Music and the Watershed Effect of Social Responsibility
Daniela Ocampo - BAMX
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June 27, 2022

Coldplay - Amor Eterno (Gerardo Martínez G.)

Love Button is a non-profit organization that promotes a culture of love, inspiring humans to act with kindness and kindness in our daily lives. This organization supports educational and humanitarian programs that empower individuals to grow communities locally and globally. At the Super Bowl 50 sporting event, Coldplay made their presence known, causing the entire stadium to raise small colorful banners. The love of Chris Martin and Coldplay for Love Button continues to this day, where they not only ratify and make visible social problems and seek a community solution, but also volunteer with their team in each location that their next tour may have.

Coldplay visited our country as part of their Music of the Spheres tour, giving concerts in Guadalajara, Monterrey and CDMX and together with Love Button and Red BAMX they were able to volunteer in each of the cities mentioned; ready for a new humanitarian experience and the search for a new vertex of invisible social problems. In each one there was support, laughter, teamwork, hope and above all the awareness of the importance that these organizations represent for humanity.

What is the Love Button Global Movement all about? (Love Button Global Movement)

“Music is an unbelievable universal language. No matter who is to your left or right you can embrace the moment together. The music community has a platform that can be used to touch so many lives.” Translating the words of Garrick Dawson; member of Love Button and accompanist of Coldplay, it is expected that these initiatives that were carried out in search of introspection and approach to Civil Society Organizations will be carried out in other concerts with many other artists, since, not only do they unite thousands of people with a similar perspective, but who seek to provide the same message through the " universal community language."

In each concert carried out, reflection on environmental and social aspects was sought, proposing a new model with actions such as: bicycles and dance floors connected to a power source for the concert, the batteries of the show were charged with solar, wind and other renewable energies, the LED bracelets were made of compostable materials and even each ticket purchased for the show represents a contribution to reforestation, ocean cleanup, species conservation and many other areas.

This leaves us as a result, an initiative in the musical field for the contribution and knowledge of socio-cultural fields that compete worldwide and generate innovative change. Like, the feeling of community integration and the warmth of brotherhood; not for nothing singing in sign language, putting interpreters and small backpacks with vibrations was another topic that generated a good impression in the public eye.

At the end of the day, in a world where for two years we have felt lost and in constant doubt of humanity, the return to the community has been a breath of fresh air, generating the hope that we lost in our hearts.

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