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February 18, 2017

Advocating humane and healthy practices for animals in the Jaltemba area of Mexico, by promoting health, education, sterilization, adoptions, foster care and positive relationships with animals and their owners.

December 2003 to December 2016:

During this time, JBAR offered 24 clinics and spayed or neutered 6,187 animals in the Jaltemba Bay Area!

Statistics for 2016:

Here is the complete tally of the number of cats and dogs who were spayed or neutered, vaccinated, received medication and special treatments for injuries, skin disorders and/or necessary surgery in the Jaltemba Bay Area (Los Ayala, Rincon de Guayabitos, La Peñita).

Our Next Clinic:

Wednesday March 22nd until Saturday, March 25th. Hope to see some of you there!

We are looking forward to welcoming back volunteer medical teams: Dr. Diane Cruickshank from McKenzie Veterinary Hospital in Victoria, along with Tech Karin and Tech Assistant Danielle and Soleil; Dr. Cal Buxton from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Chris Collis from Glenview Animal Hospital along with Tech Justine and Tech Assistant Taylor and Dr. Malcolm Macartney, now happily retired but still willing to volunteer some of his precious retirement time to help. We are also happy to welcome back Michael Ring along with Gisela Jones.

Santa Maria de Jaltemba Spay Neuter Clinic

JBAR sponsored a clinic with Dr. Aldo Barba in Santa Maria de Jaltemba, a small town about 20 kilometers from La Penita. There was a major need for sterilizing animals in this area….they had many unspayed females resulting in unwanted dogs.

Thanks to Lacy, Lalo and Rob who went to help.

Here is Lacy’s Report:

“Lolis from La Colonia who works with Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue was contacted by a woman who lives in Santa Maria de Jaltemba named Betty to ask for help with sterilization of the female animals in her pueblo. This pueblo is up in the mountains above Cucaracha. The puppies and kittens were being killed by the men in their pueblo and females in heat were also being killed. Lolis contacted myself and Aldo to arrange a mini-clinic in their pueblo on Sunday January 30, 2017.

Lolis and I brought kennels and items for recovery. Aldo brought two assistants and medicine and equipment for surgery. Rob brought additional items for surgery.

Children and women arrived with female  cats and dogs to our clinic. Aldo sterilized while sitting on top of large sacks of corn in an abandoned house which Betty secured for the clinic. Children rode  their horses as far as ten miles to bring their females cats and dogs. I took several animals back to their houses since there was no way for them to carry the sterilized animals on their horses.

Others arrived on bicycles with their animals in back packs.

At the end of the clinic the women of the area brought us ranch eggs, bananas, and passion fruit for our pay. These people live a subsistence lifestyle raising chickens, pigs, cows, fruit and gardens. Many of those who brought animals hugged us. All of them thanked us with hand shacks and big smiles.

Sterilized animals also had teeth pulled and ear treatment. All were given flea and tick treatment. But the animals were all well fed and in very good shape.

Betty is arranging another mini-clinic with Aldo because people began to arrive late from other small pueblos in the mountains and we did not have time to sterilize these animals. Word traveled fast.”

Here is Rob’s report:

“We performed about 20 sterilizations today in Santa Maria de Jaltemba, slightly west of La Cucuracha. It was a small space though everything went fairly smoothly. Aldo brought along a few students, and the village added extra help moving animals, and all animals were brought to the clinic by owners. We noticed how quickly news travelled through the area that the clinic was underway, as more people and animals arrived throughout the day. We were certainly the day’s entertainment. Great morning snack and offered dinner after clinic, though we all had to head back to town.

They are very interested at more clinics in the future, and they certainly came out to support this clinic.”

The following week, JBAR funded another clinic further up the mountain past Cacharacha, past Santa Clara de Jaltemba and into Candida Salvador. The scenery was spectular along the way with fields of native fruits growing in lush surroundings. As part of our outreach program, JBAR had another clinic this time at Candida Salazar, up the Alta Vista Road, past La Cacaracha, past Santa Maria de Jaltemba, way up in the back hills. It is stunningly beautiful country.

Another 22 dogs and cats were sterilized thanks to Dr. Aldo from La Peñita, Dr. Raúl Navarrete from the vet school in Compostela who brought 3 of his vet students: Edgar, Jasmine and Osiris.

There were some wonderful teaching moments as the children were captivated by the procedures in recovery. Many thanks to Betty, Lolis, Lacy, Rob, Samuel and Jim for all their help.

JBAR is planning on more out reach clinics to help some of the small pueblos that are desperately needing assistance.

Fund Raising:

Our two large free spay and neuter clinics which we offer in the fall and spring cost over 25,000 pesos each for a total of over $50,000 pesos. In addition, JBAR offers free spaying and neutering along with vaccinations and medical help all year long.

Thankfully, we have been able to raise some funds with the helpful support of some of our local restaurants and JBAR supporters to continue to offer these services.

Many thanks to Mateja’s Restaurant and Bar for hosting JBAR’s 50/50 draws! The 50/50 draws have raised 9320 pesos! Special thanks to Elaina who donated back 200 of her 820 pesos winnings back; Pauline
Englishby-Gow for donating 810 of her 1,310 winnings back; Denis Jeanneay who donated back 700 pesos; Carole Kleckner’s donation.

We will have a 50/50 every week at Mateja's to help JBAR. So glad for the support to help us fund our work with the animals. Thanks again, Mateja! And many thanks to Sheila Soenen, Dave and Jean Edwards, Heather, Kat and Wayne for selling the tickets.

A total of 10,010 pesos has been raised through the 50/50 draws at Anahi ll’s Restaurant. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Anahi ll!

At Alicia’s Restaurant in Guayabitos a total of 1500 pesos was raised through 50/50 draws. Thank you to Koral and her family.

Many thanks to Condor (Ivan) and Shauna for organizing and running the 50/50 draws for us at both restaurants.

Dave Edwards’ birthday party raised 3291 pesos. In lieu of birthday presents, Dave asked his guests to bring pesos! Thank you to Dave and all his guests for their generosity!


We are off and running this season with our adoptions….so far about 30 adoptions from November to January. Our JBAR dogs have left living in the streets and are now living the life of their dreams!

Please consider making a donation to help us continue helping the animals!

It is all because of you! Thank you!!!

Donations may be made through mail, direct deposit, email money transfer or in person. For more information, email linchimes@hotmail.com, visit JBAR online or on Facebook.

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