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July 25, 2023

PEACEAnimals Spay and Neuter Clinics (Lynn Bailey)

This is our second summer as full timers in PV. Maybe, This July is so hot. The temperatures for the last week in town have been between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius, which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 40 degrees Celsius is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Now add lots of humidity.

This afternoon, I saw a bird perched on our balcony panting. I got worried and looked it up. Yes, birds pant to cool down. Who knew? I immediately put out a bowl of fresh water on the table. After seeing the bird panting, I thought of our stray dogs and cats here in PV.

According to Kannan Animal Welfare, the first thing you can do is to offer water somewhere on your property for stray animals. It is best to use terracotta bowls because they remain cooler than others and you can add a cold stone to keep it cooler longer. Make sure to change the water frequently. Do not use the same bowl you would use for your pets.

Dogs and cats are often under cars to get shade. We see that often here. They fall asleep under the cars lethargic from the heat. Many savvy street animals recognize the car starting but others may be in deep sleep. If you usually park in an area with lots of shade, take a moment to look under the car before you take off. Make sure you check in front of you and in the rearview mirror before pulling out.

You can build shady areas in your yard for cats or dogs. You may find a stray sleeping in your bushes or curled up anywhere there is shade. Please do not ignore a suffering animal. Call a rescue group, stay with the animal until they are picked up. One phone call may not be enough. Keep on it. Extreme heat kills both people and animals.

Signs of heat stroke in dogs:

  • Panting, Dry nose, dry or sticky gums, drooling, lethargy, elevated pulse. In advanced stages they can vomit or collapse.

Signs of heat stroke in cats:

  • Heat stroke signs in cats are more subtle than dogs. The signs include panting or distressed or noisy breathing, restlessness including pacing, drooling, red gums, increased heart rate, vomiting or diarrhea.

If trying to help the dog or cat, move them to a shaded area and pour cool, not cold water on them. Do not put wet towels over them, it can worsen the condition and trap the heat in the body. Only allow the animals to drink small amounts of cool water over a period of time.

Also, it may come as a bit of a surprise, but dogs and cats can go into heat stroke with temps between 80- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit. We are way over that this summer in so many areas of Mexico and the States. Being alert can save an animal from an excruciating death.

Free Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics in the Bay of Banderas

Please help PEACEAnimals prevent the future suffering of animals. We love all dogs and cats. Our non-profit program, operating primarily in the area of Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta), is improving the lives of animals and humans. Towns and neighborhoods are cleaner, quieter, healthier, and safer where there is no overpopulation of pets; and wildlife is at less risk for decimation because of our free spay/neuter FREE CLINICS.

Our mission since our beginning in 2013, is to prevent the suffering of animals with a mass, free spay/neuter program. Spay/neuter is the answer. Mexico is ranked number one in the world per capita for the over-population of dogs and cats. These animals are very often born to suffer. They are hit by vehicles, poisoned, starved, abused, and diseased.

Our dedicated vet team of Anthony, Leslie, and Pacheco work 4 days weekly, 48 weeks annually, and two Sundays monthly sterilizing dogs and cats for the local communities, rescue groups, and animals on the streets. Last year PEACEAnimals sterilized 7,505 animals and the year before 7,371. This year our goal is 8,000 animals. We are all volunteers with PEACEAnimals except the vet team, accounting, and legal.

All our funds come from grants, foundations, and individual donors. Every donation counts! It is rare that you can push a button from anywhere and know that you are literally saving dogs and cats from a hard life of constant breeding and early death. Our cost is $18.75 USD per animal, which includes vet costs and medicine only; overhead not included. Donate one time or monthly.

Each clinic cost is $1,850 USD including medications, surgery, treatment for fleas and ticks, and paying our team. If you would like to sponsor a half-day clinic it is $300, one full day $500, and $925 for 2 days or $1,850 for an entire clinic. We will dedicate those clinics in the donor’s name. Donations of any amount appreciated!

We are a 501 (c)(3) US charity through Banderas Bay Charites in Portland, Oregon. PEACEAnimals is a registered Mexican charity with donatario status to accept Mexican donations.

PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOALS. Together we make a difference.

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