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September 27, 2012

Mexico is a proud country, and its people are equally patriotic. Mexicans who are able to excel at something, and rise to excellence, are regarded with tremendous respect. Additionally, there is a greater sense of community in Mexico. A family in Puebla will either know someone or have relatives hundreds of miles away in, say, Mexico City. Thus, when someone rises to a celebrated level of achievement, the accolades are felt far and wide.

The stories of many famous personalities have humble beginnings, thus Mexicans find it easy to identify with their celebrities. There may not be a Hollywood Hot List for Mexican celebrities, but that doesn't mean there is any shortage of talented Mexicans.

Accessible famous persons connected with Puerto Vallarta is what we will focus on here. Because they have had such a positive impact on the community, these people are considered local celebrities. Local residents give their notoriety, with appreciation.

Rodolfo Agüero

For example, meet Rodolfo Agüero. Born in Argentina, Aguero is a successful artist with independent exhibitions and shows in Florida, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and Mexico.

To settle in Puerto Vallarta and to open The Starving Artist Gallery, was a choice that Aquero made after he traveled the world with his art.

He has a large following, this humble artist who found inspiration in his childhood cartoons, and he has brought that lucrative following to Puerto Vallarta.


Corrina Jacobs

Corrina Jacobs is the Chief Operating officer of Investours, a unique non-profit initiative that is very active in the Vallarta area.

"Investourists visit and invest in the business ideas of entrepreneurs in poor communities in the developing world," as stated on their website. All of the tour fees go towards funding an interest free loan to the entrepreneurs that you select."

Over the last decade, micro-loans have been emerging as a feasible solution to hardworking poverty-stricken people all over the world; a flourishing example of that work seems to be Investours.

Jacobs is the face of Investours in Vallarta, and has worked tirelessly towards the success of the program. To those people that she has educated and helped, she may be more of a hero than a celebrity even.

Krystal Frost

Considered to be the "natural health conscience" of Puerto Vallarta (at least according to local journalists), is Krystal Frost.

Frost founded, established and continues to run Organic Select, a service that connects local family owned organic farms with consumers. Preserving the environment, with a community-supported approach, is what Organic Select is all about.

Organic groceries are just one aspect of what she has to offer. Frost educates the public on health and wellness issues, alternative medicine and healthful food choices for families. Having such a strong presence in the local economy as Organic Select has (especially for small family farms), Frost is a local celebrity.
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