Fresh Homemade Sausage Not Seasonal in Vallarta-Nayarit with Free Delivery
Alex Duarte - Alex Homemade Sausage

July 10, 2017

We are not closing for the season, we are here year-round! We are here to serve you and provide FREE DELIVERY 12 months a year. We have 25 different sausage recipes including your favorites made with pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and even vegan, and don't forget our fully cooked ltalian meatballs.

Our sausages are made in small batches to guarantee best results, no MSG, nitrates, fillers or artificial ingredients, only the best and freshest meats, veggies, spices, herbs and always natural, gourmet quality with authentic traditional international recipes and more!

Among the top favorites is our lamb sausage and American apple. We have breakfast sausage in bulk - the sage based Pennsylvania Dutch and Red Peppercorn patties.

What to do with sausages? Sandwiches, snacks, wraps, or use them in pasta, rice, potato dishes, grilled veggies, couscous, beans, burritos, or use as toppings, stuffing, etc.

They are quick-frozen to maintain freshness and they are sold frozen in packages of 4 sausages / 8 meatballs for 120 pesos, 140 for our lamb sausages and 60 pesos for the ones sold in bulk, 300 grams or two patties of 150 grams each.

How to best cook them? Easy: fully defrosted, poke them twice, then either on the grill or a skillet with a little oil, cook 10 minutes one side and 5 minutes the other, let them sit for 2 minutes and serve or chunk/slice them and use them in your favorite recipes.

Some of the sausages like the German Bratwurst, Sheboygan Bratwurst, Turkey Florentine, Polish Kielbasa or the lrish Cabbage sausages you can also defrost and cook in half a cup of dark beer for every two sausages, let the beer evaporate in medium heat, then add oil and flip for 5 minutes, a little more oil and flip for another 2 minutes and they will be cooked to delicious perfection.

FREE DELIVERY in Puerto Vallarta and all the way from El Tuito to La Peñita and all points in between, or pick them up every Saturday at the Three Hens and a Rooster market from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm on Carranza 466 in Old Town PV, a block and a half from the small tunnel.

Give them all a try. Contact Alex Duarte by email at, by telephone at (322) 223-9819, by cellular at (322) 120-1841, or visit and to keep updated on our offers and promotions as well, visit us on Facebook.

We would like to thank all of our loyal local customers. Thank you for your preference and for helping us spread the word!

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