Citizens Asked to Help Restore Trees Lost During Hurricane Lidia
Carolina Gómez Aguiñaga - Tribuna de la Bahia
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February 13, 2024

Hurricane Lidia caused numerous damages in Puerto Vallarta, especially to the environment, with the fall of approximately 1,500 trees. In view of this situation, the Municipal Ecology Department is prepared to guide citizens on what trees to plant, in addition to offering the option of receiving up to three trees per household.

According to the last Municipal Civil Protection report on the damages caused by hurricane "Lidia" on October 10, approximately 1,500 trees were felled by the intense wind gusts. As a result, areas that were once beautifully wooded were stripped of vegetation.

The agency in charge of tree removal in the municipality is Servicios Públicos Municipales (Municipal Public Services). On the other hand, Municipal Ecology, under the direction of Maritza Flores Sevilla, is in charge of carrying out environmental education talks.

   "We have coordination with Parks and Gardens, always where we are indicated in medians or green areas and we do activities with schools, private sector and support where to do tree planting, which is rainy season that has to be done, because in drought the degree of survival is not very high," said Flores Sevilla.

Reports are continually received about trees that damage pipes and wiring, so they are invited to plant species that do not cause such affectations, such as ficus. In addition, the agency provides recommendations and even offers a certification to ensure that the planted tree grows healthy and safe.

   "For houses we recommend fruit, forest and timber trees depending on the site, in houses I recommend fruit trees such as tamarind, guava, nancy, or timber trees such as parotas, mahogany, ceibas and amapas for ejido areas that need a larger space."

If a citizen wishes to plant a tree, they can go to the Subdirección de Ecología, where they will receive a talk and can choose from one to three saplings depending on the space in their home, although they also have the option of planting them on public roads.

The agency's nursery has approximately 1,500 saplings ready to be planted during the next rainy season.

It is important to mention that as for the trees that are on public roads, neighbors can request their pruning, but first they must obtain a permit from the agency, since they belong to the municipality. In the event of wanting to cut down trees on private land, a permit must also be obtained, since mandatory measures are established to compensate for the damage by planting other species.

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