Puerto Vallarta Hosts 'Drug Use: Risks and Consequences' Conference
Julio Cesar Curiel Perez - Juvenile Integration Center

June 3, 2017

The Conference of "Drug Use: Risks and Consequences" was held on the "International Day for the fight against misuse and illicit drug trafficking" on Thursday, June 1, at the Hotel Crown Paradise's Nitro Hall.

The guests of honor included Mtra. Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, President of the DIF municipal system of Puerto Vallarta, who provided the welcome message to the attendees; Dr. José Ángel Adalberto Prado García, Deputy Director General of Operation and Board of Youth Integration Centers, A.C. (CIJ), who was given a recognition for his participation as Speaker of the Conference; The Mtro. Enrique de Jesús Aceves Arce, regional coordinator of the West Center zone of Youth Integration centers, BC; C.P. Carlos Arturo Contreras Rebollo, president of the Board of the CIJ. Puerto Vallarta; The Mtra. Beatriz Barron Hernández, Director of the CIJ Puerto Vallarta and C. David de la Rosa Flores, Director of the DIF municipal system of Puerto Vallarta.

The agreement of collaboration was signed between the system for the integral development of the municipal family of Puerto Vallarta and centers of Youth integration, A.C. Puerto Vallarta, which will generate synergies for the development of various projects that strengthen the inter-institutional relationship in the area of addiction prevention and treatment.

The signing of the agreement was headed by Mtra. Candelaria Tovar Hernández, President of the DIF municipal system of Puerto Vallarta and Dr. José Ángel Adalberto Prado García, Deputy Director General of operation and patronages on behalf of the Mtra. María del Carmen Fernández Cáceres, Director General of Youth Integration Centers A.C.

Mtra. Beatriz Barron Hernandez, Director of CIJ Puerto Vallarta reported on the actions carried out in the period January – December 2016, stressing that prevention was carried out in 1,950 preventive actions impacting 75,132 people in the community, while the treatment services performed 2,227 actions, through which were attended 960 patients of CIJ Puerto Vallarta, emphasizing that the most consumed substances by the users of the services are: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and methamphetamines, highlighting an important increase in the use of the latter.

The conference was continued by Dr. José Ángel Adalberto Prado García, who highlighted general aspects of the damage associated with health by the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, opiates and marijuana, which highlights the serious impact of consumption on society, pointing out that the age of onset in the consumption of illegal drugs has been declining.

In the same way, he stressed that it is vitally important to have a timely impact on children and young people, a population in which a series of myths prevails that favor the low perception of harm associated with drug use. On the other hand, it was in favor of the development of preventive strategies that enable children, youth and adults in the development of effective social skills and thus be able to cope with situations that put them at risk, where having a healthy self-esteem, knowing how to make decisions assertively and managing emotionally, acts as protection factors coupled with the great importance of the primary support network of family.

As part of the closure of the event, some of the attendees were involved, providing diverse opinions against drug use, due to the serious consequences they have on the general population, and thus is considered a public health problem.

Translated and edited by Team Angels

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