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Opticas Alvarez believes in contributing to the visual welfare of the region and meeting the needs of both vision and aesthetics to our customers as a constant mission.

With an innovative approach, we are proud to serve your vision needs with modern computerized eye testing equipment, lens fitting, and personal advice as well as recommendations of the best options for the care of your vision.

Our services and products are modern, comfortable, original, youthful and fashionable.

We offer the finest brands of optics, such as Varilux, Transitions, RayBan, Calvin Klein, D&G, Carolina Herrera, Acuvue and Bausch & Lomb, always with optimum trust, guarantee and professionalism.

We have a team of five optometrists directed by Dr. Agustín Álvarez Valdivia to serve all your optical needs.

If your glasses are broken or lost, Opticas Alvarez will help. They handle everything from reading glasses to prescriptive and from contact lenses to one-hour emergency repair and replacement service. Prescription or not, a visit to Opticas Alvarez will help you see more clearly for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere.

If you are concerned with the health of your eyes, Opticas Alvarez offers a state-of-the-art eye exam. And make no mistake; this isn’t your average eye exam. Opticas Alvarez uses the cutting-edge technology of Visioffice, a system that scientifically calculates the shape and thickness of your lenses for a truly customized fit.

“We love to live in PV, and we love doing our part to unite the community while building trust in the services we provide,” explains Dr. Agustín. “Our first goal is to satisfy the customer. I learned customer service from my father, and he always guaranteed service any time. We do the same.”

Visit Doctors Agustín and his wife Kelly to see how they can help you enjoy the world one view at a time.

The History of Opticas Alvarez

The family business of Óptica Italia was founded by Aguntin's father, Dr. Agustín Álvarez González, in 1967 and was the only optical service in Puerto Vallarta for 20 years.

The original location of Opticas Alvarez was in downtown Puerto Vallarta across from the town square. As time went on, Alvarez opened three more branches and their independent laboratory which is now automated, allowing urgent express service in less than one hour.

The majority of the business in the downtown office was addressing emergency repair and replacement glasses for tourists.

The expansion of the company was motivated by economic growth of the population and the needs of their patients, continuing with the Plaza Caracol branch in 1999, where they are still located today. This popular office serves both domestic and foreign clients and has become the pivotal point of Opticas Alvarez.

In 2003, the Pitillal branch opened its doors by the main square and includes products and quality service for the local working people.

Today, Opticas Alvarez maintains the Plaza Caracol and Pitillal locations, both centrally located to serve Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors.

Mission and Values: We offer the general public and tourists in Puerto Vallarta the benefit of personalized service, warmth and professionalism with which we have served our patients since 1990, achieving a repetitive clientele of locals and visitors.

We continue to keep up with the most current practices in eye care and to offer the most current inventory of popular frames, contact lenses and accessories to our clients.

Our values include personalized service, commitment, high ethics, honesty, and ongoing training.

About Eye Exams at Opticas Alvarez

At Alvarez Opticals, we know how important our customer's needs and requirements are, so we adapt to technological changes and rhythms of life, including specialized computer systems for optics: DIGISYS and OPTISYS. In addition, this system speeds up the waiting time for our patients including a digital image of your face on the screen showing different designs and the look that suits you best.

Our most important resource is human, as that is the foundation of our success and why we are constantly dedicated to the training and development of our staff. Currently under the advice of Reeder Consulting Company, we implement a quality system that will allow us to be just a step ahead of our competition with ISO 9000 Certification. We are proud of the level of service and commitment that our employees have during this process and in the development of their activities.

The review covers the evolution of not only visual but also eye health. This means we review the anatomical and functional condition of your eyes and its annexes. Of particular importance is certain stages of life evaluations.
Routine examination should give different data. First, an external review to verify that all attachments are proper and in keeping with the conditions of the anterior segment of the eye, in structure and function.

The next thing is to pass the examination refractive graduation, where we require the patient to allow us to verify corrected visual acuity, an important parameter to be recorded for future comparisons.

Next, a Fundus examination is used to identify and locate vitro-retinal and optical nerve defects caused by eye diseases or trauma. This examination is done without dilating the pupil. This test allows important findings related to other diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Optical Mobile Business: We have created our Mobile Clinic to offer our services in optometry and vision care to all employees of the company that you represent.

We will bring our professional and technical team to your location to perform eye exams to your staff who have requested exams. This is a great service for your employees and also informs you about the health of your employees.

We bring a wide variety of frames and offer an attractive financing plan and ever higher discounts than those offered in our store locations. This includes warrantees and after-sale service.

Our new structure allows us to ensure a professional and quality service backed with a service contract, which stipulates the benefits we offer for your company's employees, including the executive staff. This way your staff will be more secure and satisfied with the benefits granted.

Our service is designed for you and some of the benefits are:

•  Free vision test to examine acuity, providing diagnosis and budget.
•  Financing the purchase of lenses up to 60 days.
•  Provide proper guidance for choosing the lenses according to their physical and aesthetic needs.
•  VIP card for all employees to get these benefits, after our visit, at our store locations.
•  The agreement is extended to relatives in giving them preferential price and discounts.
•  Warranty, service and settings of the lenses at no charge in any of our store locations.
•  Provide proper guidance to refer Ophthalmologists specializing in particular areas, as needed.

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