Amazing West Mexico Vacation Top 5 Destinations Spotlights Puerto Vallarta
Marilee Kern - The Fox Magazine
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May 9, 2017

Dinner theater al fresco, adrenaline-pumping activities and luxe accommodations to-die-for.

For those throngs of people pondering where to go on vacation this year, Mexico may be a strong contender in your cache of options. If so, you're certainly not alone. According to the U.S. National Travel & Tourism Office, in 2016 approximately 30 million U.S. citizens chose Mexico as their travel destination. And understandably so, given there are innumerable reasons to vacation in the region. The weather is warm, people are friendly, the culture is rick, the immersive culinary scene in phenomenal, the beaches are beautiful, and dreamy destinations abound.

Foodie-Forward Private Villa "Victual Vacations" at Puerto Vallarta's Casa Dos Cisnes

Whether for adventure travel or more relaxing vacations, travelers are increasingly seeking regionally-authentic itineraries that offer an intimate view of local life. The trend of being "connoisseurs of local culture" so to speak is booming. So indigenous tourism and cultural immersion experiences - especially those with culinary components - are extremely popular right now - and that demand is growing. Various hospitality sectors have been the beneficiary of the foodie-driven travel movement, and even helping drive it to a certain extent. One of which is the private villa vacation category, specifically. Today's breed of luxury private villa rentals are becoming an ultimate gourmet indulgence for leisure and business travelers alike.

One private villa rental exemplyfying this experience is named Casa Dos Cisnes, which is a premier private oceanfront villa in Puerto Vallarta. This 10,000 square foot, five-bedroom colonial home has breathtaking views of the Pacific, and really goes over-and-above to ensure each guest's needs, desired and expectations for an extraordinary, foodie-forward private villa vacation are fulfilled.

This includes custom gourmet meals prepared on-site by a dedicated 5-star private chef specializing in Mexican-contemporary cuisine, served in an elegant separate dining room that seats up to 12.

You can either specify what dishes you would like the chef to prepare, or you can give "free reign" and allow the chef to conceive a fully authentic Mexican menu on your behalf.

Your choice if you want to go full classic/indigenious or with a more contemporary fare. Here, guests have full culinary control.

The ingredients (meat, produce, spices, starches) are usually entirely locavore, meaning very locally sources, and the recipes, preparation, presentation and such are authentic to the region and culture - all allowing visitors to experience what it's like to "eat like a local." You tell the chef what you want to eat that day or you can plan in advance and, either way, the chef shops at the local markets the day of and prepares the meals on-site, which are served in the privacy of your own dining space, either indoors or out. It gives a whole new meaning to a home-cooked meal, for sure.

Fore some enhances group or family fun, this private gourmet chef also prepares what this villa calls a "Magical Mexican Fiesta," which is a lively evening of regional food, cocktails and Mexican musicians entertaining at the property. And all of this is available to guests in addition to three full meals a day plus snack and happy hour service, which can be served in the dining room or the separate dining terraces at both the main and pool levels.

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