Attorney General Arely Gomez Gonzalez Says 'Criminalization of Drug Users Intolerable'
Georgina Saldierna and Gustavo Castillo - La Jornada
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July 1, 2015

During her participation in the tenth regular meeting of the National Health Council, which took place in Mexico City, Arely Gómez González, Attorney General, declared: “It is not acceptable, by any interpretation of public policy, to criminalize (drug) users. They should be aided in their recovery, respected and watched over to ensure protection of their basic human rights.”

Attorney General Gómez González added that special courts for underage users must be created.

During the meeting, the Secretary of Health, Mercedes Juan indicated that for Mexico the fundamental solution to the drug problem is prevention, for which the government is beefing up actions against the abuse of toxic substances.

According to the National Addiction Survey, almost six million Mexicans have tried illegal drugs at least once. Of this number, almost 400,000 are under 18.

Given this context, the Attorney General commented that it’s clear to the State that the drug trafficking problem must be battled comprehensively. The attractiveness of the resources acquired from the narcotics industry must be played down, and the recruitment of people for the production and sale of narcotics must be stopped. Furthermore,  diverting precursor chemicals for the manufacture of synthetic drugs must be prevented.

Gómez González emphasized that on a national scale, the blows against organized crime must be forceful and precise, because drug trafficking is by its very nature violent. It is about dealing with an illicit economic entity that compels [the State] to establish barriers that complicate its financial operations and distribution channels, events that will always result in a benefit for the population.

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Translated by Jillian Droste

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