fans under their fold with a cappella singing, ample satire and drag personas which must be seen. All four are individual to the persona, but have a theme in their look. "Get Your Kicks from The Kinsey Sicks", not from "Route 66".

Starting in San Francisco, CA. over twenty years ago, this drag quartet, known as Dragapella® Beautyshop Quartet became famous worldwide through much hard work, rehearsing and performing songs, skits, dances with theme changes. Their new presentation is sexual and political, distinctive in their personal life, not by what society demands. The new United States policies being implemented are upsetting and the group stated emphatically that they were going to "Fight, with love, not rage".       

Their terrific four-part harmony shone through in the wonderful "The Rose" by "drag queen" Bette Midler. This rendition is strong and bold-faced. It was a salute to the lady whose concert spurred a group of men to don dresses, wigs and makeup and tell the world like it is. They ended up abandoning fine careers for this risky venture which lead to success almost immediately. Rachel composes all the lyrics and inner banter, having right from the start in 1993.

The most poignant episode was when Rachel sat on a chair and talked about her background, when she used her attorney's credentials to work effortlessly for the HIV/AIDS community in the 80's, when in dire need in San Francisco and all over the United States and world. She detailed the struggles, the hardships, the bigotry, but achieved wonderful levels of making differences for the ill and dying people who had been shunned by the government. Anger was evident, but she has turned that negative energy into love and hope.

"Sick chicks with schticks!" A strong feature of their shows is that they take a popular song, then alter the words to other meanings. One thinks they know the tune but then these crazy ladies sing lyrics totally unexpected. Two examples were the rousing "Macho Man" and "We Are The World", taking a new direction.

Trixie came into the crowd and picked me as her new fiancé with an expensive wedding planned, although not to be paid by her. The song was a non-ABBA "Mamma Mia". Soon Rachel grabbed an unsuspecting lad to receive a lap dance on stage and listen to her expounding about sex and her love for him warbling "Where The Boys [Goys] Are". The quartet seemed to feel it best to mix some raw sexual encounters and humor into the politics so pervasive in their minds in these tense times. The four of them holding hands and taking encore bows was a delight and showed their following that their creative juices remain in the top echelon.

"It's a dangerous new world and we're taking some risks. You should too."

You can catch The Kinsey Sicks in "Things You Shouldn't Say" at Act II Entertainment - Stages on February 1, 6, 8, 11 at 9:30 pm and February 3, 10 at 7:00 pm.

Act II Entertainment STAGES complex is located at Insurgentes 300 (at the corner of Basilio Badillo & Insurgentes) 2nd Floor, Zona Romántica, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Telephone is 322.222.1512. Show info and tickets available online at Act II PV. Box Office opened daily at 11:00 am on show days with a 2nd Box Office location across the street from Garbos on Pulpito street in the Romantic zone. Email for questions or more info.

Danny Mininni wished for me to mention that The Encore Bar in Act II Entertainment features singers before and after the shows. These artists represent some of the fine local talent Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Joby Hernández, Kami Desilets, Maria Rose and Gabe Arciniega present lovely music nightly at levels suitable for conversations. Come early for some live entertainment, gratis.

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