Spring Fishing Conditions Continue with Sailfish off Sayulita
Stan Gabruk - Master Baiters Sportfishing & Tackle

May 7, 2017

As we come to the end of the tourist season, we’re still seeing spring-like conditions where the water is still cold, the fish are full of eggs and if you don’t catch the bite just right, you could miss the action you’re hoping to find all together.

Having said that, we have plenty of action in the bay. Outside the bay is better than it was, but still ¨iffy¨ at best when it comes to met expectations, amigos.

Punta Mita / Marieta Islands/ El Moro - Focusing on where the action is this week, we see that the area around Sayulita, north of Punta Mita, is alive with Sailfish. With an increase in Sailfish numbers and the possibility of a Striped Marlin a little farther out in the open ocean, all of a sudden eight-hour fishing trips are producing. Jack Crevalle over 30 lbs. are plentiful in this area, and that’s nothing new. Bonito for sure to 30 lbs, Pompano around the Marieta Islands still at 20 lbs, Snapper that come up are anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, Sierra Mackerel and of course, the jiggers can have a great day in this area as well.

Sailfish are in the areas too, so an eight-hour trip can be quite productive. No Rooster Fish, No Needle fish; it’s been a strange winter to spring time frame.

For those looking for Striped Marlin, they’re still in the area and should be until water temperatures get up around 80 degrees as they like it a ¨bit cooler¨ than Blue and Black Marlin. Once you hit Punta Mita, take a heading of 300 and head out about ten to fourteen miles and drop baits.

With the seasons changing soon, we’ll see some changes for the better shortly, stay tuned.

Once again, after so many weeks now I can’t remember how many, the bay is the place to be. With more Sailfish in the bay being boated than anywhere else, it seems like the obvious choice …unless bay fishing is beneath you. For most, it’s not an issue and for now we’re seeing some serious arm burning action with Jack Crevalle over 35 lbs. Jacks are our “bread and butter” for this time of the year. Bonito are starting at 30 lbs, Snappers are in the bay from 10 to 20 lbs, Sierra Mackerel of course and they’re tasty! A chance of football Tuna at the Yelapa area and who knows what else is out there for the taking? One thing is for sure, you won’t know if you don’t get on the water.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve had serious Sardine Bait balls all over the bay at random areas. What does that mean? Well, they’re moving and where they were yesterday is a sure bet they’ll be somewhere else today. For that reason, give yourself at least six hours in the bay. A fourhour trip takes you to where they were yesterday, a six-hour trip gives you the chance to find where they went today.

Now speaking of bait, we have tons and tons of 12-pound Bonito, nothing exciting to catch, but they taste great and are what you find in the tuna cans around here. They draw larger fish in and if we had Rooster fish they’d have a field day with these larger than bullet Bonito. With the bite being mid-morning (10:00 am) and 4:00 pm in mid-afternoon, getting to the fishing grounds too early doesn’t help your cause. Not good to be leaving the area as the bite picks up, so be sure to have this specific information in your back pocket.

Also the area around Los Arcos has a deep channel that Sails like and if there’s a Dorado in the area, he’ll most likely be in this area - just a little secret for the locals. When running baits, Sails
have been taking dead Goggle eyes, so keep on the outrigger. Lures are the same, Iguanas and Petroleros with black, not purple.

Water temperatures have been steady at 75oF but this will change in the coming weeks and then maybe we’ll see Dorado come down from north of San Pancho in decent numbers, but that’s a ways off, amigos.

Remember we’re still doing our best to hook you up with partners for shared super panga trips of eight hours at $275 U.S. for half a panga or two people max.

We’re also selling smoked fish to clients, or just give us half your catch, you’ll get the other half back smoked and vacuum-sealed so you don’t have to freeze it to get it home! It’s great for less than tasty fish like Sailfish, Jack Crevalle, Rooster fish and more. Now if you have a Dorado, Snapper or Bonito, they’re just outstanding. So call us on the way in, we’ll meet you at the dock and get your details, any company, any boat, just have fish!

Until next time, don’t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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