Pandemic Recovery Is a Slow Process for Mexico's Struggling Mariachis 
Mexico News Daily
Most lost income and some lost their lives, but the iconic musicians are persevering through a challenging period that is decimating their business. Read more...

How Pfizer, Moderna and J&J Compare Against Delta Variant 
Regenstrief Institute
COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing hospitalizations and emergency department visits caused by the Delta variant, according to data from a national study. That data also indicate that Moderna's vaccine is significantly more effective against Delta than Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Read more...

Active COVID Cases Remain Stable After First Two Weeks of Classes 
Beyond the Bay
After completing the first 14 days of returning to face-to-face classes, the report of incidences of contagion of COVID-19 in schools remains stable, so the strategy designed to return to classrooms in Jalisco continues to work. Read more...

Vaccine Tourism Is a Double-Edged Sword, Says GlobalData 
Tatiana Rokou - TravelDailyNews International
Vaccine tourism, where tourist hotspots are now offering COVID-19 vaccinations on holiday to attract visitors, is a double-edged sword as, while it could assist travel's restart, it also raises the question of vaccine equity as it will further increase the divide between the wealthy and less privileged. Read more...

Quinceneras in the Time of COVID-19: A Coming-of-Age Celebration Marches On 
Paulina Villegas - Washington Post
For some Latina teenagers, the coronavirus meant losing the chance to experience one of the most significant events of their lives - becoming a young woman in the eyes of society and celebrating it with a grand party that is a hallmark tradition for Hispanic families. Read more...

Puerto Vallarta Sees 47% Decrease in COVID-19 Cases in Past Week 
Vallarta Daily News
For the third consecutive week, Puerto Vallarta has recorded decreases of 40% or more in COVID-19 cases. There have been a total of 20,114 COVID-19 infections and 744 deaths in Puerto Vallarta since the beginning of the pandemic. Read more...

I Got a 'Mild' Breakthrough Case. Here's What I Wish I'd Known 
Will Stone - NPR
I was just one more example of our country's tug-and-pull between fantasies of a post-COVID summer and the realities of our still-raging pandemic, where even the vaccinated can get sick. Read more...

COVID Roundup: Accumulated Case Numbers Approaching 3.5 Million
Mexico's known tally of coronavirus cases approached 3.5 million on Friday with 14,233 new cases reported, while the official COVID-19 death toll rose by 699 to 266,849. Read more...

Babies, the Delta Variant and COVID: What Parents Need to Know 
Selena Simmons-Duffin - NPR
Here's a guide to the latest science - and some practical advice - on how to protect a new baby from all variants of the coronavirus. Read more...

One in 5,000: The Real Chances of a Breakthrough Infection 
David Leonhardt - Yahoo! News
Delta has increased the chances of getting COVID for almost everyone. But if you're vaccinated, a COVID infection is still uncommon, and those high viral loads are not as worrisome as they initially sounded. Read more...

Worried About Breakthrough Infections? Here's How to Navigate this Phase of the Pandemic 
Tara Parker-Pope - The New York Times
If you're vaccinated, you should think about a number of variables, including your overall health, where you live and the risks you take. Read more...

WHO: COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Over Despite Positive Developments 
Dominic McGrath -
Dr Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organisation's health emergencies program, said that masks will remain a key part of life for a long time to come. Read more...

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta in COVID Times 
Martha Blanchfield - Napa Valley Register
The good news is that, overall, locals in the urban areas of Puerto Vallarta are compliant regarding use of facial masks, but in outlying regions, this is less the case. The biggest no-mask culprits seem to be the American tourists. Read more...

COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions Make No Sense 
Sheldon H. Jacobson - The Hill
People are seeking exemptions to avoid COVID-19 vaccination. A closer look at them reveals that they are creating more harm than good, both for the people looking to get out of being vaccinated and efforts to end the pandemic. Read more...

Vallarta Registered a Decline in COVID-19 Cases Last Week 
Vallarta Daily News
There has been a total of 569 reported cases in the past seven days, compared to 1003 cases in the seven days prior, for a decrease of 43% compared to the previous seven-day period. However, results could be skewed by a lack of testing following Hurricane Nora.Read more...

Worried About Breakthrough Infections? Here's How to Navigate This Phase of the Pandemic 
Tara Parker-Pope - The New York Times
If you're vaccinated, you should think about a number of variables, including your overall health, where you live and the risks you take. Read more...

Mexican Researchers Say They Created Facemask that Neutralizes COVID-19 
Anthony Esposito - Reuters
Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have created a facemask using silver and copper nanolayers that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Read more...

6 Tips for Coping with COVID Anxiety this Fall and Winter 
April Fulton - NPR
As the days get shorter and nights longer, the delta variant of the coronavirus is still very much with us, sad to say. The good news is that this winter we know what masking up and other restrictions look like and we know how they can make us feel. Here are a few tools our experts recommend to help us deal with it all. Read more...

Classrooms in Mexico Reopen Amid COVID Third Wave 
In-person schooling resumed across nearly all parts of Mexico this week after 18 months of distance-learning-only instruction, although some families have criticized the move and fear it could exacerbate the country's weeks-long third COVID-19 wave. Read more...

RIP Cloth Masks? Why Airlines and Governments are Banning Them 
Elizabeth Segran - Fast Company
Cloth masks, a staple of the pandemic, are now banned on some airlines and in public spaces in Germany and Austria, because there are no standards guiding their efficacy. Read more...

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