Good Days, Bad Days: Summer Sportfishing Inside and Outside of Banderas Bay
Stan Gabruk - Master Baiters Sportfishing & Tackle
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September 16, 2017

Normally we go through the fishing report location by location but lately it’s so spread out that anything can happen right now if you find blue water. Now that seems to be the issue, recent rains inland have brought heavy amounts of water into the Bay of Banderas. It brings nutrients and all kinds of good stuff for the fishing industry, but it screws up the fishing in the dirty water areas.

Jack Crevalls seem to hit baits in dirty water, it doesn’t bother them too much. I can’t say the same for Dorado, Marlin or Sailfish, which of course are our primary “players” for the Sportfishing crowd. For now those heading out need to find clean water. We’ve had a few days where even the deep water locations had dirty water to be followed the next day with blue water. It’s enough to make your head spin. Even though you have clean blue water is no guarantee you’ll catch fish.

We’ve seen Sailfish and Marlin peppered throughout the area. Now when they’re taking baits is a mystery but we do know the afternoon bite is the best bite. This means if you’re serious and want to catch some fish you need to be at the correct place (another dilemma) around 3:00 in the afternoon! Marlin in the Corbetena area are anywhere from 350 to over 500 lbs if you come across one and they want your presentation!

Now that can be confusing as 45 lb Yellowfin Tuna were ignoring live and dead baits yet taking a shot at “Hoochies”. Hoochies are a small rubber lure the size of a wall nut that are normally strung together to catch bait fish. White with a peppering of red is working best which suggest there are small krill squids in the area we don’t know about.

Dead baits seem to be working for these sporadic species. El Banco, forget El Banco for now, what used to be the place to be has turned into a less reliable fishing area than Corbetena.

It looks like the rains and hurricanes are calming down and I expect the fishing to improve greatly as it normally does in September. Just leave a little later, arrange for bait and be ready to go mid to late afternoon. Good Luck.

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