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Lynn Bailey - A Dogs New Life
July 21, 2021

In June we continued the work to put roofs over structures and kennels in the shelter to help keep the rain off the dogs. We moved one section of kennels from the low side of the property due to water pooling issues.

Our first community spay and neuter/vaccination clinic was held in La Mision. Extremely important community work that is so important for the health and welfare of pets in Mexico.

Check out the new fans in the kennel building provided by the Santa Barbara Sister Cities organization. They have been out to visit us at the shelter and with great news for us!

This month, Johanna Denesiuk has written a great article about the hot days of summer. Points to keep in mind when out and about with your dog as well as some homeopathy remedies you may want to have on hand in case of heatstroke.

The dogs that are currently in protocols (vaccinations and sterilization), as well as those that are ready for adoption, are listed in our Adoptable Facebook Album.

We continue to keep you informed on our financial status this month, our donors, rescues, and adoptions.  

Keep watching for our monthly newsletter to update you on all things A Dogs New Life. Share with your friends if you think they might be interested in what we are accomplishing here in Bucerias, Mexico.

Partnership Project with Wet Noses Rescue

Our first clinic in La Mision was a great success. Helping the community with sterilization as well as vaccination will go a long way towards the health and welfare of the animals in this community. Working alongside Wet Noses Rescue we plan to continue this important work in La Mision before moving to another community.  
Hot Dogs and Cool Downs
The pack has thinned but there are still a lot of people that will be spending summer in Mexico, with their best friend. As the temperature goes up, this can be a game-changer for how you care for Perro.

•  The first issue is the ground you walk on. Since you have shoes on it can be very easy to forget that pavement under a hot sun can burn your dog’s pads. Do NOT walk your dog in the hotter part of the day. Similarly, provide them with bedding that would provide insulation from sleeping on cement or other heat-absorbing material.

•  Don’t take your dog in the car if you are going to have to leave the car. Not for a moment. Dogs, especially small ones can overheat quickly, air conditioning can fail.

•  If you are leaving your dog in your home, check the temperature and be sure it would be a comfortable setting for you. If not, or you think the temperature could increase, use air and /or fans. Perhaps have a neighbor check if you are gone more than a couple of hours.

•  Do NOT shave your dog, thinking that will make them cooler. Your dog will sustain a sunburn that could have serious consequences. Their coat is their insulation. You can trim the coat or brush regularly to thin out the undercoat. Check with a groomer or vet to determine the best approach for your dog.
•  Be sure your dog has access to cool, clean drinking water at all times, in a shady spot. Dehydration can occur quickly in high temperatures and turn fatal. Check your dog for, changed color or appearance of their gums, a thick drool, sustained heavy panting, lack of skin elasticity, lethargy, and weakness, and a dry nose.  Signs of heatstroke can include vomiting, diarrhea, mental dullness or loss of consciousness, uncoordinated movement, and collapse.
•  We all know how refreshing a dip in the pool can be. A kiddie pool for Fido, in the shade, can provide respite on those scorching days of summer.
•  Freezing treats within ice is a trick we can take from zoos. Depending on the size of your dog, find a suitable container and freeze layers of water and treats. Other bite-size treats could include yogurt and Berry Dog Treats, Peanut Butter and Banana Pupsicles, Frozen Watermelon Dog Treats, DIY Chicken Pupsicles, Frozen Kong Treats, and more!
•  If you suspect your dog is overheating, provide cool, not cold drinking water. Honey will provide some electrolytes. Cool your dog’s body with water and airflow.

The following homeopathic remedies would be good to have on hand.

1.Aconitum -  First choice at the first sign of heatstroke. If your dog needs this remedy, he may also seem very fearful or anxious. Give three pellets every 10 minutes for up to three doses. If he doesn’t seem better, try one of the other remedies listed.

2.Gelsemium 30C – If your dog seems very weak and his muscles may be trembling. Give three pellets every 10 minutes for up to three doses. If the dog is not any better, try the next remedy.

3.Glonoinum 6C to 30C – You may see vomiting and weakness. His gums may be pale, red, or have a bluish cast. Give three pellets every 5 minutes.
•For scorched paw pads, soak in water immediately for about ten minutes. Apply colloidal silver and Coconut oil or aloe vera and keep feet covered until healed. For severe burns, see your vet.
 Here are some summer aids that you may also want to consider for your dog's comfort:

•  Cooling Pads
•  Dog Booties

Visit Homeopathy For Dogs at Dogs Naturally Magazine, written by Johanna Denesiuk, Natural Health Enthusiast and Animal Advocate.
Work continues at the Shelter

We continued with the work at the shelter finishing roofing over kennels and moving a large section of kennels from a low side of the property to the opposite side and under all new roofing and putting panels on the front and sides.  We could not have done this major project without the help of our volunteers.  We got everything deconstructed and rebuilt ready for the dogs to go back into for the night.

Please consider making a donation to offset the expenses incurred with the building materials. All installation is done by volunteers to keep the costs as low as possible.
Solar Panels and Fans
We are thrilled to announce that the Santa Barbara Sister Cities charity has been working with us to provide a Solar Panel System that we need to have the much-needed electricity at the shelter.

This month Andy “Happy” Piszkin a member of the organization came to visit us from California to help us figure out what our best options are and in the meantime, they have donated a generator that works to connect 4 fans in the main kennel building so the dogs don’t struggle in this terrible heat.

It is such a generous start to helping the dogs and enables us to get some air movement in the kennel building during the hottest hours of the day.

Thank you to Santa Barbara Sister Cities, Annemarie, and Pauline Simes for making this happen!!  
A Day at Puppy land
Having over 30 puppies in Puppy land is not an easy job but is so rewarding as Jessica, Sandra, Rox, and Martha get all the puppy love they can handle and that is the best!!

Puppy land has two amazing ladies Rox and Martha, who clean the patio all because it is full of poops all day long, and the puppies, are such destroyers so lots of monkeyshine around the house.

In addition to Puppy land, they also take care of laundry from the big shelter. Feeding the puppies in the morning and cleaning inside the house where Sandra and Jessica live.

Inside the house, we keep it as the hospital where we have all the dogs in need of special care (surgeries mainly).

On top of that medication and vaccines are given to the dogs, as they get healthy and complete our vaccination protocols.

We want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Rox, Martha, Sandra, and Jessica for taking such good care of Puppy land. Sandra and Jessica sacrifice their personal home and personal life to keep the sick dogs and puppies under 24 hr supervision. This is not an easy task, and we admire them so much for the sacrifices they make for A Dogs New Life.  

Our Amazing Donors

We are so blessed to have the same people month after month who continue to support us in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of the amazing dogs of Mexico. Those that have donated through our Go Fund Me this month are also listed.

Please visit ADNL Donate
Check out all our dogs available for adoption.

If you would like to foster, please send us an application.
Thank you

The ADNL Team

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