The Dog Days of Summer by SPCA-PV
Janice Gonzalez - SPCA-PV

August 1, 2017

We are officially in the dog days of summer. No, really: That isn't just an expression. The "dog days of summer" actually refers to an astronomical event.

From early-July to mid-August, the star Sirius (which is represented by a dog in ancient Greek and Roman mythology) appears to rise and set with the sun. As the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius was already associated with light and heat. Its perceived proximity to the sun during the summertime only added to this reputation.

Among the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, it was believed that the combined energies of Sirius and the sun made summer's peak as hazy and hot as it tends to be. And, thanks to Sirius' canine characterization, this time of year came to be referred to as the "dog days" of summer.

Beyond sticky and sweaty weather, the dog days of summer (and Sirius, for that matter) have earned a few other associations, some more negative than others.

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that actual dogs went wild during this time of year, while humans became listless and lazy. If you ask us, it's hard not to feel listless and lazy when the temperatures are pushing 90 degrees, but who are we to judge our forebears?

Meanwhile, the ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius, known there as Sothis, was responsible for the annual flooding of the Nile. Where the Romans and Greeks considered this star a sign of decline, the Egyptians took it as a signal of incoming good fortune and plenty: Ancient Egyptian farmers depended on the Nile's regular floods to supply them with enough water for the dry season to come.

Looking back on it, we can tell that this one star's activity probably doesn't have that much of an effect on the Northern hemisphere's weather, but the name has stuck all the same. And, if you're looking for an excuse to be extra lazy, now you have it.

Courtesy of Refinery 29.

Just a reminder to spread the word that free spay/neuter clinics occur monthly at the Cuale Cultural Center on Isla Cuale.  Clinics are the first Sunday of each month and are sponsored by various individuals and organizations here in town.  The next clinic is August 6 and is sponsored by our good friends and volunteers Pat Parr and David Thompson.

Adoption Information

You can find us at the Old Town Farmers Market located in Lazaro Cárdenas Park in the Romantic Zone, just steps away from the beach in Olas Altas and just a few blocks south of the Río Cuale and the Malecón from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm every Saturday during high season (November through April).

To see all our animals available for adoption, visit our Facebook page. Go to Photos where you will also find individual Albums for all the animals available as well as a bit of their history.

Contact us at to schedule a visit to the Sanctuary to get up close and personal with potential adoptees.

Everyone is welcome to come and play with the animals, chat with us about them and about the SPCA, and of course, think about adoptions!  We are always looking for volunteers so please contact us if you would be interested in helping.  Email us at

To make donations via PayPal, select the "Donate" option on our Facebook page or on SPCA-PV.

If you would like to make a donation other than money to the SPCA, here is a list of items we can ALWAYS use: Kong's or very hard rubber chew toys (we cannot use soft plastic toys anymore due to ingestion worries); Chuck it balls ...hard rubber; stuffed toys for puppies; all natural dog treats.  

Some always needed items you can bring from home are old towels and blankets. If you want to pick up some things from Costco while you are here, consider Lysol, Greymoon Paper Towels and Kirkland 2.8 I Hand wash soap.

Donations can be made at our booth at the Old Town Farmers Market during high season (November through April), at Hacienda San Angel located at Calle Miramar 336, above Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in El Centro, or at our sanctuary location when you stop by for a visit.   

We are often asked to provide contact information for veterinarians we would recommend here in town. Although we do have our own vet at the sanctuary, for specialized or supplemental care we take advantage of the services offered by these doctors here in town. If the need should arise, we would suggest a doctor listed below to handle your animal’s care.

• Our “go-to” vet is Dr. Paco at Sabuesos, located on Calle Columbia at Calle Panama, near Teatro Vallarta and Ley’s market. Dr. Paco does speak English.    
Dr. Peña at Mascotas is our alternate veterinarian located on Calle Melchor Ocampo at Boulevard Francisco Medina Ascencio (the main highway going north) right across the street from the emergency entrance to IMSS (Spanish speaking only).
• For orthopedic problems or broken bones we only recommend the services of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alejandro at Centro Medico located on Calle San Salvador at Calle Ecuador a bit south of the stadium.
• For all feline care and/or dental cleaning for all your pets we recommend Dr. Tamayo at the Versalles Animal Hospital located on Calle Viena at Calle Aldanaca which is near Costco or the Pemex station on Avenida Francisco Villa.
And as most of you know, we are firm believers in a healthy diet for your dogs. Our recommendation is always a raw diet. If that is not something you are considering, then as an alternative we suggest a healthy natural diet of cooked chicken, sweet potatoes, etc. If you must provide your canine with kibble, the preferred brand is “Taste of the Wild” which can be purchased at the offices of both Dr. Paco and Dr. Tamayo. An alternative is the Kirkland brand available at Costco.

We need volunteers...

We all know it takes a number of dedicated individuals, working together, to make our rescue efforts successful. We can’t do what we do without the help of all our volunteers and foster families.

How to become a volunteer? Volunteers are needed all over! We have pawesome volunteers in Canada, the United States and of course here in Puerto Vallarta.

Volunteers do many tasks from visiting our shelter and walking, cuddling or taking care for our animals, driving people to and from the sanctuary, social media and web site work, posting online "For Adoption" ads, airport transportation, crate management in BC and Alberta, home checks, animal delivery to new homes, foster home management, newsletters, Farmers Market booth, networking and fundraising.

All types of talent are needed but most important is DEDICATION. If you are interested, contact us at

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