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Marilyn Khan - PuRR Project

August 2, 2020

Shelter Update
This July has been one of the roughest times we have experienced! It started on July 4 after 4 inches of rain and strong winds caused a huge tree to topple behind the bodega, taking out two fences and blocking the road. Then four days later and another 8 inches of rain brought down another huge tree behind the clinic, taking out the fence……and blocking the road. The massive roots pulled out the plumbing to the septic tank. Four days later, two trees fell in the yard and crashed through the outdoor litter box structure!

We were able to hire someone to chainsaw and remove the fallen trees plus do major trimming of 12 more that were thought to be dangerous. They hauled away 15 truckloads of debris. Our contractor was able to repair the plumbing and rebuild the litter box shed. We are thankful that no damage was done to the ranch house and no one was harmed, though one garden cat was killed. We are hopeful that our precautions will prevent any more damage but Mother Nature can be harsh in the tropics!!!

The PuRR Nursery

The shelter took in 15 kittens in July, all of whom were abandoned there in bags or just thrown over the fence. We have hired Dr. Alberto Cervantes to come one day a week and help Dra. Eva keep up with the spaying ,neutering and medical emergencies. We were fortunate to have had 12 adoptions in July, but there are still about 55 kittens waiting to find loving homes.

PuRR Project sponsored a special KITTEN ADOPT-A-THON at PetCo over the weekend of July 18-19. We were able to use both the cat and dog rooms at Petco but it was a bit crazy with volunteers herding 16 playful kitties!! It was worth it however, with 9 lucky kittens adopted to local families!!

Featured Feline: Nellie

Nellie and brother Nelson were about 8 weeks old when they were found wandering in the shelter gardens on June 11th and were named by Marilyn. We don’t know if she is part Manx or was just born without a tail, but Nellie-No-Tail definitely doesn’t have one! She has become a volunteer favorite in the nursery and is just about ready to go up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting her or one of our adorable kittens, contact Linda at or come check us out at PetCo any Saturday or Sunday!!

Gracias! Thanks! Merci! Danke! Arigato!

I know times are rough for all, so we really appreciate your generous donations that will help us through the summer and through these especially hard times. Thanks to all those who have set up monthly donations through PayPal and also to Gary Phillips, Sharon & Ken Rose, Averie Sunshine, Joanne Bryla, Karan & Lane Borges, Christine Salidivar and Timothy Oleno for donations last month. Also to Mindy Harley for her Virtual Adoption!

For info on adopting dogs go to SPCA-PV or contact

For info on spay and neuter clinics go to PEACEAnimals or check out Gretchen's blog.

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