Tips for Dealing with Tropical Summer Weather in Puerto Vallarta
Katy Ochoa - Timothy Real Estate Group
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August 8, 2017

The first thing we tell visitors who inquire about our weather in Puerto Vallarta, is that it is a lot of things but always unpredictable. One can feel rain coming, see black heavy clouds on the horizon, essentially know a downpour is imminent and… nothing happens. The ceiling fans tick along, the air is wet with humidity and the pets are prostrate on the somewhat cool tile floor, but there are no drops falling from above.

The alternative does however occur. One can pop in to the cinema for a couple hours, chill in the air conditioning, having observed bright blue skies upon entering and return to the outside and find oneself in a deluge. It happens.

Here are some tips for how to deal with summer weather in Puerto Vallarta. We have a small collapsible umbrella and prepare ourselves when leaving the house, even if it’s just to give Pup a walk. It hangs on the wrist with a little strap and opens quickly; it keeps us partially dry when the rain isn’t coming down sideways.

If you’re home when lightening starts to flash, and the crash of thunder makes you check your pulse, do yourself a huge favor and turn off your electronics. In this day and age, you still have a cell phone to keep you in touch. Keep a portable charger on hand and make sure it’s ready for an emergency.

If Fido is afraid of storms, have a thunder vest on hand. If there is any chance of a storm and you’re out for the evening and leaving pets at home, make sure they are outfitted before you go. You’ll all be happy when you come back to find they haven’t eaten the sofa in a fit of anxiety.

Don’t wade! When the streets in Puerto Vallarta are flowing with water and it seems like a fun idea to kick off your shoes and paddle through the murk with your feet, think again. It’s really very hard to say what’s floating along or hidden in the depths. This practice exposes a person to broken glass, animal feces, bacteria and quite possibly living creatures. The health risks are not worth it.

Obviously, activities in Puerto Vallarta such as golf and swimming are out of the question if lightening is involved. More people are killed on golf courses from lightening strikes than any other cause. Stay off the rooftop; it may seem fun to be on the top of a building to get better views but you present yourself to Mother Nature as a natural lightening rod.

Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta goes from June to October but there are always variations to this schedule since it’s not manmade and the tropics can be fickle and capricious when it comes to weather.

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