Devil’s Bar Announces Their New Hellfire Tequila
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May 26, 2017

The owner of Devil's Bar has announced their new Hellfire Tequila flavored with cinnamon for a unique satisfying taste. Hellfire Tequila is a fun and energetic brand, which places emphasis on having a good time and enjoying life. The cinnamon-flavored tequila is a Mexican product, and the name Hellfire wishes to be the tequila version of Fireball Whiskey.

Hellfire Tequila is primarily a shot drink that is to be sold to tourists on vacation in Mexico. The tequila is within the definition of a real reposado tequila, using 100% blue agave that has been grown and distilled in the state of Jalisco (The official home of tequila).

There is good news today with the announcement that Hellfire Tequila just got launched. This news will come as a welcomed relief to bartenders who work in the tourist zones of Mexico or vacationers asking for a shot of Fireball or tequila.

It is guaranteed to act as an alternative to the Fireball Whiskey.

Alan James one of the founding partners explained: "the new Hellfire Tequila is distilled using an oak-barrel aging process to produce smooth reposado tequila that is ideally suited for drinking on the rocks, chilled as a shot, and in mixed drinks. Adding Hellfire Tequila to the tequil market sees the brand presenting products unmatched by any of its rivals". He said "we are excited to launch Hellfire Tequila."

Alan James further explained "having worked in the industry for many years I've seen many trends and changes and what has become very apparent is that those who drink shots of tequila and Fireball should be drinking Hellfire Tequila instead."

To find out more and to place orders please visit the website at

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