Emergency Equipment Needed by Puerto Vallarta Firefighters

Team Angels - PVAngels
August 29, 2012

Our local Fire Department (Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta) needs equipment so they can continue to save our lives and be effective in emergencies.

If any of you out there have equipment that is not being used that can be donated, you could save a life today.

We are reaching out to the Fire Departments in the United States, Canada and Mexico that can help and to individuals or businesses who might know about or have access to emergency equipment. If you have the equipment but no means of delivery, we'll get it to Puerto Vallarta.

Even if the equipment is not presently functioning, we can repair it.

There is a long list of equipment that is available to most Fire Departments, but our firefighters don't have it here in Vallarta and the funds don't trickle down from the government so they can purchase what they need.

Some of the vehicles needed are:

• Incident Command System (ICS)
• 40 Passenger Vehicle for Personnel
• Rescue Team Vehicle of 3 Tons
• Vehicle for Hazardous Materials
• Urban Rescue Vehicles
• Ambulances
• Vehicle with Fire Pump
• Vehicle with Ladder

Some of the emergency equipment needed:

• Rescue Gear for Collapsed Structures
• Equipment for Hazardous Materials Team
• Medical Support Equipment for Ambulances
• Hydraulic Rescue Tools
• Firefighting Equipment (hose 1 1/2 " 30 meters, 15 meters NST threads, nozzles, ventilation equipment, boots, helmets, gloves, pants, jackets, face shields)

If you are not able to help with the large items, our firefighters are always in need of small items that you can pack into the corners of your suitcase. If you live in or around Puerto Vallarta, take a look around your home for items they can use. For the complete list, click here, and go to "How You Can Help."

Donations in excess of what our local firefighters can use  will be distributed to other Fire Departments throughout the region.

These guys risk their lives every day to keep us safe and it would be great if you can help in any way.

We thank you at PVAngels for your help and generosity and we will be involved with the Fire Department in helping to coordinate the equipment donations, so please contact us at teamangels@pvangels.com.

  Learn about Bomberos de Puerto Vallarta (Fire Department)

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