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Galván Real Estate is the premiere Real Estate Company in the Northern part of the Riviera Nayarit. We specialize in modern marketing of Real Estate. Our goal is to incorporate cutting edge Internet Social Media Marketing with our traditional marketing plan to expand our reach and the exposure that your property will receive.

One of the great benefits of working with Galván Real Estate and Services is the tremendous exposure to the world through Internet Marketing for your listing.

Galván Real Estate, one of the real estate industry’s most engergetic companies, is unique in that it is very active on multiple avenues on the Internet including Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and more. No other real estate company provides properties greater exposure to potential Buyers.

Galván Real Estate and Services has the most extensive real estate web presence in the Banderas Bay, Riviera Nayarit and Mexico. Our site has a “top 10” listing in most major search engines for Riviera Nayarit Real Estate. Our site is also linked to Real Estate Online portals in the United States, Dubai and Canada, assuring that an enormous universe of potential Buyers will be introduced to your property.

Here are a few items which make our firm unique among other Riviera Nayarit agencies:

• A solid track record in the real estate business in Riviera Nayarit

• The most powerful internet marketing system in Riviera Nayarit through the international internet partner programs.

• Six active Sales Associates in Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit area.

• A full-service Rental / Management Division with 3 full time employees dedicated providing important after-sale service in both property management and rental management, so important to the majority of real estate buyers in the Banderas Bay market.

• We are very involved with improving our community and supporting our local non-profits.

Galvan Real Estate and Services' Social Responsibility Statement

The Galvan Team Is Committed to Lo de Marcos

Written by Edgar Castellon-Vela, town local and former VP and President Elect of Amigos de Lo de Marcos:

The impact that Galván Real Estate & Services has had on the community of Lo de Marcos since its inauguration three years ago has been undeniable.

Apart from being the sole company for real estate, vacation rentals and other travel related services in Lo de Marcos, Galván has also made it its mission to leave a mark on the community by being actively involved with the governing bodies and community organizations the town has to offer. Working hand-in-hand to promote the town, create jobs, and improve life and opportunities in Lo de Marcos has been a priority for the Galvan Team.

Galván Real Estate is responsible for the successful artisanal Tianguis, which has just wrapped up its second season, and has been responsible for putting Lo de Marcos on the map, since thanks to this enterprise we have had many visitors to Lo de Marcos from other localities that come for the Tianguis, but continue to return when they are enchanted by this beautiful coastal town. The Tianguis has given a platform to many locals to sell their goods, has introduced the community to many special products, and has given employment to members of the community. “Galván Real Estate is truly empowering to the town of Lo De Marcos. It has been such a privilege working with them on so many projects that have improved opportunities for the people of this town, myself included.”

“Taste of Lo de Marcos” has also been an event that Galván has spearheaded that has introduced the wonderful cuisine of Lo de Marcos to the municipality and in many respects, to the towns’ people themselves. Taste of Lo de Marcos gives the opportunity to all food businesses to showcase their goods, so we have the privilege of enjoying everything from homemade delights to more gourmet takes on simple, regional foods. “Lo de Marcos has so many delicious options to offer.

Taking that into mind, we decided to start this annual food festival that has been a success for two years in a row. We only hope “Taste” continues to be an event many look forward to,” stated Armando Contreras Galván, Broker for GRE.

Galván Real Estate is committed to the community. The Citizen Action Committee, and the Civil Association “Amigos de Lo de Marcos” have both received donations on numerous occasions from Galván Real Estate, and during the Patronal Festivities of April, they were also Gold sponsors for the traditional pageant Señorita San Marcos Evangelista. “Galván Real Estate has always strived to leave a positive impact on this community. They are professional and genuinely care for this community, and it is always a pleasure to work with them,” stated Alonso Bravo, Delegado Municipal for Lo de Marcos.

Galvan will undoubtedly continue to work to the benefit of Lo de Marcos and its people; Lo de Marcos is a gem of the Nayarit Riviera, and Galván Real Estate is vehement on sharing that treasure with the world. If there is an opportunity for them to help, you can be rest assured that they will be front and center.

Galvan Real Estate supports the efforts of Amigos de Lo de Marcos and La Casa de Los Ninos. Amigos de Lo de Marcos is a registered Mexican non-profit association formed by concerned residents, local and foreign, to represent the needs of the community of Lo de Marcos. Amigos exists to serve, advocate for, and be true "friends" to the people of Lo de Marcos; La Casa de Los Ninos is an after school enrichment center for children, for primary and middle school age, who live in and around the town of Lo de Marcos. It is a place where children can study, get help with their homework, have access to a library and computers, play games, work on art projects, take English classes, learn about personal health and environmental protection, and most importantly, have fun!

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Partnered for Change with...

Amigos de Lo de Marcos

Amigos de Lo de Marcos is a registered Mexican non-profit association formed by concerned residents, local and foreign, to represent the needs of the community of Lo de Marcos.

La Casa de los Ninos

Casa de los Ninos provides an after school enrichment center for primary and middle school age children who live in and around the town of Lo de Marcos, giving these children a place to study, take classes, work on projects and learn.

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