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May 1, 2017

The more visitors, the greater the commitment!

We are grateful to receive people from all around the world each year. Families, schools, groups and organizations that share our vision, people with amazing ideas and a huge drive to contribute and help in whatever is needed to keep going forward...

San Pancho shined this past month with cultural, social and environmental topics. Like waves that bring sand, vacations brought people, but San Pancho got prepared and led community clean ups, environmental awareness campaigns like water filling in town, and more. We wave this high season goodbye knowing we gave the example of a united community with our actions, setting the precedent of building a positive path for the change that rises.
Thank you for your love and commitment with Entreamigos and with San Pancho!!!

Marine Metamorphosis
Leyla Issa Venegas came to San Pancho with the dream of continuing her artistic project "Metamorfosis Marina" protecting marine life from the trash we produce. She has been working with kids of this community, organizing beach clean ups and creating art, while they learn about taking care of the ocean and how to reduce their print. Beautiful work!  
Water filling in San Pancho

The Easter holidays represent a big tourism period in San Pancho. The businesses do well but the beach not that much with all the disposables that are consumed. With an initiative led by Bill Kirkwood, the community, businesses and contributors organized a campaign to create consciousness about the waste represented in consuming plastic bottles each time one is thirsty. THANK YOU COMMUNITY AND THANK YOU VISITORS for being a part of this campaign. It is the beginning of a great effort that we seek to maintain present from now on for the well being of our beloved environment!!!!
In San Pancho we recycle!!

On the backside of entreAmigos you can find San Pancho's Collection Center. Here we separate what is recovered every morning in town, and we classify it by materials: card board, plastic, glass and metal.

This season we managed to collect:
• 31.67 tons of glass
• 1 ton of cardboard
• 1,150 kilos of plastic

Super heroes in the form of volunteers

This month we had many volunteer visits with all the good vibe and disposition in helping around with details in installation, maintenance, construction, gardening and more. They also brought amazing donations like school supplies, art and crafts material for the kids to use at our free workshops.

THANK YOU Human Connectors and World Ventures for your time and contribution!!!


Discover the hidden treasures in stories...

Each year, we host at Entreamigos a Literary Week, where people from all ages are invited to participate, either giving a workshop related to the literary world or attending to an activity!!!

It is a space for authors, illustrators, story tellers, book binders, and artists to share their passion to the kids of San Pancho and its surroundings. We are summoning anyone who is interested in being part of a lovely week full of adventures, fantasy and amazing stories!!!

The workshops are given in Spanish but everyone is invited. It starts the 29th of May, ending the 2nd of June.

If you know someone who might be interested, please share. The email contact is to send proposals.  
Before you go north, remember RECICLA SHOP!!
Feel free to bring anything that no longer fits, or you don't need, like or use. We make sure it goes to the right place. At Recicla Shop we give clothes to the most needy and sell the rest to support the important work that we do with families in San Pancho. THANK YOU!!! The Recycle Shop is open Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
We are still in need for Scholarship supporters!!

Help us increase education opportunities for children and young adults in San Pancho. The program currently supports 87 students from the community and is proud to have graduated 5 students from the University. The program supports students with uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, school fees, transportation expenses and some food or emergency costs.

Annual Scholarship - $600usd or $50/month                   

University Scholarship - $2500usd or $203usd/month


To contact Entreamigos, telephone (311) 258-4377, email, or visit Entreamigos online.

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