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November 9, 2011

Mani in her new Forever Home with Marisol

Don't miss PuRR's first fund-raiser of the season, PuRR-fect Fall Fashion Show, on Wednesday, November 16th, 12:00 noon at El Dorado Restaurant in Los Muertos. Fashions by Caprichoso Boutique. Tickets are only 250 pesos and include the Fashion Show...and a 3-course lunch. Local guitarist Antonio Gonzalez will entertain! Grab a friend and come join us.

These events have been sold out in the past, so pick up your tickets in advance at one of the following locations: Caprichoso Boutique in Plaza Neptuno (Marina Vallarta), Cassandra Shaw Jewelry on Basillo Badillo in Old Town, Artepil Spa on Calle Viena in Colonia Versalles, PuRR Adoption Booth at Plaza Marina on Fridays 10 -1...or...at our booth at the new Old Town Farmers Market on Saturdays. To reserve tickets in advance, please email Shannon Campbell at shannonpdx@aol.com.


A group of students from the local American School visited the PuRR sanctuary last week and can't wait to go back. Jessica Reemeyer sent this report: "We 11th grade students, from the American School of Puerto Vallarta, are so glad that the Purr Project is letting us try to help them. We are all enormous animal lovers and we would like to help as much as possible for the sake of the beautiful kitties they save. At the moment, we are trying to fundraise for them, and we hope to raise a substantial amount over the next few months. In addition, we loved visiting the cat sanctuary to give the kitties as much love and affection as we can, and we hope to go again soon. We are so thankful that there is an organization in Puerto Vallarta alleviating the dire feline situation and we hope to support them as much as we can."

Purr would like to thank both Jessica and Axel Groschopp for the money donated from their Mac 'N Cheese Bake sale at the school...every peso is critical right now.

If YOU would like to help set up or be part of an adoption team, we would love to hear from you.  You just need a car and a table and we'll provide the cage and the kittens!!  Contact adoption coordinator Linda "Bama" Brasseal at lbrasseal@yahoo.com if you have a few hours to donate and are interested in this very rewarding experience.

Featured Feline:

Meet Miss "Missy"! This beautiful lady arrived at the shelter as a rescue after Russ and Pat Schmeckle made the call to PuRR. Missy, a feral stray, was "expecting" and only days away from giving birth. She was a great mom to her six babies. 3 of them didn't make it but the other 3 are now in loving homes. Although feral Missy is not an adoption candidate, she IS one of the approximate 150 adult cats who are currently living at the shelter and dependent on us for their food and medical care. And many of these adults are friendly and loving and obviously once lived with someone who made the decision to abandon them. They make excellent companions. We get frequent email updates from several locals who have adopted adult cats from PuRR and are so thankful that they made that decision.

For more information on how to adopt or to visit the shelter and meet Missy, please contact Linda Brasseal at lbrasseal@yahoo.com

An Important Message From Missy - "Feral cats want love. We just don't know how to ask for it. Growing up in a dark tunnel alongside a dirty stream, I spent my days looking for food. Hunger was painful. Life was lonely. I remember the first time I saw Humans put out plates of food on their patios for their pristine house cats. Oh to be so lucky! I would hide in the bushes watching, and only once did I try to approach just for a little taste...but the Humans shooed me away. After all, what Human would want a cat like me? – literally cock-eyed, thin, and so, so fearful. So when Patricia and Russ put out a plate of food on their patio, sadness fell upon me again as I watched to see who the lucky recipient would be. I waited and waited. No feline in sight. I figured I'd better "steal" some food while I had the chance. YUM! Soon I realized that it would be the same every day...food on their patio - for ME. I finally had my own humans!!

After a time, my body started feeling different. My appetite grew... as did my tummy. Then one day something terrible happened. I was trapped in a net and soon whisked away in a cage on a bouncy road trip and then put into a room all by myself. What had happened? Where was I? A different human came to give me food that evening - but I didn't feel any hunger...just fear and confusion. I was given a nice soft bed, fresh water - and even treats...but where were Patricia and Russ? 2 days had passed. My tummy felt like I had live mice running around in it, and I wanted "MY HUMANS"!

I was taking a cat nap and dreaming that I heard Russ's voice. But it wasn't a dream. I opened my eyes and saw Patricia and Russ looking down at me as I cowered in the corner of the room so, so confused. With time, Russ convinced me to relax with his voice...and I did. He told me he loved me and I closed my eyes a few times as I looked at him - my way of saying I felt the same. When my humans left, I knew I'd be OK. I relaxed and started giving birth right then and there to my 6 kittens…one by one. I heard the shelter administrator..."Hello? Patricia? Yes, it's me – from PuRR Project. Are you still driving back home? I have some news. You are a grandma, Patricia! And Russ is a grandpa! Yes, Missy is having her babies right now."

My life is wonderful and I have SO many feline friends...and Human friends. Patricia and Russ even come to visit me. I'm happy, safe - and best of all, LOVED.

Many, many thanks to Missy's Humans, Patricia and Russ of La Cruz. When our shelter gets back on it's feet financially, we'll continue our mission of receiving homeless street cats and kittens to adopt out. If you'd like to donate much needed funds in the name of Missy, go to www.purrproject.com and click on DONATE. Or email us at info@purrproject.com.


Mani (which also means "peanut") was recently adopted by Marisol Messick de Bates, who had seen our booth at the Plaza Marina. We just received this heartwarming message from her: "I am so happy to share this amazing news. We just adopted Maní, a cute little 5-month old kitten who has brought so much light into out house and into our hearts.
Maní is the 5th cat we have adopted throughout the years and we have learned how much we can do for animals when we adopt instead of buying a pet. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats now, 3 of them have been adopted.

We are always working hard as a family promoting adoption, neutering and fixing our pets. It is so rewarding to see these little faces always looking at you with an endless thankful look.

I will always adopt and try to find nice homes for animals, I wish everybody could understand it. Thank you PuRR Project and specially thanks to you Livia for such an amazing match, and such a nice and easy going adoption process."

PuRR Project is a no-kill cat shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico,  with approximately 260 resident felines. To learn more about this project visit:www.purrproject.com. Safe shelter, food, healthcare, sterilization, and even toys are all provided to our rescue animals through the generosity of people like you.   DONATE TODAY!

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